Differential equations coursework

The frequencies and percentages for each recurrent pattern were calculated. The data collected about the used strategies for writing the translated essay were put into a table and the frequencies and percentages for each item were also calculated.

All results in table 1 demonstrate statistically significant differences between the direct and translated essays. All the significant differences are in favor of the direct essay. These results clearly reveal that students performed better when they wrote their essays directly in English.

One of the interpretations for having all these interesting and statistically significant results is that those students have always been asked to write their assignments in English and they have very limited chances to translate into Arabic. The above results are in agreement with results reported by Cohen and Brooks-Carson (2001) in their study with students who were studying French as a second language. They found that some students prefer to write directly in French especially when they are under time pressure. The mean performance for students who started writing their essay directly in French was reported to be better than the mean of the other group.

However, the mean scores for students who started writing the translated essay were not found to be statistically significant.

The mean scores for item 5 (Clarity of Points) were 3.

The result for the direct essay is considered to be an interesting one as it is the highest of all other results. This result reveals that students can write their ideas clearly when composing directly in English. This might be because students felt free to make their choices for the appropriate vocabulary when they thought and wrote their essay directly in English. Since those students did not have sufficient experience in professional translation, they tended to focus on the exact meaning of each word and they ended using limited number of vocabulary in the translated essay.

Another interpretation is that those students might not have enough experience in writing in their first language. Many of them tended to organize the translated essay in the same way differential equations coursework as they wrote it in Arabic.

Good writing ability in LI may contribute to progressing in learning to write in L2.

Woodall (2002) also argued that when recommended essay writing service writing in L2, students have the experience of two languages that might possess different writing conventions and styles. All these elements interact together during the process of composing in L2 and they may either assist or hinder the differential equations coursework accomplishment of the writing task. In line with this argument, Weijen et al (2009) reported that all students used their LI to some extent while writing L2 tasks. One of their interesting points is that general writing proficiency was found to have negative effect on LI use during L2 composing and a positive influence on L2 use during the process of writing directly in L2.

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The lowest mean score for the translated essay was the one for item 7 (Use of Subordinations). Some students tried to use subordinates but they ended writing grammatically incorrect sentences. Table 1 also shows other lower mean scores for the translated essay, such as the ones concerning the use of relative pronouns, smoothness of connectors and the use of verbs.

When considering the use of relative pronouns in both direct and translated essays, we realize that the number of students who got acceptable scores for this point were very limited.

The low mean differential equations coursework score for this item clearly shows that students did not do very well in using the relative pronouns. The use of verbs also represented real problems for a considerable number of students.

Those difficulties were reflected by a lower customized research paper mean score (2. Generally, all results of the translated essay demonstrate that students have difficulties with language use. These results of language use are not in agreement with what Uzawa (1996) found in her study about Japanese students who were studying English as a second language in an educational institution in Canada. Table 2 demonstrates no statistically significant result. Students might have learned to use this strategy in Arabic or English and they perhaps have been capable of transferring it from one language to another. Evidence from the literature can be found in a number of studies that have compared first language and second-language writing 178 www. Although the t-tests shows no statistically significant differences between the uses of strategies in both essays, the individual mean scores for item 4 (attempt to use a wide variety of vocabulary) demonstrate some difference in favor of the LI essay. However, insufficient experience in writing directly in L2, language proficiency and thinking in both languages might have contributed to the difficulties students encountered in the choice of vocabulary for the direct essay as compared with the LI essay.

In their study about the differences in LI use among students of various language proficiency levels, Wang and Wen (2002) found that the lower level writers depend more on LI than the higher level ones. They argued that L2 writers will rely less and less on the use of their L1 as they continue to develop their L2 language proficiency. The results of best term paper service this study highlight the gradual development for composing the L2 texts. Rather, it should be put into practice to facilitate L2 learning and help learners meet the demands of content area writing tasks (cited in, Kibler, 2010).

LI differential equations coursework and L2 Writing Strategies Overall Mean LI Mean L2 Mean T-Tes ts Sig. Table 3 demonstrates a number of differential equations coursework high percentages extracted from the answers to the follow-up questions for the advantages and disadvantages of writing both essays.

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