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J ohn and Irenaeus the scholar of Poly carp, have agreed in testifying that there was a connection be- tween St. In spite of all that ancient testimony, con- firmed by internal proof, St. And the testimony of Irenseus, Tertullian, Clement of Alex- andria, Origen, and a host of other ancient writers, who agree in asserting the connection of St.

He says in one place very truly, that " Scripture is to be interpreted from itself," β€” " Non nisi ex Scriptura Scripturam potes interpre- tari a. As we shall see hereafter, he will not accept the interpretations of the Old Testament which are given by the Holy Spirit in the New. And yet " Scripture is to be interpreted from itself! And yet we are gravely assured by the Essayist that we cannot in- terpret Scripture except from Scripture itself I It may perhaps be asked by the reader, c How does the Essayist where can i buy research papers online reconcile his mode of treating the ISTew Testament, with the reverent affection, which is often professed in this Essay, for the person of our Blessed Lord? Our Blessed Lord Himself is the Author of these interpretations of the prophecies of the Old Testament, either directly in His own Person, degree coursework or mediately by His Apostles or Evangelists. All who are familiar with the history of German Protestantism will at once anticipate the reply. That theory was propounded about a century ago by Semler 6 and others f. It is well described by the late revered e Compare the account in the "Historical Sketch of German Protestantism," by G. The principal feature of this system is, that every passage of Scripture is to be interpreted with reference to the time and circumstances under which it was de- livered. True as this principle in a certain sense may be, it is easy to perceive that in the sense in which it has been used by Semler and his successors, and as a foundation for the so-called doctrine of accommodation, it must lead to a total abandonment of the doctrine of the Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

Hugh James Bose, in one of his Sermons preached before the University of Cambridge in 1825 g : β€” " Sem- ler invented an hypothesis to get rid of what offended him in the New Testament. He contended that we are not to take all the declarations of Scripture as addressed to us, but to consider them as in many points adapted to the feelings and dispositions of the age when they originated. This was the origin of that famous theory of accommodation , which Semler carried to great lengths, but which, in the hands of degree coursework his followers, became the most formidable weapon ever devised against Christianity.

And yet we are to entertain the question, whether He was not guilty of equivocation, dissimu- lation, and cowardice! This theory of accommodation being once assumed to be true, there is no limit to its application. All the teaching of Christ and His Apostles must eventually disappear under its withering influence. The doc- trines of Christianity will soon be treated as merely ephemeral ideas, or floating fashions adapted to the spirit of the age in which they were first published. Indeed, as is well known, these disastrous results have already followed from that theory of accommodation.

Having impeached the historical veracity of the Evangelists, the Essayist does not hesitate also to impugn their degree coursework authority in interpreting the prophecies of the Old Testament.

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Their expositions might do well enough formerly, but the world is now becoming wiser.

Matthew gives of the words of the Prophet, Hosea xi. If he had been more conversant with it, perhaps he might have been preserved from raising this objection to St. Matthew, by which he has brought himself into the company of Julian the Apostate, who made the same accusation against the Evangelist u fifteen cen- turies ago. Matthew, assures us, that those words of Hosea were fulfilled in that return. The truth is, that the Essayist has been caught in the snare which he has laid for others. He had advised us to " interpret Scripture as any other book 2 ," that is, as a human composition.

Un- fortunately for himself he has applied them here.

He tries the prophecy of Hosea by his own critical standard, and finds that Hosea is speaking of Israel coming forth from Egypt. His prophecy refers to that coming, and therefore, argues the Essayist, it cannot refer to anything else. In contemplating such reasoning we are lost in astonishment. The vanity and self-conceit of the human heart is indeed great, and scarcely any com- mon exhibition of it ought to cause much surprise. But surely this is a phenomenon almost unparalleled. The Essayist in the nineteenth century correcting St. Matthew, β€” a Hebrew by mba essay services birth, a companion and apostle of Jesus Christ, and writing a Gospel for Hebrew Christians, which was received by them as a divine work! This is something almost be- yond the powers of all human conception.

Consider also, if haply it be true, that the Scrip- tures are not u like any other book," and if St. Mat- thew wrote under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, and if his Gospel is indeed, what all Chris- tendom for eighteen hundred years has believed it to be, a divinely inspired work, then we have this fearful phenomenon β€”the Essayist correcting the Holy Ghost! When, however, we come to analyze this strange ON THE INTERPRETATION OF SCRIPTURE. The first requisite for "the Interpretation of Scripture" is humility. If we rely on our- selves and our own intelligence, and if we disparage Scripture, and treat it "as any other book," then Almighty God, Who is the Author of Scripture, will punish us by our own devices. The Essayist comes forward to instruct the world in his new method to be used for the interpretation of Scripture. He puts forth with oracular authority his own canons of Biblical criticism. This is a specimen of the glorious gam which the rising generation is to receive from this new method of Interpretation. He degree coursework takes for granted, that because he himself can- not see the meaning which St. Did any educated man, who has reflected seriously on the prophecies, ever imagine that the Prophets them- selves were the original authors of those prophecies f? Has not the whole Church degree coursework of Christ always held "that the Holy Ghost spake by the Prophets? Matthew, to be believed, when He tells us what was in His own divine mind when He spake by the Prophet Hosea? Is the Essayist to be permitted to come forward and enlighten the Holy Spirit, and to inform Him that He had no such meaning as that write my history essay for me which He Himself assures us that He had?

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