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Course writers and Task designers would come to the realizations that the learner-centeredness of this approach might call for different orientations and new approach in the planning of the course work as well as designing workable tasks that promote independent writings. The targeting and pursuit of better performance by teachers and students through the adoption of the new approach might pose a serious concern to the textbook publishers. There might be the need to publish new course books and encourage the writing of books that employ the Process approach in the writing skill development.

Finally, the classroom teachers could see the issue of knowledge updating as a necessity in the bid to achieving the desirable goals. Recommendations The following recommendations were drawn with respect to this study.

Competence in Written English: A Review of Studies by Two Scholars. Ibadan the Education Research and Studies Group Institute of Education University of Ibadan.

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The Process of Writing a Text by Using Cooperative Learning. Process Writing and definition essay help Communicative-Task Based help in essay writing Instruction: Many Common Features but More Common Limitations? The problem of a language for educating Nigerian learners. American English Rhetoric: Writing from Spoken Models for Bilingual Students. Task-based Language Teaching: For the State Secondary F.

What the "Process Approach" Means to Practising Teachers of Second Language Writing Skills. Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, Vol. The Search for Intelligent Structures in the Teaching of Composition Tate G and Edward, RJ Corbert (Eds. Writing Skills: Towards an improved teaching of essay writing to junior Secondary students. A Cognitive Process Teaching of Writing: College Composition and Communication.

Teaching and Learning English definition essay help as a Second Language. Group Writing: A Technique That Fosters Creativity.

Students Perception of Practices in Composition Instruction In Grades 3, 4, S, and 6. Effective Education Publishing 11755 Riverview Drive. Cultural Thought Patterns in International Education Language Learning. The Process Oriented Approach to Teaching Writing to Second Language Learners.

New York State Association for Bilingual Education Journal, V10, pp. Regulations and Syllabuses for Senior Certificate Examination. Postgraduate School Interdisciplinary Research Discourse. The Use ofEnglish in University and other Higher Educational Institutions. Unoh (Ed), Use of English in Communication the Nigerian Experience. An International Approach to the teaching of writing. The t-test analysis on the pre-test scores of the Control and Experimental groups for all the variables Variables Groups N X SD df t-cal t- table Content Control 40 1.

The mean scores of the Control group bear no significant difference with the mean scores of the Experimental group.

That is, there was no significant difference between the pre-test scores of students in both control and experimental groups.

This established the homogeneity of the two groups.

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The t-test analysis on the post-test scores of the Control and Experimental groups Variables Group N X SD t cal t-table Content Control 40 1.

The mean scores of the Experimental group are greater than the mean scores of the control group in all the variables.

For example, the mean score for Content relevance for experimental group essay writing services legal is 5.

The implication of this is that, the Experimental group has better performance in all the variables than the Control group. This can be traced to the positive effect of the treatment given to the Experimental group. The t-test analysis of the Post-test scores on the overall performance of the Control and Experimental groups in all the variables Group N — X - SD df t-cal t-table Control 40 6. The Experimental group performance is better than that of the Control group.

The t-test analysis of the pre-test and post - test scores of the Experimental Group Variable Test -Type X SD t-cal t- table Content Pre-test definition essay help 1. This implies that there was significant difference between the pre-test and post scores of the students in the experimental group. The implication of this is that, the performance of the Experimental group after treatment changed for better and the change was significant. The t-test analysis on the pre-test and post-test scores of the students in the Control group Variable Test- Type X SD t-cal t-table df N Content Pre-test 1. The table also shows t-calculated less than t-table at 0.

The implication of the above is that the students in the control group had no significant improvement in Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education 27 www. No matter how long an inappropriate approach is employed, desirable results will be elusive. Write a story that illustrates the wisdom of the saying: A rolling stone gathers no moss. Write a letter to the Chairman of the Election Petition tribunal insisting on cancellation of the results of the recently conducted Local Government Chairmanship election in your area and why you are of that view. Write an article on the topic: Examination malpractice and what Government can do to curb it. O 2 means second observation for experimental group. In this study, 500 college writers in Metro Toronto in Canada were interviewed to uncover if they found some essay topics easier than other topics.

The interviewees explained that factors determining the writability of an essay topic include knowledge, interest, experience, and data availability.

The positive responses are examined along with the negative ones. Cross-comparison confirms consistency between the two groups. In agreement with previous studies, through a statistical approach and by focusing on essay topic writability, this study alerts frontline teachers as well as language testing administrators to the issue of consistency of difficulty of essay topics in examinations, which can lead to improved validity of such writing tests and examinations across disciplines.

Keywords: Essay topic writability, College writer, Knowledge, Interest, Experience, Data 1.

Introduction According to Applebee, Langer, and Mullis (1987), writing serves as a tool for three thought processes basic to learning: 1) to draw on relevant knowledge and experience in preparation for new activities, 2) to consolidate and review new information and experience, and 3) to reformulate and extend knowledge.

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