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In particular, third year EPD teachers were considerably more likely than third year comparative teachers to report feeling supported by their school.

Similar analysis on the comparative questionnaire data further corroborated the need for school support, revealing that, within the comparative sample, perceived school support was associated with a higher overall impact of professional development.

Therefore, the higher level of school support discerned by the EPD sample as a whole 9 Because the comparative survey was conducted in the second year of the evaluation, the results for this sample database coursework are compared with the responses of EPD teachers to their questionnaire in year 2. Further factors There were two further database coursework features of EPD that might also help explain the greater outcomes derived by participants: contact with the LEA and mentoring. LEAs piloting the scheme held sessions or produced materials to acquaint teachers with the variety of ways in which their EPD funds could be allocated and to extend their thinking on professional development possibilities. Mentoring In terms of mentoring, over three-quarters of the whole EPD teacher sample reported that they had a mentor.

To sum up briefly so far, multivariate analysis showed that the higher level of impact reported by EPD teachers compared with the comparative sample was not solely attributable to the extra time they had been able to spend on professional development. A primary difference between the EPD and comparative samples was also the funding available as part of the pilot. Other potentially influential features of the EPD experience were mentoring and increased contact with LEA personnel. This analysis was conducted separately for the EPD teachers and the database coursework comparative sample. Two main factors, discussed below, emerged from this analysis as independent predictors of the intention to remain in teaching. The extent to which teachers felt that their professional development needs had been met over the past year This was the strongest predictor of the expectation of staying in teaching, such that the more a teacher felt that his or her needs had been met in the past year, the more likely they were to expect to stay in teaching.

Factors associated with retention: the comparative sample Further analyses were carried out to examine whether similar factors predicted the expectation of staying in teaching among those in the comparative sample. As far as possible, the analysis replicated that reported above, only omitting the item relating to manageability which did not have an equivalent in the comparative survey, and substituting questions referring to EPD with matched items referring to CPD generally. The extent to which their professional development needs had been met in the past year was not a significant independent predictor, as it had been in the EPD sample analysis.

A possible explanation of this difference between the comparative sample and the EPD sample was that, for EPD teachers, their involvement in the scheme has brought them additional benefits that went beyond meeting their professional development needs, meaning that both these factors - the overall impact of EPD and the extent to which their professional development needs were met - make independent contributions to their intention to stay in teaching.

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Meanwhile, for those teachers not involved in the EPD scheme, the impact of their professional development and the extent to which their needs have been met are more closely related concepts, resulting in them not both being independent predictors in this comparative sample. What else was EPD offering which made teachers more positive about their future in the teaching profession? They online essay services felt like they were worth something, and we felt people were investing in us because we were worth investing in and we mean something (Teacher, primary, year 2 case-study data). It shows that we are valued and that there is funding for us to develop. By giving us the money to pursue something which we are interested in, rather than just pay us a bit more in wages, in a way it has sort of shown their value in our role as a teacher (Teacher, primary, year 2 case-study data).

And then this EPD comes along and yes, you are valued, yes they want you to progress within database coursework the profession (Teacher, secondary, year 3 case-study data). By distinguishing the key elements of EPD that were pivotal to its success, the experience of the pilot can contribute to the thinking of, and future practices regarding professional development. Combining the findings from each of the above strands of analysis, the following factors emerged as key characteristics in generating teacher outcomes. Mentoring Analysis of the EPD teacher survey data found that having a mentor was significantly associated with the majority of outcomes over a range of 13. The link between mentoring and the impacts derived was particularly strong for second year teachers, with the effects of having a mentor particularly influential in coursework writing service uk terms of teaching practice outcomes and career development.

For third year teachers, the relationship was less influential though remained valuable in terms of how teachers related to their careers: their commitment, their morale, their desire to develop professionally. Interviews conducted with teachers in the case-study schools reinforced the importance of mentoring, especially in contributing towards improvements in classroom management and career development. Teachers in the case-study schools for whom the main impact of EPD had been an improvement in their behaviour management skills or reflection on their teaching practices most often attributed these outcomes to the mentoring relationship.

In addition, those citing the career guidance they had received as the principal impact of EPD and those who had earned promotions and had progressed in their careers, attributed these developments to having a mentor. In addition, case-study interviewees for whom the main impact of EPD had been their enhanced commitment to the profession related this to the freedom to choose the form and focus of their professional development (and the monies to pursue it). Furthermore, in their survey responses, EPD teachers registered much greater involvement in directing their professional development than the comparative sample of teachers outside the pilot LEAs.

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