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The contrast of the labour of man with the animal life of nature, and the image of Omnipresent Invisible Power, renewing the earth at will or sweep- ing it of inhabitants, is a thesis writing service reviews grand and solemn poetical creation.

Compare that most interesting concluding chapter of Mr. Huxtable, "The Sacred Record of Creation Vindicated and Explained. One gentleman considers it an account of " plan" as distinguished from fulfilment y. We venture to think none of these descriptions satisfactory. The Book of Genesis opens with the inspired Psal:m of Creation. On so transparent a gloss as the " vision" -scheme, words would only be wasted. Nor will many believe that creation as an idea is the thing intended, so long custom written essay as the plainest of plain language assures them that the thing intended is creation as a fact. On the hypothesis that we have to do with an ordinary prose narrative, chronicle, or diary, there immediately emerges the great difficulty of the " days. The choice lies between the Chalmerian interpolation of the geo- logical ages before the first day begins, and the Cuvierian expansion of the six days into geological ages. Nor is his own scheme free thesis abstracts online from the gravest diffi- culties. Who can bring himself to believe, for ex- ample, that when the sacred writer speaks of trees laden for human use with seed-enclosing fruit, he could have had in his mind, or could have so de- scribed, the gymnogenous flora of the coal-measures? Certain writers evade embarrassment by declining to elect among the competing " reconciliations. All this is but a inani- tion," by the present Archbishop of Canterbury, although one of the four works which compose collectively the most valuable con- tribution to the theistic argument since Paley, (Dr. Miller both in " First Impressions of England" and in " Testimony of the Rocks," is exemplified in Buckland, pp. Chalmers himself, in his private correspondence, betrays a similar hesitance, by speaking of " yet another way of saving the credit of the record. Were the panic well-founded, the belief indebted to such expedients would be only- screened, not saved. The combat would indeed be averted, but the enemy would remain master of the field.

Goodwin cannot be blamed for chastising pal- pable subterfuges. Goodwin exemplifies, however, the opposite paraphrasing words and sentences pole of prejudice.

Why make b " The doubt and perplexity which they affect do not exist : both the principles of the natural sciences and of Biblical exegesis are certain beyond dispute. Why gratuitously degrade "Spirit" into "wind," converting the image of divine love and energy into an agitation of the air f?

Or custom written essay why refuse to allow for the essentially figurative character of all words descriptive of celestial space and its aspects, in order to fasten an incredible puerility of conception on the " Hebrew Descartes or Newton?

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Goodwin ought to caution the readers of Shelley, in case "build up the blue dome of air" should suggest delusive reminiscences of the dome of St. Uni-verse ought to be banished from his vocabulary, as implying the diurnal revolution of the fixed stars in a frame or " firmament. Compare " spreadest out the heavens like a curtain" Ps. Max Miiller, " Hist, of Ancient Sanskrit Lite- rature," pp. If I go along trembling, like a cloud driven by the wind : Have mercy, Almighty, have mercy! Yet our surprise abates, not only when we reflect that the error entailed, till these later times, rather a lite- rary than a religious loss, but also when we call to mind how long a similar mask disguised the architec- ture of entire books of the Old Testament, and ob- scured the plenary significance of large sections even of the New. If custom written essay a veil was lifted so recently from the face of David or Isaiah, are we to marvel if a veil has lain on the face of Moses?

Even some eighty years ago, however, a striking indication of the true affinities of the COm- Whenever, Varuna, we commit an offence : Whenever we break thy law through thoughtlessness : Have mercy, Almighty, have mercy! He who gives life, He who gives strength : "Whose blessing all the bright gods desire : Whose shadow is immortality, whose shadow is death : Who is the God to whom we shall offer our sacrifice? Of these, thirty are based on the poetical books, — Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Prophets. The solitary outsider, linking like with like, has for pedestal the 1st of Genesis. If one of these divine compositions is not ordinary prose, neither is the other. The triads of days are as distinctly denned as the triplets of petitions. Only the parallelism, from the correlative interlacement of the groups, is more intricate and complex in the Hep- tameron than in the Prayer. He ivho perceives this has the true fcey to the concord which he will custom written essay search for elsewhere and otherwise in vain. Respect the parallelism, cease to ignore the structure, 33 6 THE CREATIVE WEEK. And yet it is self-evident that if, for any reason, we trisect or break up the groups, the true custom written essay continuation of day 1 is not day 2 but day 4, of day 2 not day 3 but day 5, of day 3 not day 4 but day 6.

And thus the "days" themselves are transfigured from registers of time into definitives of strophes or stanzas, — lamps and land- marks of a creative sequence, — a mystic drapery, a parabolic setting, — shadowing by the sacred cycle of seven the truths of an ordered progress, a fore- known finality, an achieved perfection, and a divine repose k. On tbe number seven see also Moses Stuart, "Apocalypse," vol. The following passages are very import- ant, as coming from so acute and unbiassed a witness : — " To remove the false notion of days, let me observe what is ob- vious to every one on a bare inspection, that the whole system of this representation rests on a comparison by means of which the separations do not take place physically but symbolically.

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