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Then he goes on to describe three disaster sessions and one thaf s fair to good. Kathy also imagines that she would be teaching a tenth-grade class and would ask them to write a paper on a custom writing essays services successful relationship in their lives. Kathy discussed her plans for writing with other class members fre- quently throughout the course and saw more benef its than detriments to teaching ihis technique to other students. Much in these responses points custom writing essays services to how these prospective teach ers understand the role of plan- ning collaboratively and, not less in importance, how these teachers interpret their roles as writing teachers. When I asked Kathy and Randy how many times they used collaborative planning during their own writing meth- ods course or for other writing assignments this semes- ter. There is a definite custom writing essays services link between the way they felt about and used collaborative planning as writers and they way they predicted collaborative planning would go in their own classes. Other meiT bors custom writing essays services of the class also wrote predictions about collaborative planning in their journals during the fall semester. These predictions, I think, are linked to what student teachers bring from their backgrounds— both their own experiences as student writers and their previous stur? Kathy will intervene if she feels any off- task behavior is leading up to an unproductive use of class time. Kathy, who used collaborative planning with other members of the class when she was writing a sequence of assignments, believes there are more benefits than drawbacks in the planning session, among those are organizational and critical thinking skills, things she discovered as a student writer working on assignments for her own classes. Those like Ka thy who see advantages in the social, supportive aspects of planning out a piece of writing with others probably will ask students to try planning collaboratively when teaching writing.

In order to follow up how Randy and Kathy, with their different attitudes toward collaborative planning, their different experiences as student writers, and their different predictions on how they would teach writing, I went to observe their classes at their respectiv:: practicum sites during the spring semester while they were student teaching. On the day I went to observe Ka thy and Randy teaching writing classes, Kathy used collaborative planning and Randy did not.

Kathy used collaborative planning with her tenth- grade "scholastic business" students when they were writing descriptive paragraphs about imaginary cars. Be- fore class she tcid me that she thought collaborative planning would help her students focus on their pur- pose and supporting details for these descriptions.

In her journal in the previous fall semester, Kathy pre- dicted that her students would protit from doing col- laborative planning because of the social interaction and because it took authority away from the teacher and gave it to the students. The students wrote their assignments outside of class and did not do collaborative planning at any time in class.

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Randy distributed copies oi the eight papers to each student, asked students to read those papers, and he went row by row to each student asking him or her to say which he or she liked best and which he or she liked least and why. After class, when I asked Randy h 3 w he thought the two classes went, he said that he was pleased that he did get everyone to talk — most of the time only a handful of st idents dominate the class discussion and everyone else just sits there. He said he would probably not include the two poems that students thought were plagiarized if he could uo the class again, because he did not want to promot? You need a year maybe to develop it, or half a year, or some- thing. Yet, the one aspect custom essay writing service toronto of his class that he was mopt pleased with th it day was that he got all of his studento to talk in clfiSS. She predicted that this tech- nique would work in her class if she tried it, and she predicted that students would get ideas that they might not huve thought of had they just tried to write the paragraphs on their own.

Adopting and Adapting a New Writing Technique What insights concerning adaptability of a new writ- ing technique does a study ofpreservice teachers provide? And what can be learned about the acquisition and transfer of knowledge by observing some of those who learned andjor taught collaborative planning?

One possible reason that Randy did not incor- porate collaborative planning into differential equations coursework his lesson, was that he perceived theconditions tobeinappropriate. Kathy may have incorporated collaborative planning into her lesson because the circumstances seemed right and appropriate for her to do so. LAUORATIV11 Planning: Conceits, Proci-sses, and Assignts4ENTs 99 on how others in the dass helped them to plan the paragraphs they will write. Moreover, they asked their students to plan and to write in ways that they said worked best for them as writers.

One of these teachers was piloting a project find someone to write my college paper for the Pittsburgh Public Schools besides being interested in the Making Thinking Vis- ible Project. This extra responsibility allowed her very little time to teach collaborative planning or to examine its effects on her classes. Besides the fact that she felt time constraints against doing collaborative planning with her students, she also could not agree with a fundamental premise of collaborative planning which allows writers to plan their ideas aloud and get re- sponse from a supporter about the piece of writing even before any writing takes place. It was important to her as a writing teacher and as a writer herself that writers create their pieces alone and not show their writing to anyone until after they had their own inspirations and were able to write something down without any inter- ference or contamination from other writers.

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