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John in the Apocalypse makes no difference between " faith," " charity," and " patience 6 ," so far as their indwelling custom write my admission essay thesis papers character is concerned. This has been answered, by anticipation, in what has been said in reply to the " Third Ground. Peter, leave no doubt that the general character of Christianity was chiefly moral. Paul k excommunicate such Sadducees if he thought their opinion ought to exclude them? Even if, indeed, it were granted that the Christian Church was at first unable to exclude profligate mem- r 1 Tim. Eeply : — It is difficult to conceive of anything more natural, or inevitable, than the designation of any institute from the name of the place where it is fixed. Until it can be gravely shewn that to call any other institution by the name of the place where it stands is a proof that it comprehends the whole neighbour- hood in its plan, we shall not be able to see any argu- ment in this hypothesis — (for it is nothing more) — as to the tendency of the Apostolic Churches to Multi- tudinism, shewn by their names. To argue a theory of our Eeligion from this, is somewhat weak. Christianity we are appealed to, singly, tobeheard - conscience by conscience, let those who are not ashamed to be " Christians" take heed how they turn from it. If the New Testament witness custom thesis papers to "Indi- vidualism" (as it is termed) make it appear indeed what men call "narrow and exclusive," be it re- membered that we are not now examining the philo- sophy of our religion, nor its ethical vindication. Neither will the criticism of a few phrases help the objector. It is to the matter of fact we are pointing, (whether it be pleasing or not,) — the broad fact which is patent to every eye, that Christianity, according to the Scriptures, has a Doctrine, — has a strict Moral system, — asks to include none who will not rise towards its standard of truth and purity, anticipates frequently narrow results, aims always at the individual conscience, and points, pri- marily, to an u eternal life" beyond the grave.

And first let us hear the words of Him l our saviour Canst s own who is "the Truth.

Is it a "little flock e ," or a great flock, to whom "the kingdom will be given? And He said unto them, Strive to enter in at the strait gate : for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall custom thesis papers not be able. And we believe and are sure that Thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God g.

And he said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God m.

Nor is it any " abstract Christianity " which is thus put forward. The greatest of the writers of the New Testament leaves on record this authoritative sentence, twice uttered, and conclusive against all other versions of our Eeligion than the original message : — " Though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other Gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed!

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As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other Gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed!

The facts which lie on the surface, or those most deeply im- bedded in the structure of the whole record of our Eeligion, equally attest the sense which primitive be- lievers had of the everlasting importance of a right faith in " Him whom not having seen they loved p ," and for whom they would " suffer the loss of all things," and " count them as dross," if they might but " win Christ, and be found in Him q " at last. And see custom thesis papers how urgent they became, therefore, " heark- iii. Unless Christianity were essential to each soul to whom it came, why should the sincere adherents of old religions have been so roughly and needlessly disturbed? Why should even Jews be told, that in rejecting Christ they were websites for essay writing "counting themselves unworthy of ever- lasting life 7? It may be concluded, then, unless a common- sense view of the whole subject is to be refused, that enough has now been adduced to justify the conviction that apostolic Christianity, as learned from the New Testa- ment, required Individual Conscientiousness, Indivi- dual Faith. No question appears to have gravely been raised, c Acts xv. Spirit, by no mere accident did it come to pass that the Church had to work out the Divine plan at first, unaided by the powers of the world.

It appears to have been conceived that the course of the Gospel, and the course of the human mind, had hitherto diverged. This dream, it may be hoped, is somewhat dissipated : but let us glance at the theory of this " general Conscience" — (this "public opinion," or opinion of the majority, which was to be the Eule of Eeligion, the " Gospel" of the future m ,)— before we wholly lose sight of it. We have seen that a " Generalized Christianity" is impossible, if we accept the New Testament at all. A Eeligion without a Doctrine, or " dogma," must be so transcendental as to lie beyond even the region of j Heb.

But the idea of a " gene- ralization of Conscience" or abstract " ethical develop- ment," is still to be considered. No one will question, that in matters of feeling and sentiment there actually is an average write my research paper free Vague standard, in any civilized community. Such an admission, therefore, of " average conscien- tiousness" will not assist " Multitudinism," inasmuch as it depends for its very existence on the action, inward and outward, of each man for himself. The absence of this, the Christian feels is the fatal defect of every philosophical scheme of polity n Essay, p. In thus urging, we do not attribute to the "Multi- tudinist" a conscious denial of Individual Besponsi- bility, but the maintenance of a position which vir- tually destroys it.

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