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The Strategic Plans for 2008 - 2010 and for 2011 - 2014 have goals, actions and milestones focused on learning, engagement and uuellbeing, and transitions. The synergy map of seven key areas of support that have been developed to link these school- engagement-related activities is presented on the next page: Description of Engagement Initiatives 1.

Whole-School Focus The school has focused on a values-based approach to student engagement and uuellbeing. Activities and practices in the school have been aligned to provide support to students through transition periods, to build a sense of resilience and social responsibility, and to help students set and achieve goals for further employment, vocational training or higher education study. The assistant principal coordinates all student uuelfare issues and uuorks custom research paper writing services tuith a team of support staff to address these issues. In this ujay classroom teachers are left free to focus on student learning.

Areas of responsibility uuere ujell defined and the lines of communication tuere clear. The assistant principal uuorks closely uuith the school chaplain, school nurse, student uuellbeing officer and three learning aides to provide support services to students. Data-Focused Tracking The school has collected various types of data to monitor the learning, destinations and outcomes of its students. Information has been collated on all students entering the school, and neuu students are tested to identify strengths and uueaknesses. The school has also focused on improving outcomes at Year 12, uuith current data indicating that their results are similar to like schools. All students in the final stage of 51 Research and Mapping for MCEECDYA Project: Student Academic Engagement Synergy of Linked Initiatives 52 schooling, including those mho have made plans to leave before completing Year 12, have been given counseling support to assist ujith their transition out of school. The assistant principal has kept track of the movements of students as they move into employment, or vocational education and training, or further study.

Student exit data on those mho left mithout completing Year 12 has shomn that most students left to take up apprenticeships, traineeships, TAFE, or fulltime employment, A small number left due to family upheaval. The relatively high number of students moving from school into employment and vocational study has caused some concern for the school because the state-based tracking data system has listed the ghost writer for college papers school as having a lorn level of Year 12 completions. Houuever, the school believes it has engaged students in making realistic life choices. UUhereas the data tracking for each of the sub-schools has been focused on student needs, there has been a mhole-school focus on the custom research paper writing services use of data for the provision of learning support for literacy, mathematics and ICT.

Data and reports used by the school include: o school performance data o student retention data o case reports on students exiting mithout completing Year 12 o student absences o NAPLAN, Years 7 and 9 o student attitudes to school o staff opinion survey o parent opinion survey o senior student choices, including VET and VCRL 2. Student Wellbeing An active approach has been taken custom research paper writing services to promote student mellbeing Problems arising mith students have been viemed as issues to be managed, and the goal has almays been a positive outcome for students.

Restorative Approach to Discipline fl restorative approach to discipline matters has been adopted to foster a climate of social responsibility mithin the school and to strengthen relationships betmeen students, staff, and members of the school community.

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Staff have been encouraged to help students to take positive actions to redress the misdemeanors they have committed, fl restorative approach also underpins the problem-solving approach that has been adopted for student melfare issues.

The aim is to prepare students to be responsible citizens, mho are engaged uuith their community and mho have a positive attitude touuard solving problems and future-planning. School-Within-School Focus The school-mithin-school approach for students in Years 7 — 9 and 10 — 12 is designed to create a student- centered context for learning and student mellbeing. This includes supported transitions, youth engagement, extension programs, and study skills support.

Vertical groupings mithin this structure allouu students to access a broader range of subjects and to match their levels of interest and ability. And an education support officer has morked mithin the sub-school structures to provide additional support to students mho have not reached their expected level of performance, fl home room program has provided day-to-day support for student mellbeing.

Each home room has been staffed mith tmo teachers, chosen for their complementary skills and capacity to mork together. This transition program has included opportunities for students (from different schools) to get to knouj each other and their neuj teachers. Information given by primary Year 6 custom research paper writing services teachers, such as academic achievement, NAPLAN scores, and social backgrounds has helped the secondary teachers to build student profiles and develop balanced class groupings. Year 10 to 12 students have also undertaken a life-skills course that has incorporated career counseling and a driver education program.

Disengaged Youth Program The school used a team approach to support students uuho are at risk of leaving school early. Alternative learning options and community-aided support are also provided to assist disengaged youth. Managed Individual Pathways (MIPS) Students from Year 10 onuuards have been given a personalised management plan to address their personal preferences and needs. Students have been intervieuued tuuo to three times each year to help them uuork out their plan and to focus on subject choices as they move into the senior school years. The MIPS program has included consideration of student uuelfare needs, learning pathuuays, and the development of a personal exit plan for employment, vocational education and training, or higher education. The school has attempted to be as flexible as possible and has included younger students in the MIPS support program uuhen there have been State UJard issues and other severe family problems. The pathuuays that are managed through MIPS include: o transition into employment and apprenticeships o transition into vocational education and training o completion of Year 12 Transition Into Employment In some instances the school has negotiated transition to employment on a part-time basis. This custom research paper writing services has provided a useful exit pathuuay from school into employment for students uuith disabilities.

And the time at school provides valuable continued support for students as they adjust to the neuu demands of uuork life.

Transition to Vocational Education The regional education cluster has provided options for 25 vocational education courses and traineeship programs. Students have been supported to participate in these programs uuith one day per uueek in VET, one day per uueek in uuork placement, and three days per uueek at school Year 12 Pathway to Further Study The school has also offered a variety of subject options, such as a combination of Year 12 studies and vocational and education training.

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