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On the other hand, they did not seem prepared for the sheer volume of work that was expected of them in terms of readings and assignments. They expressed a concern that the increased work load was seemingly unmanageable, but most also admitted that they were not good at managing their time effectively. The next chapter will provide the limitations of the study, the implications for practice, the implications for further research, and the implications for program development. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 220 Chapter 5 Conclusions and Implications Introduction The purpose of my study was to investigate the nature of writing environments faced by first-year students as they negotiated the transition from the writing environment of high school to the writing environment of first-year university. The first phase involved administering a one-time quantitative survey to high school students in a Western Canadian Province. Only those high school students who self-identified as planning on attending a specific university in Western Canada in September 2011 were targeted. The second phase involved conducting qualitative interviews with twenty students who volunteered to either be a part of a focus group (nine students) or to be interviewed individually (11 students).

The students were asked to give their perceptions of the writing environment that they had encountered in their three years of high school.

The third phase involved conducting individual interviews with the same students who had been interviewed during the second phase. In the third phase students were asked to give their perceptions of the differences custom papers writing between the high school writing environment and the firstyear university writing environment. One of the students who had been interviewed in phase two had to be withdrawn from the study because she did not end up attending the specific university targeted in September 2011. Five of the students declined to be re-interviewed due to other commitments. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 221 The chapter is organized around the two research questions that framed my study: 1.

I have chosen, in this chapter, to focus on the major themes for each question. The second two themes were chosen because they provide an overview of what first-year students expect at university in terms of learning and instructor assistance. This study found no global consensus among the high school students concerning the writing environment in high school on both the quantitative survey data and the qualitative data. The students commented on what they perceived to be an inadequate amount of writing required in high school and expressed the concern that they had not been properly prepared for the demands of university writing assignments.

Their expectations of university writing assignments prior to attending the university appeared to have been based primarily on comments made by high school teachers and friends or family concerning the nature of university writing assignments.

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The comments of the students who participated in the qualitative interviews can perhaps be explained by the fact that the students self-selected to take part in either the focus groups or individual interviews. These students might have been biased in their views of the English Language Arts teachers they had in high school because they were all, by their own admission, good students.

As a result, they were worried that they had not been adequately prepared for the kinds of writing they would custom papers writing have to do in university. These students may have been expecting a more rigorous approach in the Language Arts classes based on their perceptions of what university study would require in terms write my college paper for me of writing assignments. In the qualitative interviews, many of the high school students (12 of 20) were very critical of both their high school teachers and the writing assignments they were asked to complete in high school. They expressed frustration that, although their English Language Arts teachers told them that the writing assignments they would be expected to complete in university were different than those in high school, the teachers did not accurately identify those differences for them. However, as might be expected in studies such as this, the responses obtained depended to a large extent on the individual participants. The students in the study either found their high school teachers to be extremely helpful and effective (8 of 20) or they found them ineffective (12 of 20). Similarly, student satisfaction UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 223 with high school writing instruction seemed to depend on the individual teacher with whom they had studied.

With regard to the nature of writing assignments, there was consensus.

It was the perception of 8 of the 20 students custom papers writing interviewed that writing assignments during their high school years generally consisted of assignments that were only two to three custom papers writing pages long. The students reported that they often received no direction for the assignments, that teachers accepted whatever the students handed in, and that students received marks that they felt were not necessarily indicative of the quality of their work (i. In contrast, other students reported that some of their teachers were very helpful and that they felt that those teachers provided clear directions and were always available for consultation if they needed assistance with their assignments. The quantitative surveys were filled out by a wider range of participants than the qualitative interviews. The results were also dependent on individual teachers. This was to be expected since each teacher approaches the topic of writing instruction UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 224 in a different manner.

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