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Each student was interested customized writing paper in helping the other student produce a better final product. After a thirty minute session, each student had a fifteen minute plan- ningperiod, the students used their reading notes, their collaborative planning notes and their textlx)oks to create an in-class paper. The next time that we used the process, I allowed time to pass (one class session) before we actually wrote the essay. This permitted the students time for contempla- tion on the collaborative planning process. This also permitted the students time to revise their rough drafts.

This time spent working on the assignment in such depth produced a more focused effort.

The college students do not have to be reminded to take and use notes.

They realize the importance of incorporating reading notes into text.

There is evidence from buy college term papers the tape recordings of their sessions that they do use these comments to change their own texts to make a better written product. These students also are willing to reflect on the entire process after it happens. This final step was never reached with the ninth graders. They were willing to complete an evaluation and to discuss the collaborative planning Collaborative Plannjinc: someone to write my paper for me Concepts, Processes, and Assignmenis 133 process, but to get the ninth graders to become more introspective would take another yean I attribute this flaw only to a lack of maturity. I know custom papers for college that with practice tfiey could do an introspective session, but the year, having been split into semesters, was just too short. The college groups, however, were more than willing to discover what these sessions enabled them to do as writers. Epilogue The year as a teacher-researcher was a challeng- ing one. A need to be organized, clearly focused and very specific custom papers for college in giving directions was essential on my part. How could I expect the students to follow the collaborative planning process without careful plan- ning on my part, modeling, guided and independent practice, review and evaluation. This procedure must become second nature to the student.

After all, most decisions in life are made after some type of consulta- tion with another human being. Why should or would the act of writing be eliminated from this sharing process? When we do share our planning ideas with others through the collaborative planning process, the final papers show a marked improvement. I plan to continue in the project and to continue with my re- search next year.

The positive results of my students work and my work were that encouraging. Language provides the connecting tissue that bind s society together, allowing us to express feelings and ideas, and powerfully influence the attitudes of others. High School: A Report on Secondary Education in America 134 lo6 A Reflective Look at Teaching Planning in High School Karen W. They talked about relationships of characters and the effect of one character on another — Their stories reflected the energies they used to write them.

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They were proud of their stories and anxious to share them with their peers.

With tnv introduction to collaborative planning last fall, I listened as veteran teachers shai v d their experiences with this process and became excited. However, at one point it hit me that these teachers were talking about successes with college students and advanced high school seniors.

I winced as I thought about my own teaching schedule heavily laden with mainstream ninth graders, those students whose ability levels would range from above average to borderline remedial students. Would they be able to grasp this blackboard planner metaphor?

Even though I did have two classes of advanced seniors, I accepted the challenge to trod where others had not with my ninth graders. I focused on getting the students to work together in small groups, to respond to each other in pairs, and custom papers for college to participate in large group critical discussions with little to no teacher involvement. I found this to be extremely helpful in preparing ninth graders to talk to each other, trust each other, and rely on each other asresources. Consequently, when thestudents wereassigned to their groups for the collaborative planning assignments, they were ready. The Assignment The class had just completed studyingan autobiographical narrative," Giving, Getting," by Nancy Packard. The next step was for the students to cooperatively write a sequel to this narrative. After she and I discussed what we had done and identified what had occurred in our planning session with the students, it was their turn. Within each group every student took a turn as the planner while the remaining three students acted as supporters. Each group was supplied with a tape recorder to tape its sessions. On the third day the groups reconvened and played back their tapes.

Each group selected a recorder Segment of Collaborative Planning who took notes and did the final writing. One group sioaaorjus jje fj was constantly reminding each other that their story 3rd: was.

And I think that George would be another assignment in which they had to write a letter the one to get Nancy and Walter to be friends to their former eighth grade English teacher explaining again. A number of thorn effective than using a generic piece for several reasons, wrote about being a planner and a supporter as mey p. Secondly, they werequitepleasedand Mellon who came with tape recorders. Purposely, the speakers students were stronger than others and were unidentified. I Several students volunteered to read the parts of believe if I could have worked with the same students the speakers aloud. Schedule changes and the rearranging of my classes caused me to end up losing a number of my original students and getting new ones.

And so I shifted my intent and focus for the second half of the year from my 9th grade classes to my senior scholars classes which had remained intact from the first semester. Coming from a background where for eight years they had been taught to work indepen- dently, I found it essential to teach them how to work w th other students.

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