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Finally, though the pauses for typing arenoted in the transcript, the length of time is not recorded.

Some of the transcripts indicate that the supporters remained attentive as the writer keyed in the responses. Some supportershelped by contributing or suggesting word s and phrases, and in a few cases the supporter was heard dictating the response. For example, in the following excerpt, Sally types and records the responses that her supporter, Frank, suggests.

And field notes taken in the classroom noted that some of the support- ers would use the time to gaze around the room while responses were entered. And in her final paper, she does include this example of Wrighf s work to effectively illustrate her point.

Reviewing the Computer Logs The responses entered in the computer logs re- flected the types of notations that students decided to record. These written entries in the computer logs seemed to reflect students using distinctive sfa-ategies to respond to the prompts and to the questions the software modeled and delivered. The first type of canonized response occurs whenever the planner parrots back a writing platitude do my essay for cheap or bromide. Present a broad over view of the topic to prevent confusion and disinterest among the readers. The other type of canonized response occurs whenever a student remembers something the writing instructor has said in a lecture, discussion, or com- ment. I xuill also have to cite sources and speak from the viewpoint of an authority in my field.

Sally: (typing) At least to prepare us to do this in the future. However, this type of response is probably not functional as a writing plan and, thus, is difficult for the student to to put into effect in a paper.

It was apparent, after a cursory reading of the computer logs, that the more interesting entries tended to be those providing specific information and detatils about the plans or goals, especially when contrasted with canonized responses. Whenever the written log entry contained specific and detailed written entries, it provided a window allowing a person to see more clearly what the writer was planning to do in the paper. Since many planners used a mixture of frag- ments and complete sentences as they recorded their entries in the computer logs, coding the logs for the number of propositions provided a classification that showed whether planners typically generated only one idea, point, problem, goal, etc. Here are two different responses to the custom paper services same prompt that illustrate the classification of a single proposition (SP) response. Task Prompt 2: What do you find interesting about this assignnwnt? RESPONse 2 (Carol): Gives us a chance to write about and explore something that interests us. Writing as if we are already amember of thecommunity. Task Prompt3: What are some specific things that your teacher will be locking for in this paper? Define it and give basic their paper, but without going into much detail, and Discuss the relevance of it to the readers. I think this is a point way overlooked perhaps the goal should not always be to hope that by the custom paper services professional philosophers that are currently dealing students produce perfect sentences, although a few of with this topic.

In fact, one study indicates that for propositions.

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Perhaps one simple ap- proach may be to simple tell students to just do it— i. Another, pos- custom paper services sibly more subtle approach nught be to revise selected prompts so that they request more specific responses. Although sonne of the supporters re- mained "active" while the writer was recording a re- sponse (i. Therefore, whenever there is a demon- strated high percentage of passive supporters, it may be useful to have the writer complete that portion of the task before meeting with the supporter. Revised Procedural Model sponses, record responses and then print out the log, a new component would be added. The revised proce- dural model would be as follows (see figure 10). Finally, in addition to developinga coding scheme that allows a researcher to measure the level of plan- ning that takes place during a session, reviewing these logs as an outsider without the same context the two planners would have had also suggested that writing instructors might be able to use the computer logs as a powerful diagnostic tool. To help make the planning process more visible to students, the instructor could share several computer logs with the class and lead a discussion that talks about the reasons why particular ideas or plans appear to hold more promise than o thers.

Or, the instructor could make connments on the logs and return them to the students.

Pittsburgh, PA: Center for the Study of Writing, Carnegie Mellon University.

Pittsburgh, PA: Center for the Study of Writing, University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University. Planning in Writing: The Cognition of a Con- structive Process (Technical Report No. Berke- ley, C A: Center for the Shidy of Writing, University of California at Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon Uni- versity. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Mellon University Nouwirth,C.

Collaborative Writing and the Role of External Repre- sentations. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Boston, MA. Class Sizeand English in the Secondary School Urbana,IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Wallace Carnegie Mellon UmERsnr The most striking feature of these planning sessions is the variety of ways in which these students handle the interplay between managing topic information and addressing rhetorical concerns. Vfhat emerges from these three portraits is not a single model for successful rhetorical planning but a collection of workable patterns. Alicia, a tenth-grade high school student, is telling her friend Maria about her plans for the extended definition papers that their teacher has recently assigned. This writing assignment asked Alicia and Maria to pick a phenomenon or abstract concept, to define it, and then to extend that definition based on their personal experience. In the following excerpts, Alicia focuses on facts, on laying out the content that she has gathered from several sources. In this first segment, she begins with a dictionary definition of a nova, the topic of her paper, and then explains her basic plan for writing the paper. Okay, and the sun and a star, you know, are like related.

As the session continues, Alicia moves from describing novas in general to describ- ing in great detail what would happen to the earth if the sun were to become a supernova.

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