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The most important lessons in rhetorical analysis with this assignment occur for students as they deal with distinctions be- tween the intended purposes of particular technological objects or practices and the actual uses of them. This assignment specifies custom my essay the Internet as the focus of analysis because of its currency and because it will increasingly play larger roles in our lives. In fact, my Web site review assignment grows out of a now - 18 - Reexperiencing the Ordinary common assignment asking students to develop a rhetorical analy- custom my essay sis of visual media such as advertising images.

Like those assign- ments, this one asks students to consider visual as well as textual content and the meanings implied by them. In the past, students have used garden- ing, poetry, music, wrestling, day trading, and politics, to name a few, custom my essay as the starting points for their Web site reviews.

The lens of the Internet encourages new levels of reflection on these topics of their own choosing. With this assignment, they play out some of their very real questions about how the Internet will shape their futures.

In the process, students are also challenged because the course is about breaking educational routines. Such a prob- lem-posing course design intentionally works to deroutinize what it means to be a student or a teacher. A pedagogy of critical reflection is demanding, and yet the rewards, as students develop critically reflective lenses for reading and acting in the world around them, keep me coming back. Appendix Sample Course Units Unit 1 — Reflecting on technologies and technological practices in our everyday lives. Culminating assignment: Write a narrative focusing on how a particu- lar technology or technological practice impacted you in the past. For this essay, choose an event or incident from your past in which the pres- ence of some technological device or practice had a significant impact on not only your behavior but also your outlook. Unit 2 — Reading the cultural codes embedded in our technology use. Culminating assignment: Write an essay in which you define student life on campus as help writing research papers it is influenced by a particular technology or techno- logical practice. Your goal is to review the content and design of this Web site for a write my law essay specific group of readers that you identify. Culminating assignment: Write a proposal that formulates a problem, considers the alternatives, and offers a possible solution(s) for a par- ticular group or community of which you are a part. Rhetorics, Poetics, and Cultures: Refiguring College En- glish Studies.

Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Central Problems in Social Theory: Action, Structure and Contradiction in Social Analysis. The Constitution of Society: Outline of the Theory of Structuration.

Empowering Education: Critical Teaching for Social Change.

While many students come from Florida, the university also has a significant out-of-state and international student contingent. In their first year, all Florida State students are required to take a two-semester sequence of writing courses.

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The first course, ENC-1101, in which students are usually not required to use external sources for their writing, teaches basics of invention, revision, writing workshops, and so forth. During the second course, students are asked to incorporate the voices and opinions of others into their writing. While it is somewhat restrictive to say that ENC-1 102 teaches only academic writing, since the genre is difficult to define in broad terms, the course certainly encour- ages students to analyze texts for both content and style, to con- duct research, and to produce mainly analytical writing, although with a personal voice.

ENC-1102 is not the only option for those students who suc- cessfully complete ENC-1101. Instead of ENC-1102, they can take ENC-1145, Writing about Topics. Recent sections of ENC-1145 have ranged in subject from Writing about Tallahassee to Writing about Star Trek to Writing about Issues in Sports.

Class sizes in all first-year writing courses are generally twenty to twenty-five students.

The course I discuss here, Writing about Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain, I taught in the spring of 2000. It was a section of ENC-1145, with an enrollment of twenty-three writers, most of them from Florida. Course Description In designing the course, I hoped to engage students in a dialogue about growing up in a different culture and social system and to invite them to compare their own experiences in the United States with those of their peers abroad. To produce engaging prose, writers must be able to use ideas and notions other than their own while carefully weaving their own life experiences and memo- ries into the text. Thus, I hoped to achieve a balance between personal stories and analysis of the class readings. For all writing assignments, the students were invited to use personal examples as well as the material from the texts. I custom my essay encouraged the class to think and write about concrete individuals (including themselves) rather than make broad generalizations. Their resulting texts lack focus and voice, functioning instead as summaries of available sources. By asking my students to connect the readings with episodes in their own - 23 COURSE DESIGN lives, I hoped to help them stay focused on selecting and using only the material that related to their own life stories. Students were required to write weekly response jour- nals and were also encouraged to use the ideas from those jour- nals in their essays.

In addition to journals, the course required four larger writ- ing assignments — three traditional papers and one multimedia group project, for which each individual group was free to choose the format.

Describe it and show your readers (inter- ested, friendly peers) why you consider it important. What people, events, and social circumstances influenced you and them? Were the outcomes similar or different for them and for you? Remember that this writing is exploratory and is meant to help you learn about yourself and others rather than prove a point or develop a thesis.

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