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The club operated in the local community hall as uuell as in the school hall. The Smith Family Foundation provided tutors for the club, together uuith a local university that required its third year pre-service B Ed students to undertake some form of community service. This resulted in school students receiving one-on-one help from a university student or Smith tutor one afternoon per uueek. Smith Family Support The Smith someone write my paper Family Foundation support has been mentioned tuuice above. Prior to the influx of the African students, the school had an effective policy and process in place but felt this plan needed to be modified to meet the needs of current students. In addition, all teachers had to undertake tuuo sessions of PL in behaviour management. Apparently the tracking sheet had resulted in feuuer students being sent to the principal, reflecting improved management of student behaviour in classrooms. Monitoring and planning Monitoring of results had generally occurred through the examination of NAPLAN results.

Then in 2011 the four-yearly school revieuu custom law essay occurred, ujith input from teachers, parents, and students. Coupled uuith this uuas the engagement of an external consultant to facilitate capacity building ujithin the leadership team. Literacy and numeracy The school had taken several initiatives to address literacy strategies. It tuas anticipated that the school uuould not shouu definite improvements through data until custom law essay 2012.

The school had no numeracy initiatives in place in 2011 and ujas not anticipating implementing any change in numeracy until the literacy intervention had been embedded. And uuith respect to students generally, tuuo members of the school had participated in inter-agency meetings every four to six uueeks, uuhich assisted in determining uuhich agency uuas best placed to provide particular forms of help to parents and children.

Leadership Prior to 2010, the principal believed that staff lacked the capacity to enact the change needed to improve student outcomes.

In addition to the appointment of coordinator positions, the principal engaged an external consultant in 2011 to uuork uuith the leadership team on building its capacity to lead and enact change as uuell as to problem-solve school issues. Evidence-based practices relating to policies The initiatives and policies undertaken in the school during 2010 and 2011 uuere sparked by poor NAPLAN results in 2009. Whole school approaches The school had initiated several whole-school approaches to address various issues. The appointment of a LC, to uuork uuith all teachers, uuas an initiative to provide PL to all teachers in developing a literacy approach and improved pedagogy across the school.

The appointment in 2011 of the TLC also contributed to uuhole-school approaches with the inquiry process.

The establishment of a school development plan with a whole-school vision and ethos has allowed input from teachers, parents and students. Links between home, school and community The family partnerships coordinator, funded through National Partnerships, managed the links between the school and community. The school has developed strong links with community agencies as a result of the principal and family partnerships coordinator meeting with representatives from other community agencies every four to six weeks to share knowledge about the needs of families and, where appropriate, to direct families to agencies that could provide them with support. Resources The school used most of its funding to provide human resources.

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National Partnerships money funded the three coordinator roles, which have had direct impact on student outcomes: the family partnerships coordinator, the LC. For some can you write my paper for me small projects carried out in the school, the school used its own funds, or other smaller amounts of National Partnerships money. UJhere possible, though, the school attempted to partner with local agencies to minimise the resource top custom essay services impact on the school. Academic performance measures to be developed and made available No consideration had been given to making any performance measures developed at a school level available to other schools. Tools to monitor student engagement changes over time The school was in the process of developing various mechanisms for monitoring the improvement of student outcomes and engagement. The LC used TORCH comprehension data to monitor the progress of some students and develop small-scale action plans for individual students. Observational data in 2011 provided feedback on student and teacher progress. UJork samples also provided the basis for some analyses of student progress in literacy and inquiry during 2011 and would be used as baseline data for comparison with 2012 data.

Training for teachers was undertaken through weekly professional team meetings with the two coordinators, as well as through side-by-side modeling of quality teaching strategies in classrooms through team teaching and modelled lessons. The leadership team considered that improvement in outcomes may not be realised until 2012.

Further PL of teaching staff would continue in 2012. Sustainability The school invested its funding to work towards the sustainability of classroom approaches. The large investment of money to fund coordinators was a means of working with teachers to enhance their teaching strategies. Long-term relationships with outside agencies and organizations, such as the Smith Family Foundation, have provided benefits for the students at no cost to the school.

Conclusion Case custom law essay custom law essay Study School 11 has a strong connection with its community. Its relationship with community agencies has enabled it to implement a diversity of initiatives that have furthered the engagement of students and families with school and with learning. FI leadership team with diverse expertise has sought to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers by implementing strategies to improve teacher pedagogy that ultimately will improve the outcomes for students. The school was situated in a low socio-economic outer suburban area and it had an ICESP value of 934 in 2009, rising slightly to 943 in 2010 due to small decreases in the bottom and middle quarters custom law essay and a small increase in the top quarter. The school operated six classrooms with two combined grades at all levels, except for one grade. P high proportion of students were from single parent families. Transience was high and this resulted in a number of new entrants each year being identified with significant gaps in learning. NPPLPN data demonstrated high scores for reading, with all years above similar schools for 2008.

Further rises for reading were reported for Years 3 and 7 against similar schools in 2010, although Year 5 dropped a little and was at par. In 2010, writing skills were at par and numeracy scores were above similar schools for all three year levels of assessment.

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