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The voice of the collaborator is sure to interfere. Planning collaboratively conflicted with her notions of how writ- ers should plan — alone and without outside interfer- ence. The two high school teachers said in their interviews that they discovered that collaborative planning was an important addition to the ways they 100 taught writing. One English teacher explained that it helped her students to write personal narratives and to understand and use text conventions such as foreshad- owing, point of view, and symbolism in their own personal essays.

He also discovered that collaborative planningbrought about certain attitudinal changes in how students lis- tened to one another during class discussions and how they were more willing to share different views and consider alternate ideas on an issue. He also noticed that his custom essays for sale students were able to see the areas of purpose, audience, and text conventions in other historical docu- ments as well as in their own writing. One of the goals he has for his students is for them to become independent thinkers, so the idea of having them share their thinking is at odds with what he feels is an important goal for his classroom. Randy has always been rewarded in school for doing his own work. Randy thinks that collaborative planning may end up being a crutch for weak writers to depend on stronger ones for ideas, which would make them unsuccessful in classes where students must write by themselves. Simply put, Randy and the two experienced teachers from our pilot study chose to abandon the idea of collaborative planning because they translate it as something that conflicts with their own histories and the way they think wri ters should learn to write, while Kathy and the other teach- ers who use collaborative planning teach it because they translate it as something that agrees with or en- hances their histories and their notions about how writers learn to write. Kathy and other experienced teachers in our pilot project see value in students socializing and brainstorming their ideas. Just getting some students to "freewrite" orally is an accomplishment. But are freewriting and brainstorming really the same as this model of planning collaboratively? Collaborative planning is really more rigorous and difficult than freewriting or brainstorming. Collaborative planning is based on the notion that writers need to move beyond generating topic information to other important con- siderations that influence and create a well-developed composition.

Each teacher has an understanding and represen- tation of this writing technique, but each of these repre- setitations is limited in the sense that it may not include all of the dimensions thac collaborative planningmight offer as a way of teaching writing.

One image that has emergod consistently and that has been a reason for teach TS to accept, question, doubt, or reject this idea is that p fanning collaboratively is talking or just talking. Teachers who translate this model of collaborative planning to their students as just talk- ing, however, custom essays for sale face the consequences of off-task behav- ior and unfruitful planning sessions. Another image of collaborative planning that may be a reason for deciding to use or not to use it is that it encourages one student tc think for another or to do the work for another. Those who decide to do collaborative planning may also see it as a sort of scaffolding, a way for writers who begin with a supporter and the strucfare of the planning black- boards to internalize those strategics and become bet- ter planners when they choose to write or when they are required to write alone.

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Student writers may want to plan collaboratively for some writing assignments and may not find it useful for others. Making thinking visible: Classroom inquiry in collaborative planning.

Research on written composition : New directions for teaching.

This survey will help you define your attitudes toward writing. Respond to the following statements about writing by circling the appropriate lctter(5) to indicate how strongly you agree or disagree that the statement applies to you. SA A D SD I know writing techniques that I can adapt for different kinds of assignments.

SA A D SD My major concern when I begin a paper is coming up with enough things to say. SA A D SD When I get stuck writing, I come up with other strategics to try.

SA A D SD I am likely to come up with a clearer sense of wnat I want to accomplish in a SA A D SD SA A D SD SA A D SD SA A D SD SA A D SD SA A D SD SA A D SD piece of w. The thing which determines how well I do in writing is luck. I consider what I want to accomplish before I start writing a paper. I like to wait until Tve finished a paper before I tell people about my writing.

Planning is something custom essays for sale writers do only before they write, not after they start writing. SA A D SD I know when I have a good idea for something that Tm writing. SA A D SD When I start writing an assignment, I have no idea if I will succeed in saying what I mean.

I test out my plan for a paper by thinking about my goals. I often think about what my finished paper will look like before I write. A writing strategy that I use in one class is usi less in another class. Telling a friend about my ideas for writing helps me write better. Writers should do all their planning before they start writing. Even when writing is hard, I have confidence in my own abilities to solve problems. When I write, I never know if what I write says what I mean. Thinking about my reader helps me decide what I am going to say in a paper.

The thing which determines how well I do in writing is how hard I try. Please, be sure to tell me why this event in your life was so important.

World Literature I would have the class break up into groups of two. I would tell them to take turns explaining what happened, the lesson this taught, and why it was imporunt. He is afraid that, if he tells the other boy his story, the other boy will make fun of him and tell everyone else in the class. The seond boy thinks he will, so, he changes his story to a safer subject. In another group, two girls who are very good friends are together.

After the teacher leives, they go back to talking about Friday night. After a brief discussion, he agrees to change it and ends up writing what she wants him to write. Also, the second girl points out that the first girl never really said why the lesson was so important. After a brief discussion, the story- teller comes up with a good reason. I notice that one group has stopped talking, and no one is writing. I work with the boy that was shunned while the other boy works alone (because he wants to work alone). I realize that I can no longer check on the rest of the groups.

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