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The worksheet writing assessments, the primary evaluation instrument used in this research, consisted of the pre-test and the post-test questions.

The tests examined five components of writing: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure and overall performance. After seven weeks during which the experimental group used the StyleWriter, while the control group used Microsoft Word in their English lessons, post-tests were conducted for both groups to determine their progress. Both the tests (pre-test and post-test) were in the form of a guided essay, with picture prompts. For the post-test, a computer-based essay writing assessment was first employed, followed by the pen-and-paper (traditional) method of writing for both groups.

For the computer-based writing assignment, the control group used the Microsoft Word programme while the experimental group students used the StyleWriter software.

Findings The findings presented here are based on the 11 hypotheses proposed earlier. This study examined two computer-aided approaches to writing, involving either Microsoft Word or StyleWriter. It was important that both groups had similar levels of writing skills before the intervention. An independent sample t-test was applied to determine whether there was any significant difference between the mean achievement scores of the experimental and control groups on the pre-test (at the level of significance equal to, or less than. There is no significant difference in pre-test custom essays for cheap essay writing performance between students later involved in the use of Microsoft Word or StyleWriter.

Independent sample t-test on the pre-test score in essay writing assessments Group N Mean SD T custom essays for cheap Df Sig Control Goup ( Microsoft Word) 30 1.

The difference between the means of the two treatments was not significant, hence custom essays for cheap supporting hypothesis (H ol ). Overall, the results indicated that both groups had similar scores for their English essays before undertaking the computer-aided courses on writing. Table 2 below shows the variables incorporated in the study and means and standard of deviations. Independent sample t-test on the grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure and overall performance score in computer based essay writing assessment Hypotheses Groups N Mean SD T df Sig H o2 : Control group ( Microsoft Word) 30 3.

Grammar refers to the set of complex rules in a language that determines meaningful use and combination of words in sentences. Thus, it is important for students to learn to write grammatically correct sentences. The independent sample t-test showed a significant 98 www. Therefore the second hypothesis (H o2 ) was not supported. The result showed that after the training course, the students who employed the StyleWriter software achieved better scores in the grammar component compared to those who used Microsoft Word. To write well, students in this study had to use words that were spelt correctly in order to obtain a good grade.

Therefore, the third hypothesis (H o3 ) was not supported. This shows that by using StyleWriter software, students in the experimental group were able to employ the correct spelling when writing their essay, compared to the students who made use of Microsoft Word for writing. The third component in the writing assessment is vocabulary. The result indicated that hypothesis four (H o4 ) was not supported.

The final component in the writing assessment was the sentence structure.

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This means that hypothesis five (H o5 ) was not supported.

Thus hypothesis six (Fl o6 ) was not supported as the experimental group attained better scores in the writing assessment compared to those using Microsoft Word. Independent sample t-test on the grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure and overall performance scores in pen and paper mode essay writing assessments Hypotheses Groups N Mean SD T df Sig H o7 : Control group ( Microsoft Word) 30 2. As can be seen in Table 3, there was a significant difference in the scores between the control group using Microsoft Word and experimental group which used StyleWriter.

Therefore, the hypothesis seven (H 07 ) was not supported. The finding indicated that students using StyleWriter achieved better scores in the grammar component during the pen and paper mode essay writing assessment compared to the students who used Microsoft Word.

The second component that was examined was the spelling scores in the paper mode essay writing assessment. Hypothesis eight (Hog) was not supported as the results showed that using StyleWriter helped students score higher marks in the spelling component. Therefore, hypothesis nine (H 0 g) was not supported. Students who leamt English writing by using StyleWriter achieved better scores in the vocabulary component in the writing assessment. Thus, the last hypothesis (H 0 n) was not supported as using StyleWriter as a tool in the English writing class had helped students achieve better scores compared to those who used Microsoft Word. Discussion With technology-supported resources such as the computer, courseware and software easily available these days, the English teacher should choose the most appropriate software to help her achieve her objectives in the classroom. This study showed that StyleWriter had an edge over Microsoft Word with regard to improving writing skills. There were higher scores by the experimental group using StyleWriter in the post-test overall performance. Even after the post-test period, the respondents continued practising their writing skills enthusiastically on their own, using both types of software to assist them. This observation concurred with findings that computer software helps students to learn according to individual speed, thus enjoying more autonomy as well as flexibility in carrying out their learning task (Volman, 2005). In this study, learners who utilized StyleWriter software became better writers compared to their counterparts who used Microsoft Word. The StyleWriter software gives useful feedback to the user to enable him to make changes based on the recommendations given, resulting in grammatical correctness, clarity, conciseness, and coherence. When students are able to leam from their mistakes, they will further improve their mastery of writing skills. Constructive and immediate feedback helps them to have a better understanding of grammar in writing and also enables them to get rid of help writing essays for scholarships poor writing habits (Lochtman, 2002). Students are order custom essays able to reflect upon their errors and correct them when they can get an immediate response every time they write. The StyleWriter software is programmed with an abundance of linguistic information. It allows the students to discover different sub-skills of writing, such as grammar, spelling, style, as well as punctuation.

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