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It must first be studied and discussed, — must pass through the various stages of questioning, controversy, advocacy, before it can gain a real and influential hold. In this respect custom essay writing toronto of course later ages of the Church have an advantage over earlier ones. It is, however, most important to remark that be- tween this progress of best custom essay website the mind of the Church, and the progress, which Dr. Temple brings into comparison with it, of the individual mind, there is one very striking difference, which he has wholly overlooked.

The education of the individual is carried on by sub- stantive accessions of knowledge, and the rudiments are swallowed up and lost as the knowledge grows. Ix custom essay writing toronto IXDIYTDrAL EDTTATIOX THE 3IOEE ADYAXCED SCIEXCE embraces the rudiment j but ix the edtjcatiox oe the Church the rudiment (which is reyelatiox) EMBRACES THE ATORE ADYAXCED EXOWLEDCE. Scripture speaks of the law as pedagogic, — a discipline of childhood, " to bring us unto Christ. Scripture speaks of a Church synod, after the first promulgation of Christian truth, for the deter- mination of questions vitally affecting the interests of the Church.

Scripture provides a ministry of teaching and preaching among uninspired men. We shall now proceed to examine the first of the " Essays and Ee views" under the light thus gained.

Very early one of the fallacies which pervades it is made to appear. The writer having told us (what doubtless may be admitted) that the long lapse of time since the creation of man must have a purpose, and that " each moment of time, as it passes, is taken up into the time that follows in the shape of perma- nent results," goes on to assert that not only does knowledge receive continually a fresh accession, but also " the discipline of manners, of temper, of thought, of feeling, is transmitted from generation to gene- ration, and at each transmission there is an imper- ceptible but unfailing increase. It may be conceded to him that these in- fluences do secure an custom essay writing toronto improvement in manner, and to a certain extent in temper, round off many a sharp angle, and restrain many an impetuous sally, which might end in provocation and mischief. We are not quite sure, however, that civilization has been regu- larly and steadily progressive among men. In the more prominent nations of the world it has had its day, has run its course, and then has collapsed and become effete. But granted that we could trace in it (as regards mankind in general) any regular progres- THE EDUCATION OF THE WORLD.

Temple does not mean to represent this as a divine education, either of the Church or of the world. Yet the thought is constantly obtruded upon us, as we read his Essay, that he is confusing the progress of the species by civilization with the progress of the Church in divine knowledge. But will he say that by discipline of manners, tem- per, thought, and feeling, he means a moral advance of the human species, or of the professing Church? Temple, we suppose that the long succession of time exists for a great purpose.

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A mighty drama is developing its plot upon the earth, which shall issue, if the Scripture be true, not in the moral improve- ment of the species, but in the glory of God, by the final salvation of His true people from the present evil world. So far from the moral improvement of the species being gradually worked out, as this drama proceeds, the fallen will of man, instigated by external evil agency, is everywhere counterworking God, and continually being overruled by His good Providence to His own greater glory. Such is the history of the race which Scripture leads us to expect. But putting out of sight the intimations of Scripture, are any traces of moral progress visible in the history of the world? To take only the histories of Eonie and Greece, to which 22 THE EDUCATION OF THE WORLD. Temple more than once refers, is not the picture which they present one of moral degeneracy rather than of moral improvement. What had become of the stern integrity and primitive simplicity of the ancient Eomans in the last days of the Empire? Did the public virtue and patriotism of Greece stand higher in the days of Aristides or in the days of Philopoemen? Has even Christianity eradicated the vices of the human species? We cannot think it, when we remember the monstrosities of the French Be volution, and the rampant tyranny which the three worst passions of the human heart (vanity, ferocity, and lust,) then exercised among a people moving in the first rank of civilization, and who had been for cen- turies nominally Christian. Quite as much then, we suspect, as in the antediluvian world, was there to be seen upon earth "brutal violence and a prevailing plague of wickedness. Temple admits further on, that "it is undeniable that, in the time of our Lord, the Sadducees had lost all depth of spiritual feeling, while the Pharisees had succeeded in converting the Mosaic system into so mischievous an idolatry of forms, that St.

Panl does not hesitate to call the law the strength of sin.

A simple com- parison of the moral philosophy of Cicero with that of Plato will shew that any such theory must be utterly baseless. What then, precisely, is the progress of the species to which our Essayist refers? Great as his abilities unquestionably are, we cannot but think that his Essay is pervaded by confusion of thought, and that in its most fundamental idea. There is the Scriptural assertion (certain, because Scriptural,) that the ancient Church was disciplined by the Law for the reception of Christ. There is the patent fact that the civiliza- tion of a single people advances (at least up to a cer- tain point) and brings in its train certain humanizing influences. There is the old remark, so beautifully embodied in the first Pensee of Pascal, that in respect of knowledge and research we enter into the posses- sion of the stores which our ancestors have accumu- lated, and have a wider range of prospect than they, because, being mounted higher, we can see further. Finally, there is all around 2 4 THE EDUCATION OF THE WORLD.

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