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What experiences and influences have helped you to chose this path?

Z am haunted by the question that plaques many upcoming graduates. EVALUATION This essay is written to the prompt, and also takes it a step further. The writer not only describes what led her to want to be a teacher, but custom essay writing reviews custom essay writing reviews ends by explaining why she believes it is the right choice, and what she needs to do to prepare herself for it. The last paragraph helps the reader understand the clarity with which she made her decision. The essay shows a good grasp of the rules of written English. There are few, if any, mis- takes in mechanics, grammar, or spelling.

One suggested improvement would be greater variety in sentence structure — most of her sentences are long and complex. Whatisyour view on continuing to try and possibly failing before succeeding? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your perspective on this issue.

Support your position with examples from your experiences, your studies, and your reading. JTt is not failures themselves that lead to suc- cess, but rather a combination of natural ability, persistence, and even tuck.

Fn fact, usithin a feus months, JT u sas shimming faster than some kids usho usere on the team for a feus years. JT "failed" just a feus times that first year, but my times usere better, Ply natural ability helped me to achieve more in comparison usith their numerous failures. For the past eight years, JT have attended practice at least three days a useek, usith a short break betuseen each of tuso seasons. This persist- ence has alloused me to improve both technique and speed. On my old team, use practiced for a hour and a half, three days a useek, forty useeks a year. On my neus team, practice is five days a useek for tuso hours, and use have just four useeks off a year. Ply successes at those meets involved, at least in part, luck. The more important factors are natu- ral ability, persistence, and luck. EVALUATION This essay succeeds on a number of levels.

First, it takes a stand on the prompt and adheres to it throughout. Evidence and pertinent examples support the position.

The five-paragraph structure allows the writer to explore his three chosen sub- jects, while maintaining a clear focus. Third, there are very few grammar, usage, or mechanics errors. And fourth, the vocabulary is appropri- ate and varied. The author could have improved the concluding paragraph, which mostly restated the introduction.

Other parents only give children an allowance as a reward for completing chores or when they have behaved properly. Should parents pay children for doing chores is a good question, Oy parents paid me, and mg brothers and sister. Jd neuer liked doing chores, but getting an allowance each tueek (if Jd did mg chores) made it not so bad. Jdn fact, some- times Jd did extra (like reorganiaing the pantry) to get some extra money for something Td really usanted. Children should knour that they need to help no matter cuhat. Too much money Jd think cuould make him or her feel like their hired help or something.

Jdn conclusion, giving children an allowance for doing household chores is a good idea. EVALUATION This essay satisfies the requirements of the writing prompt in an abbreviated manner, giv- ing only brief examples and developing ideas inconsistently.

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It has a general focus, there is custom essay writing reviews an obvious attempt at organization, and ideas are presented in a logical progression. How- ever, there is an uneven control of mechanics, and sentence structure is lacking in variety. TIMED PROMPT 3 A few decades ago, many families had half a dozen or more children. Nowadays, more and more families are choosing to have only one or two children.

State your position and support it with specific reasons and examples.

EVALUATION This essay is another example of how the five-paragraph essay works well for timed writ- ing. There is a clear and logical explanation of custom essay writing reviews ideas, and each main point is explored in its own paragraph. The requirements of the writing prompt are met in a creative and original manner, while the thesis remains obvious.

Evidence and examples are used well to support the ideas, and transitional words and sentences guide the reader through the piece. The essay demonstrates a sense of audience by using effective vocabulary, varied sentence structure, and fluid, sophisticated language that is essentially without errors. Include various viewpoints, including that of users and providers. The internet has supplanted the traditional encyclopedia as buell as a number of other sources of service and information. There is no limit to the sub- ject matter you can research on the internet. The custom essay writing reviews internet buy custom papers alhbvs you to remain at your computer and shop no matter uvhat you uvish to purchase. On practically any given topic, groups of people converse uvith each other. TTt is possi- ble to communicate instantly uvith anyone, anybvhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Zn addition to verbal messages, digital pictures may be transmitted on the Znternet. Unfortunately, there are individuals uvho misuse the opportunities possible on the Znternet. They are less than honest, disguise their identity, bilk people in financial scams, and entice unsuspecting people, including children, into giving them personal information. It is well- organized and easy to follow because of paragraph breaks and transitional words and phrases. The vocabulary is sophisticated, which elevates this essay.

There are almost no errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics. TIMED PROMPT 5 Personification is the technique wherein a non-human character is given human thoughts, feel- ings, and dialogue. Illustrate how this technique is used in your favorite novel or short story. Personification is the technique inhere the author gives non-human charac- ters human thoughts, speech, and feelings.

Some of those documentaries show ani- mals in the wild, while a narrator tells the audience why the animals behave certain ways. Ffoth animals have conversations with other animats and the reader can see what they are thinking about. Jd like how the author lets the story unfold through personification. This story follows the common theme of good versus evil. EVALUATION The writer of this essay makes some good points about personification (it allows the char- acters to express their feelings, helps the story unfold, and makes it more enjoyable), and uses examples from the Kipling story throughout.

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