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And, if we enquire of the Jewish authorities themselves, we find them acknowledging that the ancient Jews interpreted this prophecy of the Messiah. The Targum distinctly recognises it, the most ancient Jewish interpreters acknowledge it : even in the present day, the litur- gies of the Jews testify their adherence to the ancient view in a manner which is far more convincing than a controversial statement would be.

Before however I pass on to another subject, it will be right to mark the treatment Bishop Pearson receives at the hands of Dr.

His vast at- tainments and his great power have obtained for him an homage which has scarcely ever been refused by those who are competent to test his learning. But, as the late Archdeacon Hare used to say, " Many an empty head is shaken at Plato and Aristotle and in a similar manner we find occasionally a perverse dis- position which seems to rejoice in throwing a stone AND DR. Thus the Essayist remarks, " It is idle tvith Pearson to quote Jonathan as a wit- ness to the Christian interpretation, unless his con- ception of the Messiah were ours. Williams that we do nothing, even if we shew that all the ancient Jews considered this prophecy as clearly relating to the Messiah, unless they will acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah! Bishop Pearson was probably almost as good a judge of the cogency of arguments — if we may presume to compare any one to Dr. And I do not very much fear that the repu- tation of Bishop Pearson will suffer much damage from so puerile an attack. But before I leave this part of the subject, it is only justice to Dr. His words are : " A little reflection will shew how the historical representation in Isaiah liii. Williams on the 53rd of Isaiah, as developed in his " Bational Godliness. Williams calls reasoning back from the incar- nation to the sense of prophecy. It seems strange that a -man of any acuteness could fail to see that Mr. Mansel argues that if it must be interpreted of Christ, we have no reason to custom essay research paper reject it from a priori and general objections to miracles.

The only possible effect this can have on the interpretation of this special prophecy or any other is this, that it leaves us at liberty to take the predictive sense, if other considerations e A little more of the same sort follows. As we do not therefore reason back from the incarnation "to the sense of prophecy," I feel no inclination to enter on the defence of a course which we do not adopt. We shall simply remark that Christ and His apo- stles tell us that the Hebrew Scriptures testify of Him, and they expressly ascribe a predictive sense to the prophecies. Williams and the critical school, who assure us that they are not. The question is therefore simply this, — Will you believe Christ and His apostles, or will you believe the critical school? The pretence of a moral fulfilment is only a device to cover the bare- faced impudence of denying the very words of the Saviour and His apostles, custom essay research paper but it is too flimsy to de- ceive even the most ignorant. Williams of placing it there intentionally to deceive the ignorant : I suppose that he himself considers this moral fulfilment as more than equivalent to the real fulfilment of a bond fide prediction.

But as this is a peculiar view, and as those who think with me believe that it cannot be maintained without falsifying the words of our Saviour and contradicting His own account of the Scriptures, Dr.

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Williams custom essay research paper must excuse his opponents if they speak very plainly as to the worthlessness of his admissions. Mansel says indeed, " Once concede the possibility of the supernatural at all, and the Messianic interpretation is the only one reconcileable with the facts of history and the plain meaning of words. The works of Bishops Chandler and Lowth, as well as that of Prebendary Lowth, may be consulted with advantage. In the custom essay research paper indiscriminate onslaught upon prophets and prophecy it could not be expected that Daniel, whose predictions are the most definite of all included in the sacred volume, should escape proscription. Williams to overwhelm this prophet, we shall find that even down to the very AND DR. Williams follow Porphyry and Collins, while others consider that their arguments are insufficient to warrant their con- clusions.

It is true that Bunsen and Ewald have added each his own particular theory to the general medley of speculation upon this prophet, but they have met with little favour, even in Germany. The extraordinary facility with which a prophet or two is extemporized in Germany, would surprise those who are not aware of the strength of the theorizing faculty in the German mind. The history of Daniel is partly derived, according to this view, from traditional tales about the older Daniel, and some of the prophecies are a traditional reconstruction of these, with sundry confusions between Assyria and Babylon. It is hardly worth while to spend our time in considering so gra- tuitous an hypothesis, for even the German rational- ists assure us that Baron Bunsen has done for Daniel very little except to add to the perplexity in which his history is involved. If the objectors to the genuineness of Daniel are content to college research paper writers rake up again and endorse all the miserable mistakes and perversions of Porphyry and Collins, we are surely entitled to assert that they have entirely failed to make out their case, without writing a volume to confute a sentence. I shall merely remark with re- gard to the arguments, that they chiefly rest on two assertions : — 1. That the language is not that of the time of Daniel, and that Greek words occur in Daniel, espe- cially in the names of the musical instruments g , which proves that its author lived loug after the time in which Daniel is placed according to the Bible. These are the two main grounds, and neither of them is capable of any satisfactory proof.

The first pro- g With regard to the names of the musical instruments, the ob- jectors custom essay research paper fail in two primary points. Indeed, the supposition that Antiochus Epiphanes is intended in some parts of those prophecies of Daniel which are so confidently applied to him, is attended with insuperable difficulties, as any one who is disposed to enquire into this matter may learn from Bishop Chandler, especially pp. But if the fourth kingdom be the Eoman, (and what other will answer to its description? We may not be able to explain every part of these pro- phecies, but we know enough to shew that Antiochus Epiphanes could really fulfil only a very small part of them, and that those who attempt to apply the rest to him, involve themselves in inextricable contradic- tions.

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