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There were schools in the case-study sample in which the agenda for EPD activity was determined by the school itself.

For these schools, institutional outcomes were high and EPD brought great benefit to the school. However, the teachers themselves reported a less significant effect on themselves, their career development and their commitment to custom english essays custom english essays teaching as a career. In the highest- scoring schools, where there was a choice between the needs of the teacher and those of the school, tipping the balance towards the teacher was regarded as the more advantageous option as benefits to the school went beyond school systems, to a skilled and effective teaching staff.

To be honest, most people in our school identify things that totally fit in with the school vision anyway. Balancing the needs of teacher and school in the highest-scoring schools Everything a teacher does for their growth and expertise has a knock-on positive effect for the school. And that, shared with other staff, helps to open up professional debate and learning can only benefit (Coordinator, primary, year 3 case-study data). I think that the key feature of this school is happy teachers make good teachers and I think the happiness of teachers is taken really, really importantly. There was some evidence that experience of the EPD scheme had impacted on the extent to which schools took the development needs of their teachers into account. Schools seeking outcomes for their institution could benefit by recognising the developments that can be made by schools, as professional learning communities, by focussing, at least to some extent, on the individual professional development needs and interests write my essay paper of the teachers and other staff of which it is comprised. Both years, more than three-fifths of those answering gave a rating custom english essays of either 4 or 5, indicating considerable levels of school support. Teachers responding to this question from secondary schools, however, gave significantly lower mean ratings for the extent of school support than those from primary schools.

There were also differences between LEAs, with two, in particular, registering lower mean ratings. In the other of these LEAs, EPD incorporated a substantial centralised component convened by the LEA for participating teachers. The experience of this LEA may underline the importance of maintaining sufficient input from each party. That said, there was evidence (in the case-study data) that a centralised LEA component to EPD could be beneficial in circumventing local contextual issues that might affect the amount of support that a school could provide (e. The case-study data suggested that there was a considerable level of support for the EPD scheme in schools, with at least one interviewee in every case-study school giving an example of supportive practice.

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Practical examples of how support for the scheme was managed in schools included assigning a mentor who was able to provide sufficient time and support to the teachers. In some cases this was possible because the LEA had stipulated that a certain proportion of EPD funding be assigned for a mentor in order for them to carry out their duties. In other schools, mentors had non- contact time that they could use for the purpose, or schools had systems in place for example, regular visits from a supply teacher, which meant that non-contact time was available to those who needed it. Guaranteed non-contact time for teachers to pursue their EPD activities was also cited as an example of supportive practice in schools and, as with mentoring, schools had systems in place to support release time and supply cover and through good organisation that time could be protected. We can use the time as we want to, putting it towards our management roles (Teacher, primary, year 3 case-study school). The highest-scoring schools had these systems in place to support, not only their EPD teachers, but all staff in the school. For the most part, EPD was highly integrated, dovetailed with performance management targets and all the support systems in place in the school for CPD more generally were extended for the EPD scheme. In the first, the member of staff undertaking the coordination role had a clear understanding of the scheme and its aims. The school had in place central support for departments to support teachers, with heads of department being given time to do this. The heads of department were assigned as mentors to the participating teachers and information flowed through this system, with teachers also having the opportunity to approach custom english essays the coordinator directly.

In the second model, there was no middle layer, and the member of staff responsible for the coordination of the scheme also undertook a mentoring role. In this case the scheme was less well-known in the school as a whole, however, participation in the scheme could be facilitated by just one person. Chart 2 attempts to map out the ways in which such a chain of outcomes can develop, from the EPD teacher, their improvement and any enhancements in their role in the school (through dissemination, increased responsibility or simply playing a more active part) through to wider impacts on the pupils and the institution as a whole. It is followed in the text by two vignettes that illustrate how such a process develops custom english essays - again, beginning from the activities undertaken by the EPD teacher, to the range of outcomes that proliferate.

In both cases, significant changes in practice within the school as an institution were derived from the EPD scheme, but only after a chain of outcomes had developed.

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