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Let us have the theory clearly expressed and logically worked out, to some extent, of a generalized Christianity, independent of historical creeds, his- torical Scriptures, and historical continuity. It is hard to ask us to commit ourselves to such a scheme, without knowing something about it. The course taken by our eclectic opponents seems to Christianity to be this.

The Protestantism of the age is pleased, too, by such appeal to a purely Documentary Eevelation, is soothed by the deference to " private judgment," and hoodwinked by the rejection of "an- tiquity. This way of proceeding is to be indignantly de- precated by honest thinkers.

There followed indeed a temporary religious re-action of a Puritan spirit, — but with no intellectual life. The generality, of the Bible, so painfully appealed to, doubtless lean on Scripture, (for they feel that they must have something :) they cannot themselves examine much of it, and they see not what is to become of them, if they are to be given over to the authority of " critics for that seems as 21 8 THE IDEA OF THE NATIONAL CHURCH.

To submit to scholars, — might it not at once lead to a narrower and more stringent tyranny than that of ecclesiastics? Among those who now shrink the most from the The concessions critical destruction of Scripture as the of the alarmed. There is an attempt here and there, of a crude and hasty kind, to make " concessions " to the enemy. For those who share none of these fears, the course to be pursued with the defenders of this " Generalized Christianity," is (as we shall repeat) to insist on their producing it for the examination of all men. Let them tell us, in no misty or evasive sentences, what their OF BROAD, OR GENERALIZED CHRISTIANITY. To have any anxiety as to the ultimate results of the most searching investigation of Scrip- The position ture would betray, in any case, a feeble- of cyclamen, ness of faith, which the well-taught Christian would but pity. They who know that their " house cannot fall," for it is "founded upon a rock g ," must not be supposed to be fearful for themselves because they are willing to help others who are tossing on the custom essays usa waves. All that the most patient and penetrating learning, or the most advanced science, shall ever teach, the truth-loving Christian will welcome. They, on the other hand, who have surrendered the an- cient Creeds, (and with them so much of the living grace of the Gospel,) must make the best defence they can of all that remains to them of the " deposit of faith. But, accepting for a moment the assumption with which the generalizers of our religion Example of the. Process of Gen- would begin, it is not difficult to see erasing, how, step by step, the whole order of the "new cre- g St. But may we not conclude that Christ thus deferred to the national prejudices of His country- men? Is it pos- sible to accept the words of that Evangelist, who tells us m that Moses and Elias came from the invisible world to hold a supernatural conversation with Christ on the Mount n , — when we have been compelled to reject, or suspect, what he says about Sodom and Gomorrha? It is strictly deduced from the principles of "Essayism. A Christianity without certainty of a single fact of the Gospel, from the Incarnation to the Eesurrection of Christ, — that is the shadow of religion to which these eclectics and critics would lead our nation.

Or, if all this be denied, and they mislike this plain language, once more, in the name of all reason and fairness, we repeat our chal- lenge, and call on our new teachers to tell us openly, in their own can i pay someone to write my research paper words, what their u Generalized Chris- tianity" is to be?

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It is not said, or implied for a moment, that the Reserving aii scheme of vague religion here delineated chanty.

Let these halting the help essay on racism and feeble-minded thinkers be made to take any part of the New Testament, in which there is any reference to the Old, and reason from it. Broad Christianity compared with the Apostolic Age. But the generalizes of our religion are not con- sistent.

For, after using the language of utter scepticism, we find them, perhaps in the next page, referring (with- out hint of " criticism") to the documents of the ISTew Testament as in some sense trustworthy evidence still, for some of the facts of Primitive Christianity, St. Let this then be examined in the next place, — Whether, from the first, it was the intention of Christianity (as affirmed) to provide a " generalized religion" for the multitude, of an in- clusive kind? And whether this can be fairly learned from the Christian Scriptures, which are here happily, though inconsistently, called to give evidence, by those who regard them as so very uncertain, if not also frequently false? It has been dis- tinctly assumed, that the Christian Scriptures may be appealed to in support of this " Multitudinism," or "New Nationalism," which is recommended to us. Beligion, we affirm, has two aspects, — one towards this world, and one towards the future. Hence we speak of Christianity as " influencing civilization " in all its great developments. The Ten following grounds have been suggested for Alleged Scrip- the position, that " Multitudinism " has ture grounds of Multitudinism. That "though the consequences of what the ist Ground.

Gospel does will be carried out into other Essay, P.

That " neither in doctrine nor in morals 2nd Ground, did the primitive Christian communities Essay, P. The same Epistles which in- form us of the moral failures custom college essay of the primitive Churches r Essay, pp. Special duties of Christians, man by man, woman by woman, child by child, form the subject-matter custom college essay of apostolic exhortation. A generic remedy, singularly enough, is not perhaps glanced at as much as once by St. Paul (as it might have been) in his thirteen Epistles. Baptism, the foundation of every Church, early or late, carries with it the doctrine of " the Fa- ther, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," from the begin- ning. It is not met with in the apo- stolic writings, except those of St. For undoubtedly, he says, that faith was an indwelling and individual gift, in the opinion of Christians then.

In proof, the ex- amples of Timothy, his mother, and his grandmother, may be taken: the Apostle thanking God "for the unfeigned faith that was in him, which dwelt first in his grandmother Lois, and his mother Eunice x. Our Lord Himself, in the Gospels, (if we are u Acts xviii. James in almost all instances refers to faith as indwelling in the individual, even when warning Christians against attributing to it custom college essay a false value. Peter classes " faith with hope 6 -" as indwelling graces directed towards God as their outward object, as subjectively as St.

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