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UJhile they uuorked proactively to nurture these changes uuith existing staff they also took action through recruitment criteria, and in some cases delivered non-negotiable directives to the school team. Importantly such leadership created a uuhole of school approach to practices in order to support student performance and transition through schooling. Leadership from Jurisdiction and Non-government Authorities The policies and initiatives of state education departments and independent school or CEO authorities provided valuable information and support to help principals develop and implement effective agendas for custom college essay writing service change in their respective schools. A particularly important factor tuas the quality of professional learning support given to school principals. This support helped principals to: o develop a vision for their school o build the strength of the leadership team o improve support for students o use evidence to improve targeted instruction o build strong teams of staff o obtain neuu resources to provide additional support to the school community.

Evidence-based Practices Relating to Policies Each of the case study schools used evidence-based practices to inform the development of policies and practices related to student academic engagement. The case study reports shouu that the three key drivers for change uuere: o the national agenda for schools o the compelling research about teacher quality and student outcomes o the performance indicators for student learning at their school. These three drivers motivated school leadership teams to create a vision and a set of goals to address the problem of underperforming students. School leaders engaged their teaching teams in a problem-solving approach to respond to the needs for their school. These initiatives have been summarized for each school and are shoujn in the synergy map presented in each of the case study reports. Schools used data to further inform the development of policies and practices. Examples of areas of school policy and practice that have been influenced by evidence collected uuere: o the implementation of a school-uuide approach to the monitoring of student learning and behaviour, in order to measure learning outcomes and identify areas of need o case management strategies commencing on entry to primary and secondary schooling for the purpose of targeting student learning needs at transition o behaviour and attendance management and reporting procedures to improve pastoral care and take some of the burden off classroom teachers, uuith a focus on individual, class and year level profiles and needs 25 Research and Mapping for MCEECDYA Project: Student Academic custom college essay writing service Engagement o an improved curriculum for literacy and numeracy o improved use of assessment for literacy and numeracy to inform teaching practice o pedagogy that is student-centred and focused on problem-solving and higher order thinking o teacher professional learning that is collegial and based on evidence o improved home-school partnerships o greater integration between the school and community agencies in order to improve support to students and their families. Integration of home, school and community Pill schools promoted home, school and community partnerships. The principals recognised that without engaging the parent body in low ICSEP areas it was extremely difficult to engage the students in a long-term commitment to schooling. Ps well, schools partnered with their local communies in various ways to support the development of children from birth through to the completion of secondary schooling.

Relationships with families prior to school commenced with parental involvement in early years parent-child programs.

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The outcome of this early engagement was an engaged parent body and enhanced learning readiness of children prior to commencement at kindergarten and school - readiness that consists of increased motivation to attend regularly and improved pre-literacy and pre- numeracy competencies.

Other forms of partnering by schools with their communities included: o curriculum sharing with other schools in the district to increase student choice o negotiated curriculum with community o the teaching of local culture and languages o the provision of translators for families in the community o networking with local agencies o liaison with local police o the involvement of voluntary groups to support school-to- work opportunities o marketing within and beyond the school and its community o round table student-parent discussions o regular meetings with parents, either one-to-one discussions about student performance or discussions with groups of parents about new initiatives, events they can join in or whole-school issues.

The research team firmly believes, houuever, that other schools uuithin the same band on the ICSEA scale can achieve similar improvements through the application of the same kinds of initiatives as those taken in the case study schools. A key feature of the customized essays case study schools uuas the uuhole of school approach to student academic engagement that encompassed student learning, behaviour and well-being.

Although excellent behaviour management practices were embedded in school processes they were not the platform on which student academic engagement initiatives were based. The focus in these schools was custom college essay writing service on fostering positive learning outcomes for all students.

By taking this approach it reduced the likelihood that students could fall into patterns of unproductive learning behaviour. Overall, the response of these schools to their students was inclusive, proactive and preventative.

In effect the schools created a safety net for students and prevented their learning needs from being overlooked. The whole of school approach involved data collection across classes and year levels that was then used for regular review, planning and ongoing case management. Teachers shared order a paper online information on students to build case management plans and assist students to develop personal learning trajectories for their time at school. The driving force for this change at school level was the leadership of principals and their vision for a whole of school focus on productive learning behaviours. This professional development was collegial, targeted, evidenced-based, and focused on skills for differentiated teaching. School change at this level is not possible without external funding and support. School leaders in the case study schools were proactive and strategic in accessing such resources in order to be able to take initiatives and build capacity in their schools. However they also acknowledged that these resources and initiatives needed to be embedded in the learning culture of the school, and that this required investment in improving the capacity of teachers as well.

This is especially the case given that the capacity for schools to sustain these new initiatives and the student academic engagement that flows from this is likely to be limited when current levels of special initiative funding are no longer available to these schools.

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