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In addition to creating a social environment for looking at coursework writing service this process, students planning together can begin to dissolve some of the mystery that surrounds writing by seeing some of the similarities or differences people have in approaching a writing task, appreciating the variations in thinking about an goal, noticing how another person responds or interprets a statement or explanation, or even reflecting upon the planning and writing process. Usually, this type of supporter does not ask relevant and atten- tive questions. Furthermore, if a writing instructor epitomizes the ideal collaborator as a person who can provide some direction for the planning session, how can we share with students— and, thus, provide a model for them to emulate— the kinds of prompts, questions and suggestions that a writing instructor might offer in a conference? And, what can we do to try and make the goals and ideas students generate during the planning session more concrete? The exploratory study described in this paper looks at the potential benefits of introducing a specially designed computer tool into collaborative planning sessions. This preliminary investigation examines only two aspects of the collaborative planning cheap law essay writing service technique, namely, modeling and delivering a set of general prompts and questions for the student planners, and encouraging external representation (i.

And sec- ond, what coursework writing service types of responses would students record on the computer log?

After students finish a collaborative planning session, they can save and sub- sequently print out a record of the ideas, goals and text they generated. The nucleus of the program is the Planning Assis- tant, which, in effect, becomes a second supporter providing an additional degree of structure for the collaborative planning session by offering general or assignment-specific prompts and questions for the stu- dents to select, discuss, and respond to as they move through the different planning spaces contained in the program (see figure 3). Therefore, students benefit from the structure of such a framework. But students are free to attend to the questions and prompts while the software sustains the conceptual framework). While the program provides an easy method of delivering various prompts and questions for students.

In this respect, the Planning Assistant is dynamic in the sense that it allows teachers to 1) use general questions and prompts supplied with the program, 2) enter and record assign- ment-specific questions or prompts, and 3) allows the student supporter to enter and record session-specific questionsand prompts that arise while the students are actually planning and collaborating. In a very practical way, when a teacher creates a set of assignment-specific prompts using the teacher-authoring mode.

Theother aspect of this investigation is the role of external representation, i. During a collaborative planning discussion, students may generate a lot of useful ideas and plans as they talk, yet these oral planning sessions might be strengthened if students were encouraged to record the gist of their conversations as they respond to different prompts. Students operating with different parHcipating in discussions during the term before knowledge, experiences and perspectives can create introducing collaborative planning. After an overview different or conflicting internal (or mental) represen- of the techniques of collaborative planning, using the tations of the collaborative interaction itself (i. Further, because this collaborative dents offered their initial impressions of collaborative interaction is usually verbal and ephemeral, it may be can i pay someone to write my research paper planning, shared the various kindsof observationsand more difficult for the participants to compare and notes they had made during the session, and talked reflecton their interpretations of the interaction.

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Early about the benefits such collaboration might yield. Moreover, since research students to empby a particular approachas they worked demonstrates that writers have a difficult time devel- through their planning sessions.

In order to discover the effect of: 1) this type of modeling and delivery of prompts, and 2) to evaluate the types of responses student planners decided to record, three types of data were collected. Finally, the studentsMast draft of the texts they had been planning were collected and reviewed. A review of the computer logs indi- cated that students did take the time to read and re- spond to most of the prompts and questions modeled and delivered by the program. Most students were fairly diligent about making a constructive response to each prompt, with only 5. In the classroom setting, all the students began a planning session during a fifty-minute class period,buttheyall continued theirplanningsessions outside of the classroom. Thus, the students spent a t coursework writing service least an hour planning witha supporter and recorded a response to most of the prompts and questions modeled and delivered by the program. Generally, the more turns on an planning space, issue, key point(s), topic idea(s) and so forth, the more likely it is that there is some interestingplanning taking place. An examination of the transcripts in this study indi- cates that the number of turns the planners took during their dialogue for each of the five different plannii. However, the majorityof responses ranged between twelve and twenty-one turns for each plan- ning space, with more conversational turns taken while responding to the prompts in the audience planning space than in any of the other planning spaces. They have agreed that Ai nie, who is the supporter, will read the prompts and questions from the computer screen. For comparison the transcript of their conver- sation is shown in the right column (figure 6), and the corresponding computer coursework writing service log entries are shown in the left column (figure 7). Italicized text indicates text that was entered into the computer log by the -"tanners. Ple(h jfer to them before reading what follows below. Quite often transcripts of two planners talking about their plans (and working without a computer) will reveal a resourceful supporter prompting and encouraging the writer to elaborate upon an issue or Collaborative Planning: Concepts, Processes, and Assignments 65 3. Hike the idea of a picture of a hostile environment. The whole idea is now in advancing cities and all that. I guess the explanation depends on the audience— and who the audience is. Arnie: Are you going to be informative or are you trying to express your feelings about it too? ToMc PromftIi What are some of the ideas that you have been considering for the subject or topic of you paper?

Response 1: architecture and concerns with the environment. Response 3: other fields of architecture, design, reconstruction, adding on to buildings, residential planning, etc Topic PROMrr4. What are some things that a reader would expect you to say about your topic? Response 4: to be informative, how the environment and archi- tecture are tied together, alsohowlfeelaboutit. Computer Log Excerpt ERLC 66 point being discussed. Occasion- ally, the transcripts revealed that some students had to spend some time recovering their "place" in the pro- gram after they would click on the wrong navigational button.

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