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Physical origin of man inde- pendent of his moral nature.

Objection with regard to the pri- meval state of man. But the idea of a physical process of origination of organic life has excited a more peculiar opposition, on the ground that it would include MAN and his descent in the general category, and represent the human race as at some remote period gradually developed out of an inferior species, which, it is alleged, savours of materialism, and lowers the moral dignity of man. The same moral superiority may equally belong to him whether originally evolved out of any form of earlier organic life or out of a clod of earth.

The difficulties felt on this subject by some seem mainly to arise out of the belief with respect to See coursework website Essay I.

But if we look to the New Testament view of the matter, it will be perceived that the Christian argu- ment assumes man in a state of degradation and sin, from which it would elevate and transform him by the renovating power of Divine grace. As to any previous state, or the origin of that depravity, St.

Thus the theologian can have no ground for denouncing such physical speculations as impious or subversive of scriptural truth. Objections To urge objections, however, on theological brought forward by grounds against such theories has been a popular Mr Hugh Miller. Yet throughout the whole we cannot but observe that the polemical spirit and avowed theological bias with which it is written cannot but weaken the authority of many parts of his physical argument. The author, though a very strenuous theological champion, is yet candid enough to allow that the theory of transmutation, if established, would not be H H 3 470 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Origin of There are many who in their zeal for the authority objections in narrow of the Old Testament overlook, or, indeed, seem Judaical views.

It can only be in the want of a more worthy ap- in no wa affecting preciation of the true nature and real independence Christi- anity, of Christianity that we hear denunciations of more enlightened views as " removing the landmarks of all religious and moral obligations," because the autho- rity of the Old Testament is thus invaded, which, however, a slight attention to the language of the Apostle of the Gentiles must convince any unpreju- diced inquirer has been in modern times unhappily mixed up with Christianity in a way directly opposed to the whole spirit and tenor of his teaching. Nor can it fail to be observed how miserably low must be the notions entertained of the grounds of moral obligation, if they can be supposed implicated in a question coursework website as to the process or order of the physical creation.

Whether those grounds be regarded as connected with intuitive and immutable natural principles, or whether they be referred to the simple authority of Christian precepts, built upon faith, they must be equally independent of all theories of creation and of the Judaical law. Successive In coursework website connexion with this subject, one other argument creations. It is probablj in reference to the species of argu- ment just mentioned that Mr. The truths they embody shine calmly by their own heavenly light, like the stars above the brightest illuminations on earth. And this accords with what we find was the actual method and practice of the founders of Christianity in their appeals to the different parties and classes of minds they addressed.

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The evidences of natural theology (such as they were in that age) are expressly recognised by 476 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Natural Though it is the attribute of Divine truth to be theology progressive one and the same for ever, it is no disparagement to with science. Yet it is the very reverse of this view which a certain class of writers would seem to uphold. Parallel in If in travelling in a strange country we see around human govern- us the signs of order and security, civilisation and ments.

Yet such is the argument of " The Footprints," and other popular help in writing essays works of the same class.

If, in following the track of a person, we for a Evidence of footprints. These are exactly the points in which those indications are wanting. Through all past time we discern everywhere the wanting footsteps of the Creator, in all extinct as well as origination 6 all living organic structures, modelled upon one species. The begin- Science demonstrates incessant past changes, and matter of dimly points to yet earlier links in a more vast series revelation.

The difficulties of the case have been elaborately dis- cussed by Dr. With this assumption formally introduced, the syllogism is per- fect in point of form.

This is exactly what is pointed out by Archbishop Whately. The only real question involved is, as to the means of arriving at the truth of this assumption. But it is a main consideration, often overlooked, that the truth of the premises, or the source whence we derive them, is, in the language of logicians, a matter wholly " extra dictio- nem" and with which the syllogistic theory, as such, is no way concerned.

But if we proceed to consider the origin of this assumption, it is no doubt arrived at by a process of reasoning and abstraction. Aristotle says it is necessary (voeUr) to conceive it by an intellectual act. But it may be asked whether, to decide this in the affirmative, is not, in fact, equivalent to making the assumption in question? It is also important to bear in mind another Qistinction (which Mr.

Mill himself has elsewhere admirably illus- trated and insisted onj"), viz. The favourite practice is to avoid this labour, by setting down everything as a peculiar principle. Thus, Descartes speaks of the " seeds of truth which exist naturally in our souls. A proof of such intuition is often alleged in mathe- matical axioms, or in the deduction of necessary truth generally, on which I have commented at large in my Essay on Contingent and Necessary Truth before cited, and I conceive have indicated that they may be reduced to simpler elements requiring no such theoretical assump- tion. Carpenter has not only shown that the principle of the " Correlation of Forces " may be applied to those concerned in the production of Vital phenomena, but has recently argued for its extension to Mental operations, in so far as these take place automati- cally, i. The interesting little volume of Psychological En- quiries recently published by Sir B. Brodie throws valu- able light on many of write my paper college the topics noticed in these Essays.

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