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If it be an inscrutable mystery wholly beyond human comprehension that God should send His Son to redeem this coursework only us essay writing service degree world, it cannot be a more inscrutable mystery or farther beyond human comprehension that He should send His Son to redeem ten thousand other worlds. If, on the other hand, the mystery be amenable to any reasoning, or charge of incon- sistency in the one instance, it must equally be so in the other. He rested during the whole week of creation, and still rests, having transferred His almighty power to certain laws of matter and motion, by which the sun and all his planets were manufactured from nebulous matter? There is one other idea of an extremely peculiar Peculiar views as to kind taken up by Sir D. He refers to some passages of Scripture, which literally seem to imply, or at least counte- nance, the idea of a plurality of inhabited, or at least coursework only degree habitable worlds. Such is the idea indicated even in the introduction of his volume, and customized term papers such the final conclusion to which the whole discussion leads. It is the danger threatened to this doctrine which constitutes the main cause of alarm at the triumph of scepticism in the denial of a habitable condition to the planets. Difficulty Though unable to perceive the importance or obviated. If there be one point clear in their declarations, it is that the resuscitated body will not be material.

Such the tion of the arguments, dispute which threatens the alternative of a sur- render either of faith or of science! Such the danger threatened to Christianity, which it is the aim of the essayist, by such laboured reasonings and startling paradoxes, to avert! Brewster, by so opposite a route, would guide his readers! It is difficult, perhaps impossible, fairly to judge of the convictions of others, and I would wish to treat all serious convictions with unfeigned respect. But after what has been already observed, I must confess myself more disposed to concur in the abstract justice, than to perceive the consistency, of Sir D.

The expression of theological dogmas con- trasts singularly when mixed up with the specula- tions of science. All I shall attempt, therefore, will be to offer a few gene- on the independence of matters of faith from those of science, is further evinced by the announcement, while these sheets are going through the press, of another anonymous publication on the theological argument, " The Plurality of Worlds. Hence a difficulty is felt by some because they imagine that moral and spiritual re- lations must follow the same law. The tenor of the whole preceding argument has been to point out the independence of the physical order ESSAY II. It is to this class of conceptions that reli- f pi "i tua ,! But in detail, perhaps it may be said this will be found otherwise.

In this respect, then, and to this extent at least, we may, perhaps, see " how to place our theology " on the basis of these sublime deductions from physical science. These deductions (as before mentioned) are confessedly very limited and imperfect.

If we would trace such tendencies to their source, Sources of misconcep- we may find a too common origin of misconception tion on these sub- in the ignorance in which many, even of considerable jects.

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Again, many who are extensively versed in the Want of sound phi- details of a particular branch of science, may coursework only degree often losophical principles.

Hence, while they admit the impropriety of some of the speculations just ad- verted to, they are deficient in the distinct concep- 302 UNITY OF WORLDS. Erroneous systems from mis- conception of first principle. Physical philosophy has doubtless within itself the germs of higher knowledge, and presents us with those first elementary notions which are pre-emi- nently valuable, as subservient to the establishment of theological truth on a rational basis. In such a sense, and within due limits, theology deduced from philosophy, may be sound and valid. It appeals to other authority, and dis- owns its proper inductive character. The desire whether for peopling or for dispeopling planetary or sidereal worlds on theological grounds, appears to arise from the same fundamental miscon- ception or disregard of the proper provinces and limits of philosophy and of theology which has led, in so many other cases, to an unhappy and incongruous mixture of the two, producing nothing, as Bacon has so justly observed, but " a fantastical and super- stitious philosophy and a heretical religion. Without recurring to more ignorant ages, and Theological philosophy. It is worth coursework only degree while to dwell on this last instance as very instructive in its consequences, especially to those who have not antecedently taken more general views. Even at the present day there are not wanting occasional attempts to keep up the hopeless chimera of erecting theories of geology on the Mosaic narrative.

It is needless to observe that, as 304 UNITY OF WORLDS.

Contradic- All inquirers, possessing at once a sound know- tion be- tween geo- ledge of geology, the help book essay and capable of perceiving the logy and the Hebrew undeniable sense of a plain circumstantial narrative, Scriptures. It is undeniable that the advance of physical knowledge has from time to time made inroads on the territories which prescriptive error had once consecrated to religion. It broke through the solid firmament, and placed in jeopardy the ex- istence of a physical purgatory. Favourable Even among professed Protestants, and in a phi- losophic age, men have hardly become convinced that the advance of physical enlightenment, so far from being hostile to religious truth, is eminently serviceable to it, were it only in dissevering it from false allies and equivocal auxiliaries, and thus ex- coursework only degree hibiting its true spiritual power, when cleared from the heterogeneous incumbrances and corruptions which a false philosophy or a narrow literalism had fastened upon it, and which, instead of aids and defences, are in reality its hindrances and disfigure- ments. These will be so very differently estimated in mag- nitude and significance by different minds, that it would be impossible to discuss the question in a way satisfactory to all. It may perhaps suffice to suggest a general application of what was above observed in reference to the instance of the geological discre- pancy.

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