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At least so Bleek, a rationalist himself, informs us. These are his words : " That the art of writing (schriftsteUerei) existed among the He- brews in the time of Moses, according to our present indications, cannot be a matter of doubt. It coincides with the results of a more elaborate enquiry which I made into these theories some years ago.

This was another point on which the assertions of the rationalists were most positive. Indeed, coursework moderation this belief of the Babylonian origin of these notions was one of the great arguments on which reliance was placed to prove the late composition of the Penta- teuch. The examples which have here been given relate for the most part to the Pentateuch, because that is one of the chief battle-grounds of the critical school, and it serves as well as any coursework moderation other portion of Scripture to shew how much darkness is mixed with " the stream of light" from Eichhorn and Gesenius to the present day. In fact, the philological and linguistic collections and criticisms of Gesenius and Hupfeld are highly AND DR. But it is self-evident that a man may be extremely useful in illustrating the language of Scripture who would be a very unsafe guide in unravelling the difficulties of its history, or reasoning upon the genuineness of its books. But it is to be remarked that the contradic- tions I have brought forward are chiefly contradictions on the very subject on which alone these men would be entitled to speak with any authority, — I mean the determination of date and authorship from the language of a book. Williams would lead us to believe, for what he considers an absurd dictum on prophecy, we might quote number- less absurdities from these critics of the most flagrant kind. Did Jerome ever patronize so preposterous a notion as that the name Noah was derived from the Latin no, or raw, (! Williams about the state of Biblical criticism in Germany. They shew that the impression which any reader of his Essay would in- evitably derive from it on this subject, is entirely m Von Bohlen on Genesis, vol.

Whether he has wilfully and intentionally misled those who cannot check his statements, can only be known by himself and by Him Who searches the heart, and to Whom he stands or falls. But if this Essay gives a false impression with regard to the state of Biblical criticism in Germany, its representation of the progress of opinion in Eng- land as to prophecy is still more glaringly unjust, and is calculated to convey a still more false impression of the actual state coursework moderation of prophetic exegesis. Nay, the author seems to give us a descending scale by which we may measure the gradual diminution of faith in prophecy during the last century.

Williams have taken the trouble to ascertain what Bishop Chandler does say, before he made so loose a statement? To name them all would carry me into too great length. Williams knows even less of Bishop Chandler than he appears to know of Bishop Butler. Paley was not writing a book on pro- phecy, but in treating of the evidences of Christianity he contents himself with quoting only one prophecy, and assigns his reason for limiting his quotation to that one, viz.

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It is not that he " ventures to quote" only this as if he were afraid to meet the question, but he actually refers to the book where these questions which lie out of his own path are specially treated. And now, what becomes of the list of prophecies, " fine by degrees and beautifully less" as years roll on, which Dr. Williams would persuade his readers have been given up till a grave divine " ventured to quote" only one! The subject is really too sacred, too solemn to be treated in a manner like this. On any subject such misrepresentation would be very discreditable, but in treating of the evidence for the truth of Holy Scripture it research paper to buy becomes positively criminal. But if Paley and Bishop Chandler are thus mis- represented, what shall we say to the insinuation about Bishop Butler? So that in the repre- sentation of Bishop Chandler, Dr.

Paley, and Bishop Butler, the author of this Essay may be said to have misrepresented every one of them, and to have inter- woven his misrepresentations together into a state- ment which it would be difficult to parallel for its contempt of truth. I have no wish to charge the author with toilful misrepresentation, and I trust he may not have thought of the impression his words would inevitably leave on the mind of any reader of his book, but I appeal with confidence to every reader of plain common sense, whether that essay paper writing services is not the only impression they are calculated to make? He is not attempting to expound prophecy, but shewing how it bears upon the evidence for Christianity, and answering some objections which are commonly made against its testi- which it is an act of courtesy to designate as English, it may excite something like wonder. It rather resembles another attack upon an coursework moderation eminent prelate of our Church — I mean Bishop Pearson. I never understood that they professed to write poetry, and therefore, if Bishop Pearson has made them in- telligible, he will be excused for not rendering them into poetry. But to say the truth, most persons who read what Dr. These sneers at great and eminent men are so unworthy of a man of learning, that we will pass them by, only hoping that Dr. Wil- liams may one day be entitled to a tithe of the reverence due to those whom he has thus depreciated.

He adduces and answers three lines of objec- tion: 1. It was an objection which had been often made, it formed a strong point of attack, and Butler quietly points out that it has no force.

To those who have a knowledge of the writings of Chandler, Butler, and Paley, or to those who have the patience to examine each assertion of this author, and place it at its true worth, these ob- AND DR. I do not address myself to them, but I address myself to those who might be expected to look to a man of the repu- tation and position of Dr.

Williams for guidance in such matters, and would receive his statements with trust.

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