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Interviews with senior officers and managers of state education departments indicated that student academic engagement as it is described in this document has not been adopted across the Australian school system.

State and territory education department targets and initiatives related to student engagement were able to be broadly classified into the three law essay help areas of student attendance, student performance and quality of learning. A brief outline of the main focus of these areas is presented below: o Student attendance targets were concerned with attendance rates, school retention and completion, and the collection of data to monitor the participation of Aboriginal students and student pathways through Years 10 to 12.

Initiatives and data to comply with the requirement for student participation to age 17 also featured. An examination of each of the departmental websites was also conducted to verify the points of view expressed by the senior officers. UJhile some departments placed a stronger emphasis on the quality of the student learning experience it was evident that they all collected data on student attendance, retention and performance. For attendance, retention and school completion, targets have been typically managed through a three-tiered system where state departments have set enrolment and retention targets that are then negotiated and monitored at school level. Schools are expected to closely monitor students considered to be at risk of disengaging from school. Principals have been encouraged college research paper writing service to work with teachers to set goals for students at risk and to monitor their attendance more closely.

In some states and territories student data have been stored and accessed centrally through a system-wide data management system, and some departments have notified schools of the students who are considered to be at risk. Education departments have also been proactive in providing schools with information about the strategies they might adopt to address persistent problems associated with attendance.

Targets for student performance are reflected in an emphasis on literacy and numeracy achievement within schools and system wide, using the NAPLAN achievement indicator and other state and school-based measures. Quality of learning targets were linked to improvements in the quality of teaching and school leadership. There was a strong commitment to the use of strategies that support continuous improvement and encourage a whole of school approach to improved achievement outcomes and quality of learning for students. Centralised and regionalised programs have provided targeted professional learning support for teachers and principals. Additional specialised curriculum support staff for literacy or numeracy had been provided to high need schools, while professional development programs have focused on improving teacher capacity to use more student-centred and adaptive pedagogies. State policies and reporting requirements were typically reported through the School Improvement Plan, which is often a mandated requirement. Examples of the type of data collected in the areas of attendance, student performance and quality of learning included: For attendance: o school attendance o student pathways and transitions o Year 12 completions, including VET o post school destinations: especially for Year 10 and 12 students o the percentage of children attending preschool.

Reporting of attendance data for students to age 17 was mandatory.

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PIPS, kindergarten developmental checks) o Aboriginal student progress data. Data broadly related to the quality of learning environments in schools have reflected: o the school environment o leadership o teacher pedagogy o student well-being and behavioural data - including data on suspensions and expulsions o student satisfaction surveys o parent surveys o ESL performance levels o the percentage of ECE trained teachers o early years learning framework. Education departments have attempted to link reporting to their pedagogic frameujork, and at least one department uuas developing a neuu set of rubrics for schools to report data on complex activities, such as pedagogy and quality of teaching.

In general the senior officers indicated that the support and reporting requirements for schools have had a positive impact on student participation and learning in schools in each state and territory. The officers uuere optimistic and believed that schools uuere nouu more accountable for student needs. Comments from the Officers suggested that the neuu initiatives and reporting requirements have resulted in the follouuing changes: o Schools have adopted more student- centered approaches to teaching and learning.

This section describes houj different schools have drawn upon national and jurisdictional policies to develop college research paper writing service their response to the challenges presented by their school context. The analysis is largely qualitative and reports on houu schools have: o used performance information to identify the trajectory of disengaged students and plan improvements to this o employed effective strategies to improve student performance in literacy and numeracy for all disengaged students o implemented effective case-management practices to monitor disengaged students from year to year. The findings also reflect on: o the role that school leaders have taken to establish productive school climates for student academic engagement o how schools have used evidence-based practices to inform the development of school policies and practices related to student academic engagement o how schools have implemented whole of school approaches o partnerships between home and school. The 12 schools comprised six primary schools, two district high schools incorporating primary and secondary custom research papers writing service students, and four secondary schools, fl noticeable feature of these schools was the challenging circumstances in which they were working. This was not surprising because they were selected on the basis of a low ICSEfl score of approximately between 900-1000.

Pill college research paper writing service of the schools emphasised that their success did not research paper writing service uk rest on any one initiative but rather on the synergy of a number of initiatives and the extent to which these aligned with their school plans. Many of the reported initiatives and strategies appear to be normal and unremarkable school activities. However, when considered in the context of the school community and the difficulties schools faced in engaging all students, these actions were indeed remarkable. The researchers concluded that this reliance upon synergy and alignment demanded outstanding and vigilant school leadership, and this quality of school leadership was thus identified as the major common factor in the success of these schools.

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