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During cooperative planning sessions, pages or sections may easily be removed and shared with other Integrated Occupational Program teachers. TIME ALLOCATION English 16 is a three-credit course.

Teachers are encouraged to integrate language strands a n d address concepts, skills and attitudes within meaningful contexts. The prescribed components of the English 16 program are presented in three form dts, as illustrated in the diagram below. Teachers are encouraged to use both documents when planning for instruction.

THEMES The tabs along the top of this manual indicate the location of the THEMES. Organizing instruction into themes integrates concepts, language arts skills, attitudes, process skills and inq uiry strategies and focusses attention on a particular topic, issue or concern.

Additional suggestions and background information are included to enhance student development. This dimension of the program highlights the developmental nature of language learning, and promotes a diagnostic approach through the identification and sequencing of prescribed skills. Listening, speaking, reading, writing and viewing pervade language and are addressed and integrated throughout the English language arts program. Selecting the strand or combination of strands which best corresponds to the situation contributes to maximum learning. Sequencing skills in keeping with student abilities cat essay writer and needs will also enhance student development. PROCESSING INFORMATION The ability college papers help to process information, using critical and creative thinking skills and process skills such as predicting, locating, organizing, analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating and monitoring, is a life skill. One tiust use process skills when applying inquiry strategies to solve problems, make decisions and answer questions. This section in the manual provides background information and additional suggestions to assist teachers when planning for instruction. T he THEMES are the initial starting points for teaching, and the suggested activities within these themes will direct teachers to the?

Teacher: are encouraged to select and use the referenced items from the strands section in keeping with abilities, needs and interests of students. It is the application of the skills and activities in a particular context that determines the complexity or sophistication of cognitive demands.

Thus, teachers are directed throughout the English language arts program to draw upon the suggested strategies and activities and apply them to increasingly complex and mature contexts. LEARNING RESOURCES The basic student resource for English 16 is listed below and specific selections are referenced throughout the thematic units. TECHNOLOGY AND MEDIA To enhance course presentation, teachers are encouraged to make use of available nedia services, libraries and government agencies for films, videotapes, audiotapes, record, kits, picture sets and filmstrips. A summary of courseware approved for regular secondary English programs which may be useful in the English 16 classroom is provided in Computer Courseware Evaluations, Volume VIII (Curriculum Branch, Alberta Education, 1988). Teachers are encouraged to preview and select for classroom use word processing and other software in keeping with the abilities, needs and interests of students. ACCESS NETWORK ACCESS offers a variety of resources and services to teachers. For nominal dubbing and videotape fees, teachers may have ACCESS audio and video library tapes copied.

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ACCESS also offers a service called "Night Owl Dubbing" which alleys educators to videotape late night educational programs directly from their own television sets. ACCESS publishes both an Audio-Visual Catalogue and a comprehensive schedule of programming, which are available on request. For additional information, contact ACCESS NETWORK, Media Resource Centre, 295 Midpark Way S. REGIGNAL RESOURCE LIBRARIES Films and videos are available for! In some instances, computer software is also loaned.

Catalogues of holdings are available upon request Zone I Zone One Regional Film Centre P. Box 845 Lethbridge, Alberta T1J3Z8 Telephone: 320-7807 OTHER LEARNING RESOURCES Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of materials in the classroom to enhance student language development. The following resources have been identified as potentially useful for the Integrated Occupational Enqlish Language Arts Program. These materials have not been evaluated by Alberta Education and their listing is not to be construed as an explicit or implicit departmental approval for use. The list is provided as a service only, to assist local jurisdictions in identifying potentially useful learning resources. The responsibility for evaluating these resources prior to selection rests with the local jurisdiction. Native Library Resources for Elementary, Junior and Senior high Schools, Third Edition. Words on Work: An Integrated Approach to Language and Work.

Bennett and McKnight, a division ofGlencoe Publishing Co. Note: Various publishing companies develop and distribute novels, anthologies, short story collections and book series which may be suitable for students in the Integrated Occupational Program.

Teachers are encouraged to review catalogues to identify appropriate materials for local use: e. Teachers are also encouraged to peruse novels listed for English 13-23-33 and select resources in keeping with student abilities, needs and interests. PERIODICALS Consumer Talk is a set of eight consumer information sheets presented in tabloid - college papers help college papers help newspaper format and intended for high school students.

Class sets may be obtained free of charge from Alberta Consumer and Corporate Regional and District Affairs and from Box 1616, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2N9. Proem Canada magazine is a bi-yearly publication containing prose and poetry written by Canadian young people for a Grades 8 to 12 audience. Scholastic Voice magazine is for students in Grades 8-12, but it is written at the Grades 5-9 reading levels. Each magazine may include essays, news articles, poems, short stories, TV scripts, sports news, cartoons, jokes, a variety of word games and other features designed to motivate students in English. Scholastic Voic e is published 24 times a year and may be ordered from Scholastic Classroom Magazines, Scholastic-TAB Publications, Ltd. ERIC 6 Stars magazine is for students in high school and is written at the Grades write my apa paper 6-9 reading level:.

Star s is published nine times a year and has copyright clearance. Available through Turman Publishing Company, 200 W.

Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT), Bloomington, college papers help Indiana, 1988. Applied Communications is designed to enhance student communication skills at school, at home, at the workplace and in the community. Box 320, Belleville, Ontario, K8N 5A5 (613)962-9577.

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