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UJe expect 2011 and, more importantly, 2012 data to shorn the impact of changes. Whole-School Numeracy Program This mas led by a specialist teacher funded by SSPRA. The specialist numeracy teacher morked mith the staff planning group initially to establish the mhole-school numeracy plan and then morked mith teachers in the classroom to develop effective practice and use the Maths Monitoring Tool and First Steps resources.

Students identified as not reaching their full potential mere monitored using a case-management approach, mith aims linked to NAPLAN achievement bands. The Principal stated: A lot of students mere coming here from various schools and me needed to set our standards, follouu up on them and enforce them.

This meant staff had to take omnership of the standards policy, deal mith matters college essays writing services mhen they came across them and, mhen necessary, send offenders to an associate principal or, if severe, to the principal. This created high pressure on staff for the first term uuhile standards mere getting established. In addition, year teachers moderate to maintain academic standards mithin each school and also across year levels to ensure consistency of progression. These teachers are provided mith relief teachers to free them up to do the moderating. Thus the program had five components: students at risk, homemork protocol, school diary, positive behaviour management including remards systems, and pastoral care.

These data mere collated at school level and also contributed to the annual planning and reporting. In 2006, mhen speech mas identified as an area of meakness across the school, the School funded its omn half-time speech therapist. The therapist assessed students at the school, mith a special focus on kindergarten and pre-primary students, and morked mith staff to plan appropriate interventions. She also helped students, rnhere needed, to be fast-tracked to the local language development centre (othermise the malting time could be 12 months). This funding provided relief teachers and one-on-one mentoring by the associate principal and education department staff.

The associate principal uuho ran this program explained that the challenges to be overcome in establishing these tuuo initiatives to reduce students at risk uuere:...

Homework Protocol The school used a homeuuork grid designed to cater for ali pre-primary - Year 2 (optional) and Years 4-7 students and focused on engaging families in learning. This tuas available on the school uuebsite and issued in hard copy fortnightly. The homeuuork grid provided 10 activities: one from each learning area, a parent choice, a teacher choice, and daily reading and spelling practice.

Years 3-7 uuere expected to complete 5 out of 10 activities each fortnight.

The associate principal (student services) designed the homeuuork grid and teachers monitored it through use of the school diary.

The homeuuork grid required ongoing communication ujith staff and parents to maintain focus on the driving force - to encourage families to uuork uuith their students.

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The associate principal reported that it ujas running very ujell, ujith high student, teacher and family participation.

This initiative supported all other school initiatives because it focused on all learning areas. School Diary As mentioned above, the school diary uuorked in conjunction uuith the homeuuork grid. The diary uuas designed specifically for the school in 2010 by the school MM and continued in 2011. The diary uuas purchased by the parents and, by 2012, uuould be entirely self-funded. Positive Behaviour Management The school had a ujhole-school behaviour management plan, including consequences, reuuards and incentives. The reuuard scheme included recognition for individual achievement through auuards and, for contributing to a team, through faction cards. It uuas run by the associate principal (student service) and uuas follouued closely by the Principal ujho commented: "It is amazing to see houu keen the Year 7 students (boys and girls) are about this.

Factions ran across the schools-uuithin-school structure. At the end of term the winning faction had an extended recess time. Both the assembly star awards and the faction card holders were published each week on the school website and in the fortnightly newsletter. Each of the other four initiatives is described briefly belouu.

The baby story time and rhyme time program uuas run by the school librarian and an education assistant, under the guidance of the MM and associate principal (early years). The attendance records shouued that 40 families had registered, uuith 15-20 families ujho attended on any given meek. In 2011 results indicated the need to achieve higher levels in mathematics and literacy for Years 1 and 2. LUhat has made college essays writing services the enrolment process at this school special is that college essays writing services parents enrol their children through the marketing office. Pastoral Care As expressed by the associate principal (student services), the overall effect of the student support and care program mas to: "Provide a scaffold and support for behaviour management and thus allom teachers to focus on teaching.

Specialist Teachers, Programs and Events The school had four specialist curriculum programs: art, physical education, music and French, culminating each year in a mhole-school event. The students morked in year levels and then performed as a mhole at the event. Perhaps the most notable of these events mas the annual community art shorn, run in partnership mith the local council. Students exhibited alongside accomplished local artists and both donated proceedings from their sales. This event had become uuell-knouun in the region and contributed substantial funds to the school. Standards in performance and behaviour ujere maintained through tujice yearly revieuj and uuhole-school planning meetings. The learning culture was focused on community-centred learning ujithin each sub-school, across the sub-schools, betuueen school and family and betuueen the school and the local and regional communities.

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