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Such measurements would prove whether the class was up to the average standard or not, and if deficient, to what extent and in what respects. An empirical standard de- rived from the average performances of a large number of individuals at their best is the only safe guide for what should be demanded from a class. The averages as given in the tables above are tentatively valid standards for speed, legibil- ity, and form in handwriting. A universal standard, of course, would require the combining of the averages of many school systems. It is likely, however, that such combined averages would not differ greatly from those given above. The following table puts these in convenient college essay ideas help form : 86 Table IV. Tentative Standards for all Grades in Speed, Form and Legibility. The advantages of precise measurements shown upon a standard college essay ideas help chart of attainment are many. It enables the teacher to pick out weaknesses in either individuals or the entire class, and so direct her instruction towards remedying the defect. It makes it possible to measure progress from time to time in a precise fashion.

It makes better supervision possible by giving the principal a tool for estimating justly the efficiency of the various grades and teachers in his school. Most important of all, it enables a scientific investigation of methods and conditions of teach- ing writing. I — Legibility, Form and Speed, WE are now in a position to discuss in greater detail the relations existing between the three chief elements in writing, viz. If these three elements were highly correlated the discussion of their relationship and relative importance would not be so neces- sary, as by improving any one factor we could be certain of improving the others along with it.

His results are shown in the following table : Speed and Form 10 Speed and Legibility 12 Form and Legibility 34 From this it appears that there is practically no correla- tion between speed and legibility and speed and form. In other words, increased speed tends to decrease quality and legibility. Form and legibility correlate to a higher degree, but less than might have been expected. Since these three factors are to a great extent independent of one another, it is necessary to decide to which one the high- est value must be given. Are form and legibility to be developed at the expense of speed, or speed at the expense of the other two? How can a proper balance be struck, so that no one element will suffer unduly? Writing is a mode of expression, a way of college essay ideas help conveying thought.

Unless it is legible, it is useless for its purpose. Legibility, therefore, is the most important single element in writing for either the producer or the recipient. Writing is not writing at all unless it can be read. The writing is valuable only for the meaning it contains, and provided the meaning is plain, the shorter the time in which it can be produced the better for the writer. Rapidity means efficiency, economy of time, and, therefore, is of the utmost importance to the writer. Beauty and aesthetic quali- ties, in a word, form, must therefore be ranked as lowest in value of the three elements. Of course, of two samples of writing, each of equal legibility and produced at the same rate of speed, that one that appeals most to our sense of beauty will be judged the better.

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If, however, the additional beauty has been procured at the cost of rapidity, we can no longer safely say that the writing is better, for one element, and that one the least important, has been enhanced at the expense of another. If any one objects to such a low estimate of the aesthetic qualities in writing, we must reply that writing is a tool for work, and must be judged as a tool, i. If a cord of wood must be cut, any sane man prefers a sharp saw, no matter how poor its appearance may be, to a beautiful but dull one. In the same way we must give more weight to the strictly utilitarian quali- ties of writing than to its aesthetic appeal. We may conclude that the order of the three elements in writing when ranked in the order of descending value, will be: (1) Legibility. Legibility itself is not a simple quality, but a complex de- pending upon various factors. A simple analysis shows that the main factors in legibility are the following: 89 (1) The clear formation of letters, so that they are readily recognizable. One of the most important faults in writing is that of poor spacing. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest to remedy. As a practical guide, the proper space between words is about the width of the letter "m," whatever that may be for the in- dividual writer. Less space than this is confusing, a much greater space makes reading difficult, as the work of the eyes is increased and the continuity is lost when too large spaces are left. Form is a factor in legibility only up to a certain point. The samples from Quality 4 to Quality 9 show a steady increase in legibility, but from Quality 9 to Quality 18 legibility is practically the same. For practical purposes, college essay ideas help one can say that improvement in form or general merit as meas- ured by the first five steps in the Thorndike scale denotes a closely corresponding increase in legibility, but beyond that, there is no such corresponding increase. Quality 9 upon the Thorn- dike scale is just as effective as Quality 17. To spend much time and effort in the attempt to have classes produce writing of quality much above 9 seems, therefore, to be largely a waste of time and energy.

The amount of time required to bring classes to a very high standard in qual- ity in the last two years of the elementary schools would be quite sufficient to teach correct typing at an equal rate of speed. He discovered that children in the last two grammar grades write considerably better than adult women teachers customarily do. Apparently, very few teachers find it worth while to maintain a high standard in their writing, although they have a greater need and incentive to do so than most people. As noted previously, as soon as people leave school, they promptly forget the formal writing of their school days and develop a hand which, though perhaps poorer in quality, seems adequate for their purpose. This being the case, there appears to be no real reason at all for attempting to reach a very high standard in handwriting. Even those who demand a pleasing hand as well as legibility, should be satisfied with writing of Quality 12 or 13.

To go further than this is to demand a temporary increase in beauty, of no practical value and at a time cost to the child which should render it pro- hibitive.

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