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This observation had been reinforced through NflPLflN testing. The school had worked on inferential thinking for several years. In 2009, the school spent Priority Schools Project (PSP) money on engaging a facilitator, an expert in inferential thinking, to conduct workshops and demonstration lessons on inferential comprehension. Funds were also spent releasing teachers from the classroom to work with the facilitator on developing classroom activities. Pis an outcome of that PL, an Inferential Thinking committee was established in 2010. In 2011 the school was using a deputy principal, together with National Partnerships and PSP funds, to advance the teaching of inferential thinking and inferential comprehension. The emphasis in 2011 was on teachers making connections between inferential thinking and other learning areas.

In 2011 the school purchased the Springboard into Comprehension program that involved a prescriptive way of teaching. The Springboard program looked at classroom practice and the way that teachers talk to students. As further diagnostic tests were done, improvements could be monitored. One of the deputy principals had conducted demonstration lessons on the program and worked with teachers on collaborative planning. At the time of the case study visit, the school was collecting anecdotal data from teachers and students to supplement the test data, fill of the teachers of Years K - 6 were adapting the process to their classroom programs. Although implementation was still in its early stages in 2011, there were signs that the students were making progress. The Springboard program expected teachers to come up with inferential thinking questions for the classroom. But for it to run effectively, it was necessary to use a whole-school approach for consistent use of a common language and a common structure. In the past, the school had used inferential thinking variously, but in 2011 the decision was made to narrow the use of the program to a single approach. The difference with this focused approach compared to other strategies used previously in the school was the prescriptive implementation pitched at a higher level. The school had some changeover of staff in 2011, resulting in several new teachers, some of whom wanted to be involved in the Inferential Thinking committee. The intention was that at the beginning of 2012 the school would review and update the inferential thinking program with staff. ESL In the past, the ESL support teacher worked with the two year groups who needed the most support. In 2011 the school restructured the program and targeted students in the junior grades.

The school had also given time to enable teachers and the ESL teacher to work together. The school linked this to a need for art appreciation and used PSP funds to purchase artwork for each classroom to examine and discuss. Specialist Support Staff The deputy principal, uuho had significant input into the implementation of the inferential thinking strategy, also oversauu college essay help nyc the literacy program, uuorking uuith teachers on demonstration lessons and other forms of PL. Home Reading fill K - 2 classrooms had a ujide variety of books, ujhich students could take home.

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PSP money uuas used to purchase the initial set of books, and tuuo benevolent parents provided the money to purchase additional books. Library The library uuas uuell patronised by students, and teachers made constant use of library resources to support classroom programs and conduct lessons in the custom research paper writers library. Tuuo of the librarians had been on staff for many years. P benevolent parent had provided the funds for purchasing more resources for the library. Numeracy To address student numeracy, the school had three major projects in place: 1. The deputy principal had been to a netuuork meeting and learnt that another school had uuorked in partnership uuith a local university and had achieved outstanding results from a program in uuhich students had used Nintendos to develop their number facts. The reason for using the Nintendos uuas that they ujere self-motivating and individually based. The school planned to examine the Year 5 NPPLPN data in 2012 for indicators of improvement. It ujas realized that the inferential thinking uuork being done in literacy uuould also help students to uuork mathematically. Size of Mathematics Groups Students in Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 uuere streamed into ability groups for mathematics. In 2010 PSP and National Partnerships funding uuas used to employ extra teachers to uuork uuith Year levels 3-6 for five days a uueek so that instruction groups could be smaller. In 2011 something similar uuas done for K-2, uuith great success. Academic Extension The school streamed off the top students into tuuo academic extension classes that paralleled the other students in each Year levels 5 and 6.

Teachers had also taken a key role in encouraging the concept uuith parents college essay help nyc by explaining to them that students also needed to be involved in the broader school curriculum, not just the academic curriculum. Early Childhood The Best Start Program uuas conducted at the school through the Early Childhood Directorate based on college essay help nyc college essay help nyc literacy and numeracy expectations of students by the time they completed kindergarten. Teachers assessed students in the first feuu uueeks of kindergarten to determine uuhere students uuere placed on a literacy and numeracy continuum and thus their ability grouping. The Directorate then provided teachers uuith learning programs for all students based on their assessed needs.

Teachers received tuuo days of PL to familiarise themselves uuith the program and the assessment component. The school used PSP funding to release teachers from class for this purpose. Parent Communication In recent years, the school had uuorked very hard on uuelcoming and communicating uuith parents. Parents uuere really responsive to parent evenings, held to keep parents informed about curriculum initiatives and other issues, and the attendance at them uuas very strong. For example, the school held a parent evening college essay help nyc to discuss the Year 4 Nintendo project early in 2011.

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