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This calls for a well-articulated vision of STC and , its significance to student achievement that is persuasive to schools and teachers. This vision must be supported by convincing evidence of the college essay help long island impact of STC on students. There is additional evidence that STC positively impacts attendance and preparation for postsecondary education as measured by increased completion of University of California A-G admissions requirements. The positive findings from this evaluation should help more key stakeholders recognize the potential of the initiative. Promote THE STC Vision Once an STC vision has been articulated it needs to be aggressively promoted at the state and local levels.

STC needs a strong voice to aggressively and strategically make the case for the importance and relevance of STC principles to the overall vision of education reform in California. The findings from this study that demonstrate the promise of STC in terms of improved student attitudes towards school, engagement in their studies, and increased attendance could be used to support arid promote the vision. Promotion by state and local leaders may help teachers, in particular, become more familiar with the philosophy and purposes of STC, and thus be more inclined to support STC medical school essay service efforts.

Implement a Statewide Student Data Tracking System Both the local and statewide evaluation efforts that contributed to this study were hampered by the unavailability or limited availability of student level data. Although it is important to protect student privacy, there is clearly a need for a comprehensive student data system in order to better monitor and evaluate the impact of STC and other reforms on schools and students.

This will allow for future comprehensive studies that follow-up on promising STC implementation and sustainability practices that have been suggested by the current study. On a positive note, there has been a statewide effort underway for the last several years to develop and implement a comprehensive student information system.

What CSIS will not provide are data on students after they leave the K-12 system.

Provide Leadership and Support for System-Building Initiatives The results of this evaluation study underscore the importance for policymakers to take a long- term perspective on new, promising reforms, such as STC. A longitudinal view is important to allow for proper implementation of a comprehensive reform strategy and examination of its impact. Hands-on leadership is necessary to ensure progress towards long-term goals. Local efforts clearly need strong guidance and support to develop and sustain STC. Finally, effective leadership for system-building initiatives must meaningfully connect STC to other related career-technical educational initiatives, such as California Partnership Academies, Tech Prep, ROP, and community and service learning. These connections could serve to leverage and strengthen each individual initiative.

More importantly, the connections should weave a more comprehensive network in support of career-related education in California. Beginning in 1996, California was awarded an implementation grant from the National School- to-Work Office. The State has used this money to provide incentives for purchase college papers stakeholders to form partnerships and implement ongoing STC-based efforts in conjunction with other education and workforce initiatives. These deliverables have set the stage for the current document, which is the culmination of the l-Vi year evaluation study. Whereas some of the previous reports from this statewide evaluation project focused on the broad picture of STC in California and the nation, the primary focus of this final report is on case studies of selected local partnerships (LPs).

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The case study research activities for this statewide evaluation were divided into two parts: CORE and PLUS. The CORE study aimed to gather and analyze comparable data from a diverse set of LPs on STC activities and participants (e.

In college essay help long island contrast, the PLUS evaluation activities focused specifically on the following research question: professional college application essay writers How has STC participation affected student preparation for postsecondary education and career entry? Thirteen LPs (out of 15 that applied for funding) conducted CORE case studies. However, LPs could not apply for PLUS funding alone. As the statewide evaluation team, WestEd and MPR Associates designed a common framework for the local evaluations and had oversight responsibility for key aspects of their evaluation work. LPs were responsible for collecting specific data to inform the overall statewide evaluation study of STC, but could also shape their studies to address some of their own local purposes and needs.

The decision to focus on LP case studies in the statewide evaluation of STC in California was driven by several considerations. First, STC is distinguished from other education and workforce development reform initiatives through its overarching goal of system building.

Recent research at the national and state levels has determined that the complicated nature of systems building represents a unique challenge of STC implementation. The resulting variety of local STC efforts requires a systematic and careful examination of selected local examples in order to determine the necessary conditions for and the common obstacles to STC implementation as well as to identify what it takes to mold and sustain STC efforts under varying circumstances.

Finally, although the timeframe to gather national or college essay help long island state data on the impact of STC has been somewhat limited by the recent sunsetting of STWOA, several studies have attempted to identify effective practices. Although the primary focus of this final report is on the LP case studies, the findings of other key components of the statewide evaluation effort are incorporated into this report as well (see Table 1). Among others, these study components include the statewide survey of California employers and labor organizations and interviews with LP directors across the state (i. It strives to answer four research questions of interest posed at the onset of this study: 5. What is the status of STC implementation in college essay help long island California? How has STC affected student preparation for postsecondary education and career entry? To what degree and in what ways has STC contributed to systemic change? Have STC principles penetrated the community deeply enough to be sustainable? How THE Report is Organized The remainder of this report contains the 7 chapters described briefly below. Methodology Describes the methodology for the overall evaluation design. Presents the rationale for the various evaluation methodologies, including how they supplement and complement each other and how they address the research questions of interest.

Career Development Activities and Programs Examines the degree to which schools are offering — and students are participating in — various types of career development activities and programs, including career awareness activities, work-based learning opportunities, and career-focused curricula. Structural and Programmatic Aspects of STC Implementation Describes findings related to key structural and programmatic aspects of STC that support implementation of career development activities and programs.

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