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This initial selection yielded from 4 to 7 samples of each quality desired, ranging from one to ten. In this way 100 the number of samples for scale 1 was reduced from 600 to 53, for scale 2 from 600 to 54, for scale 3 from 600 to 54.

The groups so chosen were again graded by 32 judges into ten ranks.

It was believed that the small groups would per- mit still more accurate grading and a more precise evaluation of each sample. This second ranking formed the basis of the final choice of ten samples from each group to serve as the ten scale points of the completed scales.

When each group had been graded for the second time by 32 judges, what are good essay writing services the median average of each sample was computed. It was found to be impossible to obtain ten samples from each group which exactly satisfied both requirements. The best selection which could be made was compelled to admit a maximum variation of. The following tables show (1) the distribution of the sam- ples chosen for the scales over the ten ranks (2) the median average of each sample (3) the size of the step between suc- cessive qualities (4) the number of judges ranking each sam- ple as better than the preceding one.

Table Showing Distribution of Samples Over Ten Ranks.

Table Showing Distribution of Samples Over Ten Ranks. Quality 561 405 351 college essay editing services 79 174 81 113 175 51 104 1 24 7 2 8 20 4 3 5 25 6 2 4 3 21 3 1 5 5 24 7 3 6 3 17 4 7 6 19 6 1 8 1 5 20 7 9 1 6 18 7 10 6 25 Samples Median Size of step between qualities 561 1. Table Showing Distribution of Samples Oven Ten Ranks. Quality 266 41 65 147 152 870 936 699 207 673 1 23 6 1 2 9 18 7 2 1 3 8 16 5 3 4 6 21 5 3 5 2 3 19 8 2 6 3 17 6 2 7 1 1 3 20 7 1 8 3 16 7 2 9 1 1 5 18 7 10 2 6 23 Samples Median Size of step between qualities 266 1. In this way allowance is made for the fact that the low- est sample in each series would have been rated below quality 1 a certain number of times if that had been possible. Simi- larly the best sample would have been rated above 10 by some judges.

That is, quality 1 means 1 custom essays no plagiarism or worse than 1, quality 10 means 10 or better than 10. For instance, sample 377 in Scale 1 was rated 7 times in 2, 25 times in 1. It is likely that at least 7 of the 25 judges rating it as 1 meant "worse than 1" by that rating. Similarly probably 9 of the judges rating sample 657 as 10 meant "better than 10" by that rating. This fact accounts for the median shown in the tables for the worst and best samples in each scale. The scales, therefore represent a series of 10 qualities of writing ascending from worst to best by approximately equal steps. It is based upon the ratings of 64 judges, 6 of whom ranked 1,000 samples, 26 ranked 600 samples and 32 ranked 54 samples for each scale. Each scale gives the average judg- ment of 64 competent judges of writing. The tables showing the scales tested by the method of just noticeable differences confirm the opinion that the scale points are fairly accurately determined.

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The differences, however, were not tabulated from the results of a direct comparison of each sample with the one below it in the scale, but from the rankings of the 32 judges in grading 54 samples. That is to say, sample 631 was not judged better than sample 471 by 24 judges and equal or worse by 8 in a direct comparison of those two samples only, but 24 judges put sample 631 in a higher group than sample 471 and 8 put it in the same group or a lower one.

Even so, since only 4 or 5 samples were graded into any one group, and the groups were carefully compared to prevent overlapping, the tables are of value as a confirmation of the accuracy of the scales. The writer believes that the fixing of the qualities with re- ference to a zero point is of only theoretical value. For prac- tical purposes, the essential points of a good scale are (1) that the scale contains a range of quality extensive enough to include all but the most exceptional writing of our schools 105 (2) that the qualities are accurately determined and proceed by equal steps.

If these two conditions are fulfilled, it mat- ters little whether the lowest quality be called one or five, and the highest ten or fourteen. The numbering of the quali- ties of one to ten seems the thesis publishing simplest and most practical way to denote them, and was therefore adopted for the scales pre- sented here.

It is hoped that the scales will prove of real service to the schools of Ontario. They offer a constant standard of rela- tive qualities to which both teachers and pupils may constant- ly turn. The pupil should use the scale on his own account to judge his own improvement. To see a steady improvement in the quality of his work as shown by a higher ranking on the scale should prove a great incentive to successful practice.

When measuring a group of samples, rate the entire group by comparing each sample with quality 1 first, then ascend the scale until the point of equivalence is reached. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, g REPLIES TO " ESSAYS AND REVIEWS. JT is necessary to state that the seven Essays con- tained in this volume have, like those Essays to which they are replies, been u written in entire in- dependence of each other, without concert or com- parison.

Beyond this, each writer was free to exercise college essay editing services his own judgment in the mode of treatment of the Essay : nor was he guided in any way by what others had written, or were writing, for the same volume. This course of proceeding was not adopted without due consideration. Secondly, that the Authors, unfettered by suggestions from Publishers or Edi- tor, would be enabled to treat their subjects more ii ADVERTISEMENT.

In most cases the Publishers are college essay editing services well aware that such a course would be attended with danger, but in this case they have such full confidence in the several writers that they believe a supervision beyond that of the ordinary details attendant in passing works through the press would have been needless.

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