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You will be asked at times to develop and submit things from your folder, but you need share only what you want to. For some writers - perhaps for you - a folder will become a long-term companion — a place where nuggets of language are hoarded to which you can return again and again. Y ou might want to make a Table of Contents sheet to include at the front of your folder. Writing Folder material that you submit for grading in assignments will be marked according to the following scale. The content is detailed thoroughly or philosophically. The organizing principle is well selected and makes the ideas easy to follow. The writer has selected language which reflects thoughtful creativity. The selection of detail is confusing and conflicting. The writer seems to have little understanding of the task and the cheapest custom essay writing language selection is inaccurate and inappropriate. Your Writing Folder is a device meant to help you develop your Section 1 : Expressing Yourself in Writing 9 own style and say things you want to say. Do you grab for the sports section in your local newspaper? Is the radio your best friend and link to the larger world?

Activity 3: Reading and Making Meaning Anthology: a collection of literary selections When you read, you bring experiences and knowledge with you to meet the words on the page, and as you read, you increase that body of experience and knowledge. This process helps you cheapest custom essay writing grow as a human being in that it allows you to share the thoughts and ideas of authors and poets from near and far, from past and present. Your principal text for English 20 is Literary Experiences, Volume One, published by Prentice-Hall Canada Inc.

This book is an anthology - a collection of literary selections, in this case stories, essays, and plays, will be referred to from now on simply Literary Experiences. Note two new or interesting thoughts about literature that cheapest custom essay writing this introduction to the book raised in your mind. As an individual you can look back on your life and see it as separated into different stages, based on what you did or on what you learned. Try to appreciate, as you read, how this poet sees one important stage in her life. Choose a line or image from the poem that you find especially striking and use it to help you express how Maria Banus feels about turning eighteen. Reflect on your life as a series of stages each with specific characteristics.

Make and fill in a chart like the one that follows that seems appropriate for you. Feel free to fill in anything that strikes you as important.

Think about how you might see it ten years into the future. Keep this idea in mind - the changing person you are and the relationship of you to society - as you continue working in this module.

Compare your responses with buy school papers those in the Appendix, Section 1 : Activity 3. Gzowski reminisces about his boyhood passion for hockey.

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WRITING FOLDER In your Writing Folder respond to the following idea. Was there any sport, game, hobby, or other activity about which you felt passionately? If so, do you think it helped shape you into the person you are today? Do you still feel the same interest in this activity, or has your passion for it lessened over the years? How you decide to spend your spare time affects the way you see yourself. Often your interests influence the way you develop and how others see you. You may also see yourself reflected in the story in a variety of other ways. Find and quote a passage from the essay that reflects the way you see hockey, some other sport, or winter in Canada. Tiy to find a passage in the essay that captures how you feel about another activity. Choose an activity or interest about which you know a great deal.

Quote the passage and tell what activity it relates to for you. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 1 : Activity 3. English 20: Module 1 12 HHHBBHHBHHBHBHHHHHHHHBHHraHHHBHBH Follow-up Activities If you found the activities difficult, you should complete the Extra Help. If you understand the concepts clearly, you should complete the Enrichment. Your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings - all add up to make a unique you. There are very few language arts students who have never sat down and found themselves unable to think of anything to write about. This activity is designed to help you realize the many sources you have from which to draw ideas when it comes to writing compositions. Construct a larger version of the chart that follows and fill in the blanks.

If you wish, feel free to add more circles and to put more ideas in each circle than are suggested. Just let yourself go and try to think of as many sources of ideas as you can.

List five purposes an author might have for writing. Compare your responses with those in the Appendix, Section 1 : Extra Help. Enrichment r— — WRITING FOLDER In your Writing Folder respond to one or both of the following idea. Check out the autobiography section of your local library, looking especially for authors you know or authors whom people around you recommend.

Read the following comments made by famous writers to find one that applies to you, or just one you really like. Build a piece of writing around that idea and place the response in your Writing Folder.

Now you should be set to begin work on Section 2, which investigates more fully the idea of personal identity. Leave a wide left margin and number all of your pages. Choose one of the following topics and write a composition of at least two pages.

Your work will be graded chiefly for its thought and detail and for its fluency. As a user of language, you are a reader, writer, listener, speaker, and viewer. Select one or more of these aspects of yourself as a language user and create a portrait of yourself in words.

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