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Specifically, career-related and work readiness skills could be featured in California standards and assessments. While some states currently feature workplace readiness content for all students as part of their school assessment and accountability systems (e.

First, the primary purpose of core statewide assessment systems is to measure student learning relative to academic standards. Moreover, it is not clear that the resources and widespread support needed to effect such a change in core assessments would be forthcoming from the education community or the general public.

Finally, the multiple-choice plus short- answer format of typical state academic tests is limited in its ability to adequately cover key aspects of career-related skills, such as teamwork, exercising leadership, and other interpersonal skills. For all these reasons, it may be unrealistic to expect that state academic core assessments serve as the primary vehicles for assessing career-related skills. Promote the STC Vision f , , Once a STC vision has been articulated, it needs to be aggressively promoted. LPs across California are looking to the State for leadership in promoting the vision of STC to the broader education community and the general public. STC needs a strong voice to aggressively and strategically make the case for the importance and relevance of STC principles to the overall vision of education reform in California. The findings from this study that demonstrate the promise of STC in terms of improved student attitudes towards school, engagement of students in their studies, and increased attendance could be used to support and promote the vision.

Promotion by the State may help teachers, in particular, become more familiar with the philosophy and purposes of STC, and thus be more inclined to support STC efforts. Implement a Statewide Student Data Tracking System Both the local and statewide evaluation efforts that contributed cheap term paper writing service to this study were hampered by the unavailability or limited availability of student-level data.

Schools and their partners can use student essay writing services usa data to help inform the initial design of their reform efforts. Perhaps more importantly, student data can help determine any necessary midcourse corrections as reform efforts are underway. Finally, student data are essential in order to conduct comprehensive studies that follow up on promising findings from this study, demonstrating to policymakers, businesses, and the general public where and how STC is making a difference for our students. On a positive note, there has been a statewide effort underway for the last several years to develop and implement a comprehensive student information system. What CSIS will not provide cheap term paper writing service are data on students after they leave the K-12 system. A longitudinal view is important to allow for proper implementation of a comprehensive reform strategy and examination of its impact.

Moreover, hands-on leadership is necessary to ensure progress towards long-term cheap term paper writing service goals.

Local efforts clearly need strong guidance and support to develop and sustain STC. Finally, effective leadership for system-building initiatives must meaningfully connect STC to other related educational initiatives such as California Partnership Academies, Tech Prep, and community and service learning. These connections could serve to leverage and strengthen each individual initiative.

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More importantly, the connections should weave a more comprehensive network in support of career-related learning in California. Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for Education - Kindergarten through Univeristy. New York: Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory Website.

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Hughes January 2008 Acknowledgements: Funding for this study was generously provided by the Alfred P.

The authors would like to thank the many policymakers and administrators from across the country who graciously shared information and insights with the study researchers. Finally, we would like to thank the National Council for Workforce Education and the National Council for Continuing Education and Training for their assistance and support of this project. Any errors or omissions are strictly the responsibility of the authors. Address correspondence to: Michelle Van Noy Community College Research Center Teachers College, Columbia University 525 West 120 th Street, Box 174 New York, New York 10027 Tel. The Many Roles of Noncredit Workforce Education 14 3. The Organization of Noncredit Workforce Education in Community Colleges 29 4.

The Outcomes from Noncredit Workforce Education 38 5.

Conclusions and Recommendations 51 References 56 Appendix A: List of State Departments and Additional Resources 61 Appendix B: State Policies on Noncredit Workforce Education 64 Appendix C: State Policies on Noncredit Workforce Education in Case Study College States... Much of the growth has occurred in courses connected with workforce instruction and contract training. These programs are noted for their important role in responding to shifting workforce demands and providing skills in a way that is flexible and responsive to employer needs. The growth in community college noncredit workforce education raises fundamental questions about whether the colleges are keeping pace with student and workforce needs, using resources efficiently, and providing access to all students. The answers may challenge current state policies and college practices. Study Methods The CCRC study, which was funded by the Sloan Foundation and conducted in collaboration with the National Council for Workforce Education and the National Council for Continuing Education and Training, focused on noncredit workforce instruction and contract training in community colleges. Second, case studies of 20 community colleges in 10 states were conducted by interviewing key administrative staff at each college. The colleges were selected to reflect innovative practices in noncredit workforce education, as well as a range of institutional sizes, locations, and states.

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