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Gulf Coast Community College Panama City, Florida Program organization. Gulf Coast Community College (GCCC) operates in a multi-county cheap paper writing services district with a total population of 300,000. This is a very dynamic region, and there is ongoing growth and expansion of business with a low unemployment rate. Noncredit education is a separate unit that reports to the academic vice president. The coordinators in the noncredit division work with the credit division in some areas, like health, but in other areas the two divisions are not as close. The noncredit division does what the credit division requests, and noncredit staff work hard to develop and maintain good relationships with the credit side of the college. Nevertheless, the system is seen as being very integrated. State funding in Florida is bundled for noncredit education so the college can determine the amount to give to continuing education. The noncredit division charges fees for its programs and is able to return revenue to the college, operating under a partial cost recovery plan.

The college system is very regulated by state policies. There is common course numbering around the state and articulation agreements with four-year colleges.

Noncredit courses, once taken, cannot be applied for credit. GCCC frequently changes course in response to economic development needs. GCCC reports the FTE enrollment for both credit and noncredit students to the state. It tracks the number of students who enroll in the college through a student database and a personnel database to ensure that there is a match between student enrollment and faculty in the classroom. It has an integrated database system, and noncredit courses can be identified as such. The college is also able to track students who entered into the workforce and make a link between their job and the courses they took at the college. Noncredit students tend to be older, although the average age of the credit students is cheap paper writing services 27. Members of the fire and police departments, and teachers, all come to the college for noncredit programs set up by the Office of Lifelong Learning. The noncredit students differ from credit students in that they may take all their classes at work and never come to campus. The college is seen as belonging to the community and is considered community space. Located in a small rural region, it has a big footprint and is quick to respond to changes in its area. The general outlook at GCCC is that the credit and noncredit programs support one another, open doors, and build bridges to students, which is the role of a community college.

The faculty have respect for the credit and noncredit programs, and are involved in both arenas. Valencia Community College Orlando, Florida Program organization. All noncredit course offerings )are delivered through Valencia Enterprises, which is a division of the college located in a separate facility, not in a traditional campus location, with its own database.

There is little need to connect with the credit side of the college as Valencia Enterprises does not offer credit. It works with only high yield programs where there is a margin of profit and where courses can address higher level skills.

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It has discontinued recreational programs, and offerings such as CPR training, where there is no profit margin. There are two general trends in noncredit education: embed it within the credit programs or use the strong brand and relationship with the community to develop an independent program, which is the direction in which custom coursework this college went.

Funds are bundled and cheap paper writing services sent to Florida community colleges, and each college must separate them and fund its noncredit programs. Noncredit education gets additional funding through tuition, fees from corporate contracts, and U. There are no limits on the amount that can be charged for tuition. Valencia Enterprises is reviewing how it can offer more courses and certificates which would be in line with the degree offerings of the college that would provide an expanded market for continuing education Faculty in noncredit education tend to be subject matter experts and do not necessarily have advanced degrees. There is no curriculum committee for the noncredit courses.

While there are numerous state reporting requirements, the noncredit division documents student completions but not student outcomes. Noncredit education open enrollment is reported to the state, whereas contract agreements, which do not directly reflect enrollments, are not reported to the state, although they are reported to the management team at 70 the college for planning purposes. The Institutional Research Department has a limited role in the help writing an argumentative essay noncredit program. Noncredit students are adults, older then the general college population. They have not so much an expectation for certificates but for CEUs and licensure. The college does not see much migration from noncredit to credit programs at this time. The noncredit division has the ability to develop and deliver short-term training, align scheduling, offer online courses, and generally be more responsive to the needs of business and industry. Anne Arundel Community College Arnold, Maryland Program organization. Anne Arundel Community College has integrated its credit and noncredit programs very intentionally. Since the funding is equivalent for both programs, it is easier to give equivalent value to credit and noncredit programs in terms of enrollment and decision making. The faculty are flexible and often willingly agree to participate in noncredit programs.

However, noncredit education can be entrepreneurial and generate its own revenue, which the college calls enterprise money.

Tuition is regulated by the Board of Trustees, which does not like to increase it. There are state funds to support customized training from the Partnership for Workforce Quality funds. The noncredit division is what is the best research paper writing service aggressively entrepreneurial. There is consistency in course outlines between the credit and noncredit divisions, with the credit model as the standard for course outlines.

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