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These instruments mere particularly required for measuring and monitoring academic achievement of secondary students. Tools to monitor student engagement changes over time Comprehensive, individualized case-management practices allomed staff to make evidence-based decisions in monitoring academic engagement, vocational and aspiration alignment, and behaviour of each student. Professional required for teachers and school leaders cat essay writer To sustain the culture of achievement in the school community, staff tuere required to undertake development in o distributed and focused leadership uuithin the school community o literacy and numeracy pedagogy o early intervention o use of ICT for monitoring student academic engagement o use of ICT to expand the life and learning experiences of senior students o developing and uuorking uuithin strategic community partnerships 12. Sustainability of initiatives The key factors impacting on the sustainability of the initiatives undertaken uuithin this school uuere: o the long-term, uuhole-school and community focus on engaging in learning to improve literacy across the community o the uuhole-school focus on the student at the centre of the learning o the cat essay writer embedded and distributed leadership culture drauuing on the expertise of existing staff, and the targeted senior leadership position (literacy pedagogy leader) aligned uuith the school plan o the establishment of a professional learning community engaging staff in learning uuith their peers, through PL and community partnerships o the development of an ICT-supported data- feedback culture for high performance The sustainability of the school initiatives uuas evident in data on attendance, retention, engagement, and academic achievement (NAPLAN literacy data).

Conclusion This case study is an example of a school that targeted the uuhole-of-life learning needs uuithin its community to provide uuhole-community engagement in literacy learning.

A key strategy to improve the literacy levels across the school uuas the development of strong partnership links uuith the broader community, and enhanced engagement of families and their children in the local school. The school is the only secondary college in the shire, located 45 minutes auuay from a rural city uuith a university. During the past seven years the school has focused on improving the outcomes for its students. School survey data in 2004 shouued that student, parent and staff satisfaction uuere all belouu the state average, so a concerted effort uuas made to improve student and staff uuell being, student citizenship, and student pathujays beyond schooling. Changes made to improve the school climate and student engagement include: o more attention to student transition into and out of school o collection of data to aid student tracking o individualised student learning pathuuays o an increased focus on student citizenship Relationships uuith small businesses and vocational education providers have been developed to provide better pathuuays for students in the senior years. For example, the school has provided more subject choices to students completing Year 12, and more support for students moving into employment, vocational and higher education. The leadership team nouu track the destination of every student leaving the school. Not surprisingly, these measures have increased parent satisfaction uuith the school over the past four years. Notuuithstanding the improvements, the school faces several challenges in engaging students and increasing their commitment to schooling.

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It seems that the broader community has been more concerned uuith student pathuuays to employment than to further study. Location of a large state prison nearby has brought in families uuho are transitory, and uuho have presented uuith a range of difficulties. The small school size has limited capacity to provide choices for students - especially those uuishing to complete Year 12. Students moving into Year 7 have been provided uuith a transition program and a youth engagement program uuhen they move into Years 8 and 9.

Students in Years 10 - 12 have been assisted uuith planning for employment, vocational and educational training, or completion of Year 12. Year 12 students have been given the option of a combined certificate of education uuith integrated VET and VCfiL units.

They have also been able to access subjects that are not available at the school through a video conference link to a large regional school, find some students have been able to travel to, or in from, other schools to access specialist subjects for Year 12. The school population is small (approximately 160), uuith only one Aboriginal and four percent LBOTE. The ICSEfl uuas Iouj at 969 and this dropped by 52 points to 1031, from 2009-2010.

The change in the ICSEfi uuas attributed to an increase in the bottom quartile and a decrease in the three upper quartiles. These changes uuere related to local economic factors, including the combined effects of drought, douunturn in the rural economy and recent closure of a small industrial plant, uuhich led to the loss of 30 families from the touunship. The NAPLAN results for 2008 — 2010 shoujed improvements for both Years 7 and 9 in all three areas, although the gains for minting diminished for 2009 - 2010 to slightly beloiu the ujriting gains for like schools. Comparison of results for Years cat essay writer 7-9 suggest the gains have been maintained across year levels, and the result for reading has improved further.

Overall approach to engagement cat essay writer The school has developed a comprehensive student engagement policy. The Strategic Plans for 2008 - 2010 and for 2011 - 2014 have goals, actions and milestones focused on learning, engagement and uuellbeing, and transitions. The synergy map of seven key areas of support that have been developed to link these school- engagement-related activities is presented on the next page: Description of Engagement Initiatives 1. Whole-School Focus The school has focused on a values-based approach to student engagement and uuellbeing. Activities and practices in the school have been aligned to provide support to students through transition periods, to build a sense of resilience and social responsibility, and to help students set and achieve goals for further employment, vocational training or higher education study. The assistant principal coordinates all student uuelfare issues and uuorks tuith a team of support staff to address these issues. In this ujay classroom teachers are left free to focus on student learning. Areas of responsibility uuere ujell defined and the lines of communication tuere clear. The assistant principal uuorks closely uuith the school chaplain, school nurse, student uuellbeing officer and three learning aides to provide support services to students.

Data-Focused Tracking The school has collected various types of data to monitor the learning, destinations and outcomes of its students.

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