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Or would an inexpensive, flexible system conferring satisfactory peer review feedback be sufficient? Ultimately, it is a dilemma of conversation or convenience. Conclusion This preliminary report provides an anecdotal comparison of OPR and FPR for use in undergraduate science essay buy essay writing online writing. While a slightly greater proportion of students found peer review useful in the FPR format than the OPR format, we cannot conclude that one is better than the other. For one, we gathered feedback on the two approaches from two different courses that had similar but distinct essay assignments.

In the OPR format, students may provide more honest criticisms because they are safeguarded by a veil of anonymity, but feedback 72 Online and Face-to-Face Peer Reviews may be limited by a lack of dialogue. Regardless of the peer review format, students reported that the peer review process was valuable and wanted it to be included in other essay assignments. They suggested that two or three peer reviews cycles were optimal to constructing their essays. In our experience, OPR represents a convenient and effective alternative to peer review despite some minor technical issues within the program. Future avenues of research may include conducting a can you write my paper controlled comparison of FPR and OPR (e. Online peer review: An alternative to face-to-face? The effect and affect of peer review in electronic versus traditional modes on L2 writing. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 2, 193-227. Online and face-to-face peer review: Measures of implementation in ESL writing classes. Response to writing as a context for learning to write. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Science of education and the psychology of the child.

Norton textra connect: a networked writing environment. Computers and collaborative writing in the foreign language classroom. Sharing writing: Peer response groups in action: Writing together in secondary schools. Peer assessment between students in colleges and universities. The effects of web-based peer review on student writing. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Kent, OH: Kent State University, USA. Comparing face-to-face and electronic discussion in the second language classroom.

Re-examining the effects and affects of electronic peer reviews in a first-year composition class.

Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal, 7(2), 4-18. Effects of training for peer revision in college freshman composition classes. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Flagstaff, AZ: Northern Arizona University, USA. In addition to education, his research interests lie in stem cell and molecular biomarker research.

Lori Goff is an Educational Consultant with the Centre for Leadership in Learning at McMaster University. She is completing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Brock University, focussing her research on policies that can you write my paper aim to assure the quality of university education. Kim Dej is an Assistant Professor in Biology and the Associate Director of the Life Sciences Program at McMaster University. Her research interests include studying the way that misconceptions affect student learning and the use of mathematics and statistics concept inventories in Life Sciences education.

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The data have been collected through the Second Language Writing Anxiety Inventory (SLWAI), developed by Cheng, (2004), and Causes of Writing Anxiety Inventory (CWAI), and Writing Efficacy Scale (WES), developed by Yavuz-Erkan (2004).

The participants of the study are 172 English Language and Literature students enrolled in a Turkish state university. Descriptive, variance and correlation analyses were conducted in order to analyze the data.

The results indicate that the participants have a moderate level of writing self-efficacy in terms of content, accuracy, design and unity sub-components of writing self-efficacy and have a high level of efficacy in punctuation. In relation to writing anxiety, the participants were found to have a moderate level of writing anxiety. The results of the study suggest that male students have higher levels of writing self-efficacy and they suffer less from writing anxiety. The study also indicated that the major causes of writing anxiety on the part of Turkish L2 learners were time pressure and negative evaluation of the teacher. Finally, correlation analysis indicated that there is a strong negative correlation between writing self-efficacy and writing anxiety. Keywords: Writing self-efficacy, Writing anxiety, Turkish L2 learners 1. Introduction Due to the fact that academic writing requires high mental processes in content, organization of thoughts and structure and use of appropriate grammar and mechanics, it necessitates strong critical thinking can you write my paper skills. The intricate nature of the writing skill ascends the anxiety level of the students. The ensuing anxiety gives rise to de-motivation and discouragement on the part of the students and as a result they may develop negative attitudes towards writing (Gere, 1987). As far as the type of anxiety is concerned, a three-dimensional conceptualization of anxiety was offered by Cheng (2004): (1) somatic anxiety, (2) cognitive anxiety, and (3) avoidance behaviour. It is generally viewed as related to an increase in the state of unpleasant feelings, like nervousness and tension (Cheng, 2004). These types of writing anxiety signify the physiological, cognitive aspects and the effects of writing anxiety on writing processes and behaviors. Likewise, Daly (1978) also believes that writing anxiety is a situation in which can you write my paper a learner avoids the task of writing in the second language on account of the fact that writing necessitates some amount of formal evaluation by the teacher.

Common to all the definitions given above is that fact that there are negative feelings of anxiety that keep learner from writing in the second language.

Recently, there have been a moderate number of studies that focus on writing anxiety. According to Hassan (2001), students with low anxiety came up with better quality compositions compared to students with high anxiety.

The study found that students with high level of anxiety are reluctant to take writing courses.

Students with elementary level were also found to suffer higher level of English writing anxiety than the students with intermediate and advanced levels. The can you write my paper study also indicated that the most common type of anxiety was cognitive anxiety, followed by somatic anxiety, and avoidance behavior.

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