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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 215 Kelly, Keaten and Finch (2004) reported that the use of email provides students with more options to interact with their instructors outside of can you write my essay for me class time. This is especially beneficial for reticent students who were more comfortable using email than meeting with their instructor during face-to-face office visits. The authors further found that reticent individuals often view can you write my essay for me themselves as having poor communication skills and report that the idea of meeting with their instructors in person made them anxious. The students testified that they were comfortable using emails to communicate with their instructors because they had the time to plan their message carefully, thus reducing their anxiety levels. Stephens, Houser, and Cowan (2009) found that email communication between instructors and students has become common in higher education. It has proven to be an important channel providing students with expanded opportunities to interact with their instructors and is becoming the preferred means of communication between students and faculty. Students report positive effects from their interaction with their instructors through can you write my essay for me the use of emails.

The option of email can allow students who would not normally interact with their instructors an avenue for engagement. Ten out of fourteen students expressed a reluctance to ask questions in their first-year courses especially during the lectures.

These participants suggested that they did not want to appear to be stupid if they asked a question to which everyone else already knew the answer. They also did not like the idea of going to see their instructors during office hours and much preferred email. Students reported that, in high school, they asked questions in class because the classes were smaller and teachers knew who they were and could call on them by name. In first-year university, students were reluctant to ask questions in the large lecture theatre classes because they did not want to ask obvious questions or questions that other students might medical school essay service think were not relevant. They expressed a reluctance to go and see their instructors because they did not want their instructor to think that they did not understand the material. They also revealed that they would rather try to find answers out by asking friends, fellow classmates, or someone who had 216 previously taken the course. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 217 The students reported that their instructors were, usually, very approachable and seemed willing to provide help outside of class. It appears that it is the students themselves who are reluctant to avail themselves of this help rather than reluctance on the part of the instructors.

Only one student expressed her frustration with going repeatedly to her instructor and not being given any information that she could use when completing her assignment. Summary This chapter addressed the research questions posed to each participant, as well as the survey results from the larger student population. For the quantitative analysis, descriptive statistics were used in an attempt to gauge student perceptions of the writing environment in high school. The qualitative analysis was carried out with the students who consented to take part in either focus groups or individual interviews. Individual themes were generated from the data, and direct quotes were used to provide evidence from the participants themselves.

The analysis of the data presented in this chapter was arranged in accordance with the different stages of the students in their transition from high school thesis consulting to university.

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In general the high school writing environment was perceived by the students as a safe, nurturing environment in which teachers were not only UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 218 available to offer assistance but also actively encouraged the students to seek help best essay writers review if they did not understand the assignments. It was an environment in which there was a requirement to complete many different kinds of writing, but in which the overall length of writing assignments was relatively short (2-3 pages). It was also a writing environment in which the feedback from teachers dealt more with the content of the paper, than grammatical errors. Students were also asked whether they thought the kinds of writing they would have to do in university would be similar to the writing they had to do in high school. When the students were asked to reflect on the degree of support they received during their high school years, they generally reported that their teachers were available for help with assignments. By contrast, less than half of the students, when interviewed in high school, thought their university instructors would be available for help with assignments. However, once they were in university, they found that their expectations concerning instructor support were unfounded. Students (9 of 14) reported that their instructors were available for help, if needed, but that they often did not take advantage of that help. The differences can you write my essay for me the students identified were notable. The first of these differences concerned the overall length of the papers the students had to write: in high school, they reported, they were UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 219 generally expected to write two or three pages, whereas, in first-year university, the required length ranged from five to ten pages. The students also reported that once they began to undertake writing assignments in university, they had to learn to conduct research which they had not done in high school. They also had to learn how to properly format a paper.

They found instructor expectations of assignments to be very different from teacher expectations in high school. With regard to their general transition to university, students generally reported that they had to be more independent in their learning at university that they had had to be can you write my essay for me in high school. In addition, many students (8 of 14) reported feeling overwhelmed with the large class sizes.

Interestingly, however, five students reported that they liked the feeling of anonymity that the large class sizes afforded them. Students generally expressed a preference for dealing with their instructors through email rather than face-to-face meetings.

It was apparent that many of the students understood that the writing they would do in university was going to be different from the writing they had had to do in high school. It also appeared that they were prepared for that difference and prepared for less explicit teacher direction. On the other hand, they did not seem prepared for the sheer volume of work that was expected of them in terms of readings and assignments. They expressed a concern that the increased work load was seemingly unmanageable, but most also admitted that they were not good at managing their time effectively.

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