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For other students, their own interpretations were paramount in the essay. She observed that these students evolved a coherent view on the topic from their reading, which determined their use of evidence and the organization of their essay. They were focused on making meaning, and developing an individual view of the topic based on a firm empirical foundation, (p. In addition, the misinterpretations students bring to the essay writing process may be due to their misinterpretation of assessment criteria, or an overly simplified version of instructor expectations. Based on her study, she suggested that firstyear students find it can someone write my paper for me difficult to understand the feedback that they receive from their instructors or tutors, despite the fact that the advice was based on sound writing pedagogy.

She speculated that the problem students were having with feedback might have been with the discipline- specific discourse. Instructors and tutors have worked UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 49 within their respective academic discipline for years and are proficient in the language, thereby making it difficult to explain to students what may be said and how to say it (McCune, 2004).

In addition, because students reported difficulty adapting to self-directed learning, they may have had difficulty applying the advice they received to their essays. For first-year students who are used to positive can someone write my paper for me reinforcement from their high school classes, it is difficult to develop new writing strategies on the basis of advice that accompanied a lower than expected grade. Students also sometimes struggle to understand that the writing of an academic essay is difficult even for experienced writers and that a good essay requires a great deal of revising. American Perspective First-year composition classes in the United States owe their origin to Harvard University, which first implemented mandatory composition classes in 1874. Brooks (2006) explains that composition classes did not go away. Brooks (2006) notes that first-year composition has become a part of the culture of UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 50 American society and is supported by both those within higher education institutions and those outside the institutions. First- year composition courses were deemed necessary for college students, due to the difficulties in writing exhibited by students on their entrance exam. Brooks (2006) attributes this to the influence on Canadian universities from Britain and the desire to form a Canadian curriculum independent of the influence from the United States. Nonetheless, Graves and Graves (2006) found that there was a wide variety of writing courses, programs, and degrees offered at Canadian universities.

Unlike the practice of American universities, writing courses offered in most Canadian universities focus more on academic writing than on composition. Composition classes in the United States typically focus on the discrete elements of writing, including more mechanical features like grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, whereas academic writing programs in Canada focus on writing for meaning and rhetorical strategies. As a result, independent writing programs, often housed in learning assistance centres, have developed at many universities to assist first-year students in learning to write an academic essay.

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These programs generally operate outside specific courses and are not usually affiliated with any faculty or discipline. These came can someone write my paper for me about in part because of the pressure from students and faculty for improved writing skills. This has left the teaching of writing up to other disciplines, including the writing centre approach.

It would have been interesting to have followed these same students from the time they wrote the survey (at the beginning of the term) to the end of the term to determine whether their confidence remained strong when they were immersed in essay service cheap the new writing environment of first-year university. One can someone write my paper for me of the problems that students have when they enter the university writing environment is in determining the different expectations of individual instructors in the different subject areas (Beaufort, 2007). The fact that students can often satisfy their university writing requirements by taking courses in which there are writing assignments but no writing instruction is also problematic. The following discussion will outline some of these problems identified by the above researchers.

Students moving from high school to first- year university are in a transitional stage, and their writing reflects this transition. Russell and Foster (2002) refer to these students as between worlds, and their writing reflects this transition. Generally students are leaving a more nurturing environment in secondary school and entering an environment of greater responsibility and greater personal challenge. In most systems students must reorient themselves to new institutional expectations, the challenge of disciplinary discourse, and new structures of learning and writing... In fact, Brinkworth, McCann, Matthews, and Nordstrom (2009) found that many first- year students struggled when making the transition from high school writing to university writing, despite having achieved success as high school writers. It may be that the writing that is expected from students in high school is different than the kinds of writing expected of students UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 55 once they enter university. According to Beaufort (2007), students are not always motivated to examine, or modify, their writing practices. The problems that students must learn to cope with during the transition year can be broken down into two categories: personal and academic. Personal problems relate to levels of independence and new-found freedom, while academic problems can be characterized can someone write my paper for me by the new learning demands placed on students by their first-year instructors. First-year students in transition are often surprised to learn that no one monitors their attendance in class, no one checks their homework, and there are few, if any, reminders when assignments are due. In addition, there are fewer assignments in university so each assignment is worth more and counts for a larger portion of the overall course mark than might have been the case in high school. High school students, by contrast, operate in an environment of some dependency where the rules and regulations of attendance, assignments, parental involvement, teacher monitoring, and feeling of security are regular occurrences.

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