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I think of all of the things that I was asking the class to do, I am amazed. Then I asked them to learn the thesis-support essay format. This process involved learning the elements of can somebody write my essay an introductory par. I discovered that these ninth graders were able, and more than able, to follow these requests. After tho planning session, the students spent one class period writing the introductory paragraph and having it approved can somebody write my essay by me. The next class session, we prepared the final essay.

I collected all of the notes, the rough draft ar:d the final essays. Out of a class of thirty students, twenty-two successfully completed this assignment. In col- laborative planning whenever something acceptable is stated by the supporter, I asked the writer to write it down in his notes. This act gives immediate positive feedback to the writer.

The students enjoyed the fact that someone else liked what they were pn posing. Whiie the collaborative planning session was occur- ring, I took notes ou the social aspects of the process. This positive result motivated me to try collaborative planning again with this class. Boyer irt High School: A Report on bee- ondary Education in America suggests: The first curriculum priority is language. Our use of the complex symbols separates human beings from all other forms of life. Thinking skills, involved in the study of all disciplines, are inherent in the reading, writing, speaking, listening and observing involved in the study of English. The ability to analyze, classify, compare, formulate hypotheses, make infer- ences, and can somebody write my essay draw conclusions is essential to the reason- ing processes of all adults. The capacity to solve problems, both rationally and intuitively, is a way to help students to cope successfully with the experiences of learning within the school setting and outside. Collaborative planning helps students to develop these thinkingskills. Intensive study of literature and writing as early as grade seven helps the students to nurture t! If students Icam to select importar i: things to remember and write them down in their own words, they can reduce study time. Note-taking in the collabo- rative planning process helps the students come to the session prepared to work. I have seen many different uses of notes in the collaborative planning process. First, my college students use the reading notes men- tioned above. They use them to support their theses plans with specific support from the texts that they have read. They ulso use notes to help them to address the elements of the Blackboard Planner in the collabo- rative-- planning process.

These latter notes seem to keep thestudents focused on the taskathand. Tliehigh school students also use these notes to help to focus the discussion during the collaborative planning process.

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Students who come with notes, at any academic level, attend to the session in a more clearly focused way. The third way that notes are used is to jot do wn any positive feedback from the supporter that mry be used in the production of the final paper.

These notes help the writer to monitor and adjust his writing strategies. The suggestions from the supporter help the writer to rein- force ideas as well as to change, or adjust , or expand ideas as necessary.

Has the supporter helped me to change the same old approach I always use? What suggestions given by the supporter helped me to improve my approach? After the planning session has occurred, my college students asked for an additional week, (we meet on a weekly basis), to listen to their tapes again, to review their no tes taken during the session, and to reorganize their es- says. This additional week gives the students time to analyze and to reassess their own writing processes.

Then, when the students had time to think about their collaborative planning session, they were not able to implement their changes. The Second Experience This experience also occurred in my first semester ninth grade English class.

This time the assignment was based on the reading of the novel. The students had worked on collaborative planning two other times. They also knew the require- ments for the assignment. They were to come to the session with notes that they be- lieved would support their thesis. The next class was spent discussing the question sheet which Tom Hay- duk, one of the project members, prepared for the collaborative planning group members to use with their classes. This question sheet refers to each aspect of the Blackboard Planner with specific questions which the supporter may use to guide his questioning strate- gies for helping the writer during the collaborative planning session. After this discussion, the students were more focused on the questions which thoy used to ask the writer during the collaborative planning ses- sion. The students spent twenty minutes each as both writer and supporter This was probably our best collaborative planning session. Next, while using their notes, the students wrote their rough drafts which I had to ap- prove. We shared our efforts by reading them during the next class ses- sion. Positive feedback only was offered by the other members of the class after each final draft was read by its author. I remained neu tral here by saying that I had to take careful no tes on their comments for CMU. I then used these comments as part of the evaluative com- ments which I placed on each final copy. Our last class on the novel was speni discussing the pros and cons of the collaborative planning process.

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