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Indeed, the only reason that was given as frequently in 2003 as it had been in 2002 pertained to the manageability of EPD: in both years, around 2 per cent of teacher respondents believed that the scheme had taken up too much of their time. The impacts derived from EPD: teacher vignettes To conclude this examination of the impacts generated by EPD for teachers, three vignettes are presented, relaying the effects that one primary and two secondary case- study teachers believed had emanated from their participation in the scheme. By the final year, when asked to score the overall effect of EPD on their professional practices, more than three- quarters of teachers (77 per cent) registered that EPD had impacted on them to a considerable degree. This constituted a substantial rise of 16 percentage points from the first year of the pilot. Further, in their questionnaire, teachers were given a cheapest custom essays list of possible outcomes and asked to rate the extent to which EPD had affected their practice in these areas. What becomes apparent when looking at this list of highest-rated impacts is that the EPD scheme did not only benefit teachers, but that also the positive effects radiated from the immediate participants to those they taught and worked with. For all the specified outcomes on which teacher were asked to comment, the can i get someone to write my essay proportion registering that EPD had affected their practice considerably rose markedly - on average by around 12 percentage points - between the first and third years of the pilot.

With assurance, it is possible to establish from the evaluation of the EPD scheme that participating teachers experienced a multitude of effects in key areas of their professional lives, including: impact on teaching practice, impact on career development and commitment to the teaching profession. That these impacts were extensive, rose over the duration of the scheme and were reported by the majority of participants, serves to underline the substantial successes of the EPD scheme in contributing to the professional lives of teachers in the early stages of their careers. The outcome of enhanced confidence that teachers gained from taking part in EPD seemed particularly instrumental in fostering further impacts. Instilled with higher confidence levels, teachers reported having implemented new teaching practices and of being able to pursue their chosen career paths, and these, in turn, helped teachers feel more content in their chosen profession. These aspects will be considered in greater depth in the next section. This section looks more closely at the outcomes for schools and pupils as a result of the development of teachers engaged in professional learning funded through EPD.

The responses to these items as well as the qualitative evidence from the case-study schools are presented in the following sections: Section 2. It was placed high in a ranking of 12 outcomes by the proportion of teachers registering a considerable effect (see section custom written research papers 2. Longitudinally, the proportion of teachers indicating that EPD had considerably 36 PART TWO affected their contribution to colleagues and the school increased over the course of the pilot - from 61 per cent in the first year to 74 per cent in the final year - a sign that as the EPD pilot became more established, its potential wider impact increased.

These results provide a valuable first measure of this wider impact of the EPD scheme - demonstrating that the early professional development of teachers could lead them to become more effective members of their school communities. After the survey results from the first year of the evaluation established that EPD enabled teachers to contribute more fully to their colleagues and the school, the questionnaire to mentors thereafter sought to examine can i get someone to write my essay the full range and extent of impacts experienced by schools as a result.

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Overall, half the mentors responding in 2003 (49 per cent) and more than half in 2004 (55 per cent) answered in the affirmative, compared with one-fifth in both years indicating there had been no can help writing a thesis statement for a research paper i get someone to write my essay wider-school impact and one-quarter (one third in 2003) who were unsure. In general, the secondary schools in the sample were larger than the primaries, conceivably making it more difficult to discern whole-school impacts. In both primary and secondary schools, mentors who were heads or deputy headteachers most frequently stated that EPD had had a wider impact within the school. Analysis of case-study interviews showed that four out of five coordinators, mentors and headteachers interviewed in years 2 and 3 perceived that the EPD teachers had had at least one positive impact at a whole-school level. The disparity between responses in the interview data and survey data might suggest that the wider impact of EPD teachers on the school was not always immediate and was often more subtle than the impacts on the teachers themselves. Please note that percentages in brackets indicate a combined category - where mentors offered at least one outcome within the overarching theme. For example, overall, 99 per cent of mentors in year 3 of the pilot gave one or more positive impacts, compared with one per cent citing one or more negative outcomes. Therefore, the percentages shown below are calculated from the number of mentors who had responded affirmatively to this initial enquiry. In year 2 the most common outcomes, each cited by two-fifths of mentors who perceived that EPD had had a wider-school effect, were that the EPD scheme had impacted on other teachers and on the management or structures of the school. In year 3, those reporting impacts on other teachers had increased to three-fifths, with impacts on management or structures cited by approaching half of mentors reporting wider-school impacts.

The picture further changed in year 3 as the proportion of mentors citing changes specific to the EPD teachers as a wider-school outcome almost doubled from the previous year to two- thirds of all mentors who had observed a whole-school impact as a result of EPD.

Each broad category of impact shown in Table 12 will now be considered in greater detail, with the qualitative evidence from the interviews in the case-study schools providing illumination regarding the ways in which schools experienced these impacts.

Impacts on other teachers The impact on other teachers, cited in year 3 by almost three-fifths of mentors reporting a wider-school effect, involved the EPD teacher disseminating what they had learnt from their EPD activities to colleagues, and other teachers having changed their own practice as a result. In 2002, the latter was explicitly stated by more than one-quarter of mentors responding to the question, suggesting that EPD could have a wider-school influence in facilitating developments in classroom practice for a potentially large number of teachers not directly involved in the scheme.

In both years 2 and 3, secondary-school mentors who were headteachers and deputy heads were more inclined to can i get someone to write my essay highlight the impact of EPD on other teachers than those who did not hold this level of responsibility. Hence, mentors with the greatest level of responsibility and whole-school perspective, placed most emphasis on the impact of the scheme in terms of developing the practice of other staff.

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