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This ethos mas strongly supported and matched by the parents mho had high expectations for their children. There mas enormous pressure from many parents for their children to achieve university entrance and study to become doctors or lauuyers, occupations they held in high esteem.

Students undertook a great deal of tutoring outside of school hours, uuith the express aim of improving their school results. The school had a strong emphasis on pastoral care and supported the melfare and engagement in learning of every student.

There mas an enormous amount of gooduuill on the part of teachers touuards students and many of the teachers devoted time after school to helping students uuith their studies. There mas a clear focus upon good quality teaching in all classrooms in the school, a direction set by the principal and reinforced by all senior staff.

In addition, buying papers online college there mas a focus on accountability of outcomes. The belief in the school mas that, uuhen lessons are interesting, uuell planned and focused on meeting the ability levels of the students, students mill be engaged. Recording to one of the deputy principals, mho had observed 30 teachers across most faculties during the year, the quality of teaching staff mas very high, as mas buying papers online college the quality of curriculum delivery. Excursions mere scrutinized closely and questioned as to their relevance to the teaching and learning program.

Rs mentioned above, interruptions to the daily timetable of teaching and learning mere kept to a bare minimum. There mere strong collegial netmorks mithin the school and teachers used common programming approaches and similar resources. The synergy map on the next page identifies eight key engagement initiatives and their offshoots. The school had one full- time counsellor position shared by three people. Behaviour The school had a student behaviour management policy, with explicit guidelines on what constituted inappropriate behaviours and their consequences. The policy stipulated clearly what misbehaviours were to be managed by teachers and deputy principals. There was consistency in every classroom, and students expected fairness. For fighting, there was always a suspension, with the latter applied more strictly. Welfare The school code was based on rights, responsibilities and fairness. There were structures in place to support welfare matters.

For each year group there were year advisors and assistant year advisors and these teachers had a totally non-disciplinary role. Year advisors followed the students through the school from year to year in order to maintain strong pastoral care links. Deputy principals also had responsibilities for year levels and followed students through the school Teachers in the school had a lot of goodwill and went out of their way to follow up or work on welfare issues for the students. The community highly supported the wearing of uniforms. R few years ago the students had significant input into a uniform change.

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Rn active Student Council was in place, with representation from all year levels, which provided valuable input into school operations.

The Council conducted assemblies and presentations and had a leadership academic essay service role in the school Secondary Transition The school had partnerships with the three primary schools in the catchment area. For the purpose of transition to secondary school, students from these schools came to the school at separate times during term 4 (for one day a week for five weeks) to help familiarize them with the secondary environment. Literacy fit the beginning of 2011, the school timetabled three periods a week of literacy for students in Years 7 buying papers online college and 8, two periods more than in the previous two years. The literacy period consisted only of reading and writing. In addition to the literacy programs outlined below, the school held an annual Literacy UJeek, with online essay helper activities such as spelling bees, movie reviews, read-a-thons and poster competitions. The school encouraged and rewarded participation in these events with generous prizes. The school had a Literacy Committee, with staff representatives from every subject faculty, which met once per month. The development of the literacy program had been based on weaknesses identified through NRPLRN. Peer reading operated for 10-15 minutes and involved oral reading only. The activity was reported anecdotally to be effective. The school paid for Years 7, 8 and 9 students to attend an incursion or performance, uuhich formed the stimulus for a uuriting activity, fit the conclusion of the performance, teachers set the uuriting buying papers online college task for students to complete during class time. Pin ex-head teacher marked the task, uuhich gave credibility to the assessment process and selection of prize uuinners, and feedback uuas given to teachers about the areas of uueakness in student uuriting.

Pi uuide selection of books uuas made available based on uuhat boys and girls generally found interesting. Students chose and read books from those provided and prizes uuere auuarded to those uuho read the most books. Reading Program The reading program had been operating for many years in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. In 2011, the school uuas trialing a uuithdrauual program for louu— ability Year 8 students nominated by secondary teachers. The school used PSP funds to employ four teacher aides to uuork uuith about 40 students.

Initial reluctance from some teachers to release students for this program uuas overcome uuhen improvement uuas observed. The latter uuas a popular strategy because it enabled students to help themselves.

Plfter-school tuition uuas also available on request. Music In the past, little had been done in the school to develop music.

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