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Though it has a few exceptions, this simple rule is worth remembering. Stop becomes stopping, stopped, stoppage, or stopper because stop has only one syllable (so it is accented), and it ends in a single consonant pre- ceded by a single vowel. Here are some other examples of words that meet the doubling requirements: run — running, runner slam — slamming, slammed nag— nagged, nagging incur — incurred, incurring kid — kidding, kidder www.

If the ending begins with a consonant, keep the final e, as in advancement and likeness. However, if the silent e is preceded by another vowel, drop the e when adding any end- ing ( argument , argued, truly).

EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES To avoid confusion and mispronunciation, the final e is kept in words such as mileage and words where the final e is preceded by a soft g or c: changeable, courageous, manageable, management, and noticeable.

The word management, for example, would be pronounced with a hard g sound if not for the e after the g. If the root word ends with a silent e, and the suffix begins with a vowel, then take off the silent e and add the suffix. However, if a word ends in x or s, -sh or -ch, the suffix -es must be added to form a plural. COMMONLY MISSPELLED WORDS absence dilemma abundance discrepancy accidentally eighth accommodate eligible acknowledgment embarrass acquaintance equivalent aggravate euphoria alibi existence alleged exuberance ambiguous feasible analysis February annual fifth argument forcibly awkward forfeit basically formerly boundary fourth bulletin fulfill calendar grateful canceled grievance cannot guarantee cemetery guidance coincidence harass committee hindrance comparative ideally completely implement condemn independence congratulations indispensable conscientious inoculate consistent insufficient convenient interference correspondence interrupt deceive jealousy definitely jewelry dependent judgment depot leisure descend length desperate lenient development liaison lieutenant receive lightning recommend loophole reference losing referred maintenance regardless maneuver relevant mathematics religious millennium remembrance minuscule reservoir miscellaneous responsible misspell restaurant negotiable rhythm ninth ridiculous occasionally roommate occurred scary omission scissors opportunity secretary outrageous separate pamphlet souvenir parallel specifically perceive sufficient permanent supersede perseverance temperament personnel temperature possess truly potato twelfth precede ubiquitous preferred unanimous prejudice usually prevalent usurp privilege vacuum procedure vengeance proceed visible prominent Wednesday pronunciation quandary questionnaire receipt wherever www. Non-Word versus Real- Word Errors Most of us think of spelling errors in the first category, that is, a string of letters that does not make a real word. You might type sevn instead of seven, or th for the.

Spell check is an excellent tool for catching these types of mistakes.

Proper Nouns Spell check uses a dictionary that does not include most proper nouns and words in other categories, such as the names of chemicals.

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You can always add a word or buy custom papers words to the dictionary once you are sure of its spelling, but the first time you spell check, you will need to use another source (a reliable print one is best) to verify the spelling. Errors Spelled Similarly to Another Real Word If you misspell a word in such a way that it is now closer, letter-by-letter, to a word other than the one you intended, spell check will probably offer the wrong word as a correction. For example, if your essay includes a coffee house scenario, and you type the word expresso, spell check will correct the error with express rather than espresso. Doing so ensures that your audience understands the meaning you intend. Their connotations involve emotions, cultural assumptions, and buy custom papers suggestions that can be positive, negative, or neutral. If you learn these common errors and how to avoid or correct them, your writing will greatly improve.

Therefore, the focus of this chapter is on those errors that occur most frequently. No matter how original an idea you come up with, the inability to express yourself clearly and accurately through the written word will hinder the success of your essay. How- ever, you do not need to become a strict grammarian in order to write well. Following are the four most challeng- ing ones as they pertain to your essay: pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, with usage explanations and examples. If you feel your writing would benefit from a more in-depth review of grammar, check the resources at the end of this book for websites and books that contain grammar lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes to reinforce the material.

Agree in number A singular pronoun must be used for a singular noun. Incorrect: If the student passes this course, they will graduate. Correct: If the student passes this course, she will graduate. First person pronouns: I, me, we, us Second: you Third: he, she, him, her, they, them Incorrect: When a person comes to class, you should have your homework ready. Correct: When a person comes to class, he should have his homework ready. Be a specific reference to a noun It should be obvious to your reader to which noun the pronoun refers. Incorrect: It has been years since they spent money on new textbooks. Correct: It has been years since the school board spent money on new textbooks. Incorrect: I went on the trip with Emily and Nancy, and we took her laptop. Adjectives add information by describ- ing people, places, or things in a sentence. These words, more than any others, make your essay a unique piece.

Use them to describe people, objects, and situations to make the reader understand your point of view and see things the way you have seen them. ADVERBS buy custom papers Adverbs, which describe verbs, are easily spotted because most of them end in -ly, such as slowly, quickly, abruptly.

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