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UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 176 The quantitative findings to this question are similar to the findings from the qualitative data.

Both indicated that high school students perceived that the writing they would be expected to complete in first-year university would be different than the writing they were required to produce in high school. Carroll (2002) and McCarthy (1987) both observed that the students in their respective studies thought they already knew how to write an essay and were surprised to discover that the types of writing they were expected to do buy cheap papers online in university was different than the type of writing they had produced in high school. These results are not consistent with the findings from this study where the students in both the quantitative survey and the qualitative interviews said that they knew the writing they would have to do in first-year university would be different. They were just not sure what that difference would be. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 178 help to write an essay The students who participated in the qualitative interviews gave similar answers to the question of whether they thought their university instructors would be buy cheap papers online available for help if they needed it. The students commented that they expected their first-year instructors would be available to help them if they had questions. They were fairly confident that getting help would not be a problem.

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This is an important area and one that needs further study.

If students are more successful in classrooms where instructors develop a social rapport then perhaps that is an area that first-year instructors, especially, should be aware of when planning their courses.

The fact that students attach importance to having a classroom environment where they feel comfortable asking essay writing services us questions is one that needs further investigation. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 181 Figure 4. As a result of the pilot study, this question was added to the survey. Their reasons for suggesting the addition of the question emerged from a discussion of the faculties the students were planning on attending at a specific university in Western Canada. They indicated that, if they were planning on attending a faculty that required a lot of writing (e. For example, one of the students said that, because he buy cheap papers online was going to be attending the Faculty of Engineering, the kinds of writing he was being asked to complete and the length of the UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL coursework research ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT buy cheap papers online 182 assignments in high school had little relevance to his studies. The results of this study are inconsistent with the research that was conducted at the University of Manitoba in two separate studies (2007, 2011) pertaining to student confidence going to university with their present writing skills.

It is not possible to comment on the discrepancy since this was not a question that was followed up in the qualitative interviews presents a limitation.

He discovered that people who are more confident are willing to make more of an effort to persevere if they run into difficulties when learning something new.

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Eighty-two percent of the UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 186 students reported that they were looking forward to attending first-year university which may speak to their overall confidence in their ability to tackle a new experience. They perceived that university would be different from high school but were looking forward to that change and also looking forward to leaving high school behind.

Many of the students saw attending university as the next step in their development as adults. The qualitative results provided some insight into these quantitative results. These qualitative data were gathered from individual interviews during the second round of data collection in November 2011. The students who participated were all in their first term of university and had received their first written assignment back from UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT 187 their instructors. In the interviews, they were asked to comment on the differences they found between the high school writing environment and the first-year writing environment.

The students did not fill out a second survey so there is no quantitative data for comparison in this section. Students who had achieved a measure of success in high school reported that they were confident that they could handle the writing demands of university. The results from this study were similar to the two earlier studies conducted at the University of Manitoba (2007, 2011) and with the results reported by Russell and Foster (2002). The students interviewed for this study were similarly confident in their writing ability coming in to first-year university. The results from the survey completed when the students were in high school were mixed. Some students (5 of 20) reported that their teacher expectations were clear or, if they were not, teachers were always available to provide further guidance. Others (7 of 20) complained that their teachers did not provide enough guidance and were not available for help outside the classroom. This topic was revisited in interviews with the students after they had begun their first year of university study. Brinkworth, McCann, Matthews, and Nordstrom (2009) found that many first-year students struggled when making the transition from high school writing to university writing, despite having achieved success as high school writers. One of the differences the students noted between high school and first-year university was buy cheap papers online the perceived lack of direction from their instructors which impacted the amount of success they enjoyed. The lack of direction expressed at the university level differed from the perceived lack of direction provided at the high school level. It was the perception of students (5 of 20) in high school that the lack of teacher direction did not affect their overall marks while, in first-year university it was the perception of the students (8 of 14) that the lack of instructor direction in how to complete assignments did have an effect on their overall class marks. UNIVERSITY AND HIGH SCHOOL ARE JUST VERY DIFFERENT Overall Length of the Papers in University In the second round of interviews (i. One of the differences identified concerned the length of the essays that were required.

In retrospect, nine of the fourteen participants found that the essays they had to produce in first-year university were longer than the ones they had to produce in high school.

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