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Thus the crust of the earth is a chronicle in five zones. Between the exterior zones, azoic and anthropozoic, lie three intermediate brute zones, the sub-vertebrate, vertebrate, and mammiferous. That a tincture of vertebrate life is detected in Siluria, or a subdued prophecy of mammalian life in the mesozoic rocks, signifies not. In Siluria, a vertebrate fossil is a strag- gler and a stranger : the Silurian fish is the mere vanguard of that essay writing help for high school students innumerable host which crowds the ocean for ever after from pole to pole.

Just so the few and feeble pioneer mammalia do not give charac- ter to the secondary formations : only in the tertiaries do they appear in strength. Geology must be, not extended, but revolutionized, before this generalization can be upset. Can an invertebrate animal improve itself into a fish? Can a bird, or a reptile, never suckled itself, improvise an apparatus for suckling its offspring?

The vertebrate buy a college research paper structure is the endowment of life with power : the mammalian function superadds love. Each act of the long drama contributes to the result, though the enigma is not unravelled till the whole is seen.

The dynasty of the lower verte- brate, and the dynasty of the mammal, await their explanation in the master- creature who succeeds to both.

The rocks, therefore, which are the monument of a "high and ancient order," are also the receptacle of a natural revelation. Palaeontology, like the Mosaic cosmogony, leads up to its " image of God. It is an evolution foreseen, controlled, and piloted throughout by Divine thought and will, or it is hap-hazard de- velopment of unconscious force. To the latter doc- trine the rocky archives are in changeless antagonism. All life that we know of presupposes life 1 : even were its microscopic forms producible from a "corps putrescible," whence that " corps m? A lower animal cannot create itself into a higher animal. But this is a process effected for the creature, not hy it.

Transmutation of species, un- known to human experience, is equally unknown to geology.

Each creature, throughout the long succession, comes in as it goes out, and goes out as it came in. If, by the operation of natural law, a sub-vertebrate could produce a ver- tebrate, or a reptile a mammal, in the old periods of the earth, why not now? For the facts of geology there is therefore but one solution, — the periodical exertion of supernatural power. To such intervention is it specially necessary to refer the origin of the human race. Between man and all lower existence there stretches a chasm defined by what may be called the language-generating brain. At both ends of the scale, therefore, the two orders of endowment pass through the assigned range by every, or almost every, shade of transition. Bounded by cerebral tropics lies a huge zone vacant, nearly equal to both the outlying ranges above and below. Even the most ab- normally low individual human brain and the most abnormally high individual brute brain leave two- thirds of its normal compass unspanned.

Like the parent prerogative of which it is the sign and the satellite, this endowment secludes mankind as of one blood and one brotherhood, between which and the very highest of the manco-cerebral mammalia u a great gulf is fixed q.

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No animal thinks, and buy a college research paper no animal speaks, except man.

Ambrose : — " Erigit bucula ad cesium oculos, sed quid spectet, ignorat.

Erigunt ferae, erigunt aves : buy a college research paper omnibus est liber aspectus, sed soli inest liomini eorum quce aspicit affectus interpres.

Audiunt quoque animantes easterns, sed quis praster hominem audiendo cognoscit? Among patristic expositors of the Hexameron, St, Basil must rank far below the great Latin Eathers. Of recent works on the early chapters of Genesis, one of the most valuable is " Discourses on the Eall and its Results," by Dr. Hannah, Warden of Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire. See especially as cor- rective of "Essays and Reviews," p. Cursory as this review has necessarily been, best essays writing service it may in some degree assist the reader in the task of collating with the teachings of modern science the group of ancient cosmogonies, in the first instance, and the Mosaic record in the second. From that fiery ordeal, how much, say of the Timceus, escapes unscathed? One point reserved, though not forgotten or evaded, which lesson, of all those our exegesis yielded, have we got to unlearn? Astronomy indeed teaches us that the universe is inconceivably vast, and geology that the earth is immensely old. But does the majesty of the Scripture collapse under the new burden of signi- ficance it has to bear? True, modem science expands and educates custom essays review our apprehension of Almighty power. But does it displace or disturb the conception already imbibed from that ancient and reverend record? Does it limit the power which spake all things into being? Does it teach us of any time when God was not, or give us a lower idea of His duration than this, that He " inhabits eternity? But the thing hypothetically required is not the miraculous anti- cipation of scientific range of research, or the reveal- ing of such knowledge before its time, but such an influence of the Divine Spirit on the mind of the writer buy a college research paper as should ensure that, when the knowledge came, the general dignity, congruity, and religious impres- siveness of the lesson should suffer no harm from the advent of such knowledge. This is all which, on any sober or reasonable theory of inspiration, we have a right to expect. True insight into the meaning and method of the extant creation is not falsified, though it is extended, by the unveiling of the past. Insight buy a college research paper into the geological past it is unnecessary to suppose that the inspired penman either needed or had given him. Max Miffler remarks, " Prose was at that time unknown, as well as the distinction between prose and poetry 1. Most Christians speak of it as a history or narrative. Hitherto, de- clining either of these terms, we have been styling it somewhat vaguely a " record. Goodwin, written in a most reverential spirit, has come to the conclusion that it is a " parable 11.

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