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I would rather conclude this too long letter with a few remarks on the general arrangement of the separate acts of creative power, which may help in some measure to a better under- standing of the whole narrative, and which I do not remem- ber to have seen insisted on. I do not trouble myself, nor you, Sir, with discussing the meaning of the days within which the separate acts of crea- tion are included. Goodwin is quite right in reminding us that- some school-books business school essay writing service still teach to the ignorant that the earth is six thousand years old, and that it (he should have said all things) was created in six days. During the writing of this letter I find my own mind cleared and elevated. I am, my dear Sir, Yours very faithfully, EOBERT MAIK James Parker, Esq. My dear Sir, The question which you have done me the honour to ask, touching the bearing of geological discovery on religious be- lief, as experienced by myself, is the more agreeable for me to answer, because I know how readily your own mind has received the great truths now established regarding the ancient natural history of the earth, and how constantly you have favoured the free and unrestrained teaching of them from the Chair of Geology in this University.

During these last eight years, in sixteen courses of lec- tures, embracing geology in every form, involving questions of force and time, of the succession of life and changes of phy- sical condition, there has never been produced in my own mind, nor, so far as I know, in the minds of my hearers, the slightest impression that we were considering facts and laws in any degree opposed to Christian faith, business school essay writing service to the inferences from natural theology, or to the deductions from Scripture. Seeing that, in common with all the most experienced geologists of this age and nation, in agreement with the conclusions of Conybeare, and the lectures of Buckland and Sedgwick, I see in the vast geologic record which we are invited, if not compelled, to read, not an anti-Mosaic history of the creation of man, but pre- Mosaic tables of stone, inscribed by the hand of the Divine Master, and bearing indisputable traces of His earlier works, earlier co-ordinations of the appointed powers of nature, earlier terms of the one creative series, whose latest period includes the history of man. Thus viewed, the two great problems on which we are in- tent, — the physical history of the earlier world, and the moral and religious history of man, — appear in natural sequence and relationship, not in unfriendly contrast, or perplexed and suspicious alliance. There are points of contact between the two histories. The great system of physical causes and effects is ever moving onwards, gathering what is present into what is past, and giving us hints, if not measures, of the lapse of time and the changes of nature. The conclusions reached by this kind of computation are at present quite indeterminate, whether they business school essay writing service relate to the whole or any particular part of the periods which have passed away. Equally indeterminate are those inferences concerning the length of time during which man may have existed on the earth, which are based on the few, and as yet insufficiently examined, cases of the discovery of the remains or works of men, in bone-caves, gravel-beds, and other super- ficial deposits.

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If it ever could be a serious question whether a diligent business school essay writing service and philosophical study of nature were likely to lead to habits of mind unfitted for dealing with the evidences of the truth and authority of the Gospel, I would venture to reply, — and not for geology only, — that this kind of study is eminently fitted to train the mind in the right methods of estimating the probability of remarkable and unusual occurrences, and to touch the heart with a susceptibility of gratitude for the effects of GodV goodness, whether we perceive or not the business school essay writing service method and motive of His working.

On the whole, I believe, and am satisfied, that geology has added to the defences of natural theology, established no results hostile to the evidences of revelation, and en- couraged no disposition of mind unfavourable to a fair ap- preciation of those evidences. In this faith I cheerfully abide, and remain, ever, Yours very truly, JOHN PHILLIPS. Specify 2 Write a short theme on one of the following subjects Why I Enrolled m College (or University) Why I Plan to Study Engineering (Law, Medicine, Commerce, Theology, Agriculture) My Most Difficult Study My Definition of Democracy The Blessings of Being an American 16 The College Writer 3 EXPOSITORY METHODS The objective— When we come to the study of description we shall learn about the importance of dominant tone In exposition the corresponding quality is singleness of objective Just as in any well-rounded piece of description the writer is likely to set forth one predominant impression, so in any well-conceived work of exposition the writer is almost best essay writing service online cer- tain to reveal a single controlling purpose, a singleness of objective In other words, a unified exposition is not a conglomeration of miscellaneous paragraphs that have nothing in common except that they all happen to bear loosely upon the same general subject An article on South America, for example, might give a wealth of varied information, but if it did not set forth some one predomi- nant fact about that continent it would, m the final analy- sis, be confusing and ineffective The good expository writer is just as goal-conscious as is the baseball batter or the football halfback who is carrying the ball He has a controlling purpose— a purpose that is just as definite as scoring a run or making a touchdown Moreover, since he is not playing a competitive game, the writer is much surer than the athlete of attaining his goal Let us assume, then, that the competent expository writer has a single objective for his book or his article and that he has that objective clearly m mind before he begins his composition A big question that confronts him as he arranges and rearranges his outline is this At what point can I most advantageously announce my objective to the reader? And if the lat- tei, will he get it by means of a deft infield bunt or by means of a low line drive neatly planted between the in- field and the outfield?

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