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His principle, that organ- isation is the result of function, not function of organisation, seems, at first sight, somewhat like a mystified version of that very doctrine of final causes to which many of his school so strongly object. At any rate his theory was carried out to such unwar- rantable lengths in many instances, as to discredit ESSAY III. Yet it was argued in such cases we must bear in influence of m i n d the necessity for the introduction of another time. Thus, De Blainville says that " species mark an epoch in time, not a distinction in animal nature. Professor Sedgwick, while he upholds the pro- gressive scale of organisation in past epochs, yet earnestly repudiates best write my paper website the development theory, main- taining that the changes of form "mark a gradual evolution of creative power, manifested by a gradual ascent towards a higher type of being But the elevation of the fauna of successive periods was not made by transmutation, but by creative additions. In this sense there can be no ob- jection to its use, but it should be carefully guarded against possible misapplication. Knox observes, " It was the opinion of Geoffroy that there never had been but one crea- tion : this (he adds) is also my own opinion. I believe all animals to be descended from primitive forms of life forming an integral part of the globe itself, and that the successive varieties of animals and plants which the dissection of the strata of the earth clearly sets forth are due to the occurrence of geological epochs, of the power of which we cannot 400 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Professor Owen, however, is specially desirous to be understood as applying his conclusions solely to the order and law of succession, without any attempt to assign a cause or to trace its origin. Though the precise idea of development in one simple series, from the lowest to the highest forms, be clearly untenable, yet in what sense some regular evolution of successive forms may be admissible has been best write my paper website here discussed, and with a sufficient result, if it be only allowed to be so far conceivable as that no sudden interruptions of natural order are neces- sary to be resorted to in order to explain the phe- nomena. Local We may here properly advert to another point faunas and. These, as is well known, are in many in- stances strikingly distinct, even in regions situated near each other, and as remarkably similar in some other regions separated by intervening seas. In certain cases, too, we have a singular parallel and corresponding series of species in two different regions ESSAY III. Hence naturalists have come to the conclusion that these respective systems of species must have been thus originally constituted by distinct origina- tion peculiar to their respective localities.

Forbes, in his centres, theory of " Specific Centres," or f( Centres of Crea- tion. Hence we recognise a single part of origin, both in space and in time, for that species : this is termed a " specific centre. It is, however, distinctly best write my paper website admitted by the author, that in what way that prototype was formed or produced we know not: hence, then, and in this sense, such spots are termed " centres of creation.

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The author ex- pressly says, " We have no experience of the individuals of any species being produced otherwise than from individuals of its own kind " which is, in fact, simply best write my paper website assuming the whole question at issue. But if the descent of the species, unaltered through all time, were granted, the question would still remain open as to the first origin of the " protoplast," whether one or many. It is, however, contended that distinct centres of origin are inconsistent with that view of develop- ment which traces all species to one common origin. Merely as Thus, on the whole, the theory of " specific to locality. Still less do the facts of corresponding series of species in different continents or large districts of the earth affect the question of transmutation, since within each district such succession might have gone on separately from two parallel species now extinct.

It is even possible that the more remote progenitor- species in the two districts might have been more ESSAY III.

On the whole, then, comparing the limited extent Conclusion. But under the same change of condi- tions one species may be highly susceptible of, and sensitive to, the influence of that change, while another may be insensible to it. Thus one may remain permanent, while another may undergo change, or even be exterminated.

Speaking of the opinion of the formation of organ- ised beings out of their inorganic elements, Dr. Some naturalists of the present day are disposed to admit this also, and to account for the changes in the races of plants and animals which geological researches reveal. No such new creations are known to us at the present time, and therefore it can only be argued from analogy that they ever existed. We may believe that there exists in all matter a tendency to become organised, without relinquishing the doctrine that for the best write my paper website maintenance of such tendency a previously existing organism is required, to collect and unite the scattered elements by the powers with which it alone is endowed That species have in all ages of the globe maintained their present uniformity and narrow limits of variation the author is not dis- posed to assert, and he thinks that many facts tend to prove the relaxation at former epochs of the strict- ness of the laws which are at present regarded as governing their modification and reproduction. But it may be asked, is any " relaxation" in former epochs -necessary to be sup- posed, when we simply take into account the enor- mous and inconceivable length of time implied in 410 PHILOSOPHY OF CREATION. Do we require anything more than the strict observance of the very same laws of slight changes of forms accompanying corresponding changes of condition, acting through periods of incalculable length?

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