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If I have learned any- thing from using portfolios, it is the power of reflection, especially within a certain context. By generating for themselves the quali- ties of effective writing, my students develop a critical way of 307 - 281 - TEACHER RESPONSE AND ASSESSMENT reading, a new lens. I am willing to give my students time to develop their writing, but I am not willing to leave that development up to chance. Learning to see the power of reflection has also helped me revise my teaching.

I still change some element of the portfolio process every year. This coming year will see my biggest change in some time. Include all prewriting and revisions and peer responses. Include a reflective memo in which you discuss your growth as a writer during the past six weeks. Include all prewriting and revisions and peer responses. Include a reflective memo in which you discuss your growth as a writer during the past twelve weeks.

Requirements for Third Six Weeks (1st Semester) Portfolio 1.

Include all prewriting and revisions and peer responses. Include a reflective memo in which you discuss your growth as a writer during the past eighteen weeks. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English. Manning University of Chicago Annie Knepler University of Illinois at Chicago David A.

Jolliffe DePaul University T wo of the challenging tasks that English language arts teach- ers face each day are to design assignments that are mean- ingful, demanding, and appropriate for their students and to coach students through the creation of compositions that respond to the invitation the assignment offers. Adding to the responsibility are current reform agendas calling for more challenging academic work for all U. These calls for reform are bolstered by research providing evidence that when teachers give assignments that demand higher intellectual effort, students generally produce better work (Newmann, Lopez, and Bryk 1998). The rubric discussed in this chapter originally appeared in Kendra Sisserson, Carmen K. TEACHER RESPONSE AND ASSESSMENT We have spent the past four years developing a set of criteria (see the appendix) by which to examine what we best website for essays call authentic intellectual achievement (AIA) (see Newmann 6 c Assoc. These criteria are appropriate for informing writing instruction in grades K-12 and have been examined, discussed, and employed by teachers across the country, most extensively in Chicago pub- lic schools (CPS). Assignments that em- phasize construction of knowledge ask students to move beyond simple reproduction of information they have read, listened to, or viewed. An assignment that asks students to recount what they learned from a book on Mexico, for example, does not call for students to construct knowledge to the same degree as best website for essays an assignment asking students to compare a Mexican village to their own neighborhood. In turn, student work should demonstrate that the writer has produced reasonably original material and has not merely repeated information she or he has read or heard. These processes do not func- tion separately, nor do we see them as existing in a hierarchical relationship in which analysis, for example, represents a higher cognitive function than evaluation.

Comparing two political candidates, for example, may involve analyzing their platforms, interpreting their slogans and speeches, synthesizing information from various sources, and evaluating them as leaders.

Elaborated Written Communication This criterion measures the extent to which students elaborate, which by our definition requires that the writing both best website for essays state an original point and support it with evidence. There must be a coherent, logical connection between the generaliza- tion and its support. We stress that elaborated writing must include both generali- zations and support.

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In schoolwork, students are commonly asked to do one or the other: they are asked to watch a movie, look at a picture, or read a text and then make a conclusion about it, or they are given a generalization and asked to supply supporting reasons, facts, or details.

In the common parlance of the class- room, elaboration often means adding details (a definition sup- ported by many state writing assessment best website for essays rubrics), and much of the writing students produce in school is in the form of fill-in- the-blank exercises or short answers to open-response questions. Yet even when students are given longer assignments, such as complete essays, all too often they are given the outline — a prompt 287 TEACHER RESPONSE AND ASSESSMENT that suggests a conclusion, for instance, or a set of details to ex- amine for commonalities — and asked to complete the picture. We suggest that cognitive work is enhanced when students are called on to supply both halves of the equation: to make an argu- ment, draw a conclusion, or suggest a best website for essays generalization and to sub- stantiate this through extended writing.

Students may be asked, for example, to make an evaluation about a character and pro- vide appropriate evidence from the story to support that evalua- tion. Or, in narrative writing, in addition to telling what happened, students may be asked to draw a conclusion about an event and to ensure that the narration supports the conclusion. The spirit of this criterion is to facilitate an interaction between what students accomplish in the class- room and their lives at home,-iit work, on the playground, or on the sports field.

A more authentic assignment would ask students to devise their own letters to real people concerning problems that are actually of concern to them. Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Vocabulary (GUMV) One goal of teaching writing is to help students develop control over their writing: to help them anticipate their audience and choose appropriate language. In order to do this, students have to master certain skills and conventions that allow their thoughts to be communicated clearly. These scoring sessions provoked conversations among teachers about the intellectual demands their own assignments did or did not place on their students. Our first task as conversa- tion leaders was to clarify the terminology of the criteria, which for many teachers provided a unique opportunity to examine what we as teachers mean when we use common parlance.

We discovered, for example, that teachers often mean different things when we use terms such as authentic or elaborate. For many teachers in the group, these con- versations provided a unique and significant opportunity to evalu- ate student writing and, in particular, writing assignments with a peer group using a universal language and common criteria. Sev- eral teachers in the group took the criteria back to their schools to initiate similar conversations among faculty members. Others reported starting similar but age-appropriate conversations with students and using the criteria in student conferences as students were developing writing pieces. These conversations prompted teachers to examine their own pedagogy and to experiment with ways they could elicit highly authentic, intellectually provocative work from their students. With input from these teachers, we translated the criteria into a rubric that illustrates a coherent vision of mba essay services authentic intellectual quality in writing and writing instruction. TEACHER RESPONSE AND ASSESSMENT Theoretical Rationale The theory of AIA in writing incorporates current thinking on constructivism, authenticity, and the writing process.

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