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A hard pencil makes so light a mark that the difficulty of seeing it necessitates too close a position of the best thesis writing eyes. Only soft custom essay meister review pencils making a heavy black line should be used. If the writing is done with pen and ink, a good dark ink is essential for the same reason.

Glazed paper which reflects the light is hard upon the eyes. School paper should have surface enough to take ink well and be rough enough to show pencil marks clearly.

Most of our school foolscap has far too smooth and glazed a surface to be satisfactory. A pencil mark upon it can scarcely be seen, and while best thesis writing ft takes ink well enough it reflects so much light that the eyes suffer severely through its use. The eyes suffer if the paper is placed far to either side of the middle line of the body. The strain due to near vision is tremendously increased if the centre of focus is not equidistant from both eyes. The schoolroom should be lighted either from above or the left. If the lighting is from the right, the shadow thrown by the hand interferes with the work of the eyes, and if the paper is at all glazed the writing on the right half of the sheet becomes almost invisible in strong light.

Diffused day- light is the most restful light for work requiring the constant use of the eyes in near vision. This requirement is now gener- ally recognized by school architects when planning their light- ing arrangements. The practised writer does not find writing especially fatiguing, but for the beginner, even when working under the best conditions, writing does cause fatigue very quickly. The writing act is so complex, the precision of movement, slight as it seems to the adult, is so great when compared with the ability of the child, the strain of attention is so exhausting that every precaution should be taken to prevent the writing lesson from becoming a source of too great fatigue. For young children the writing lesson should come early in the day before the child is already fatigued with other lessons. The primary grades should not be required to write at high speed or to make very precise movements.

Blackboard practice is preferable for them mainly because it permits less precise movements and larger sized writing than are possible with pen or pencil. The practice periods should be short and frequent rather than long and at great intervals.

The points made in this outline of the hygiene of writing are so self-evident that no further elaboration is necessary. For the most part they are just a matter of common sense, and practically all teachers of to-day make a point of seeing that all the conditions which have been mentioned as favouring health and efficiency are the rule and not the exception in their classes. The distribution of pressure in writing has been investi- gated by a number of experimenters. This doubtless is due to the fact that children tend best thesis writing to write by letter units rather than by word units.

In children of six and seven years of age, not only each single letter, but even each single stroke is written with equal pressure. Consequently, the child writes more slowly than the adult and produces each stroke at approximately the same rate of speed. The masculine type exhibits greater pressure than the fem- inine, but less speed.

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The pressure is rhythmically distributed over the word so that the maximum pressure lies at a definite point in each word. By some individuals this point of maxi- mum pressure is placed at the beginning, by others at the end of the word. It is characteristic of the masculine type that the pressure increases with the speed. This type is also marked by a greater variability and originality. The custom essays for sale feminine type writes more quickly than the mascu- line and with less pressure. The uniform total impulses which led to a single point of maximum pressure in each word in the masculine type are replaced in the feminine type by broken iMeumann. Vorlesungen zur Einfuhrung in die experimentelle Padagogik und ihre psychologischen Grundlagen. Consequently several maxima are found in each word, and there is a tendency to stop in the middle of the word.

In this type the pressure decreases with increased speed. The general conclusion is that adults write a whole word or a considerable part of it with a single effort of the will, whereas children use as many will impulses as there are strokes or letters. Each will impulse, generally speaking, carries women further than children, while men outdistance both in the amount written per will impulse. This fact is of the utmost importance in considering the mental factors in writing. The fact that each will impulse carries men as a rule so much further than women in their writing, allows greater freedom of connected thought for the writer of the masculine type. The pressure distribution is the visible sign of these invisible mental conditions. He sub- mitted one hundred buy college paper online and eighty addressed envelopes (eighty- nine written by women and ninety-one by men) best thesis writing to ten people without any expert knowledge of writing, and to two profes- sional graphologists. He found that the non-expert judges determined sex correctly in the follow- ing percentages of cases : 65. The average of correct judgments for all judges was 69.

The percentage of correct judgments follows: 60, 60, 61. The average of correct judgments for all judges was 66. The percentages of correct judgments for the men were 59. The women judged more correctly, their percentages being 64. The average of correct judgments for the judges was 67. This experiment is particularly interest- ing, as the script used was written by students in the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, who were all trained by the Ontario Schools in best thesis writing which a uniform system of writing is used everywhere. The results clearly show that individual differences in writing will make their appearance at ado- lescence no matter how strict or uniform has been the previ- ous instruction in writing. The above experiments show clearly : (1) That adult writing does show distinct sex differences. All the experiments described above were based upon in- tuitive and naive judgments.

An analysis of the most typical masculine and feminine scripts, i.

Masculine writ- ing is therefore more variable than feminine.

A study of the cases show- ing inversion of judgment, i. At the first glance, it would seem that the writing of chil- dren would not show sex differences nearly so plainly as that iSandiford.

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