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But even then it may be much less than commonly imagined. This consideration may not be without value in reference to the conceivable idea of minute organised beings, monads or animalcule, peopling the fine molecules of which cometary matter may consist. In general, so far as anything is made to appear See Professor C.

But their conditions in no instance differ in kind. From the brightest, hottest, or most intensely gravi- tating, up to the coldest, darkest, and most feebly attractive, there is but an enlarged or contracted scale of influences, and not a change in their kind or nature. Analogy The considerations furnished to us by geology from past state of the from its disclosures of the past history of the forma- earth.

Earth long And here one of the points most dwelt on is the without man.

This opinion is grounded solely on the mere absence of any remains hitherto detected, and with no powerful analogies in support of the negation, but with every proba- bility to the contrary afforded in the apparent fitness of the state of the earth for man being its tenant at a much earlier date than that commonly assigned to his origin. There seems, however, to be a peculiar fond- ness in some minds for triumphing in the assumed recent origin of the race, not very intelligible on ESSAY II. It is, indeed, on all hands admitted that we neither have any evidence, nor would analogy allow us to expect any, of the existence of man (or, indeed, even of the higher mammalia) throughout all the vast periods of the earlier formations. Thus such considerations as geology furnishes are Planets may be for a not without their use in pointing: to a verv possible in- time devoid of inhabit- terpretation of many parts of the planetary economy, ants. Or, again, others may possibly argue, they may have already attained that point, and have been since undergoing a retrograde influence of a de- structive kind, reducing them to an uninhabited state.

Yet surely, when all that we know of the past history of the universe, little as it is, is wholly stamped with the character of advance, we cannot easily reconcile ourselves to the idea of retrograda- tion or destructive agencies in any part or member of the system. But even were this so, it might be more philosophically regarded as merely one phase out of a vast series of changes in their recondite arrangement, to be succeeded again by renovated light and life. In all that is urged relative to the physical con- ditions of the planets, there is nothing to show, ESSAY II. If the earth in the process of pro- gressive evolution has at a certain stage become the scene and site of intellectual and moral existence, the other planets also may have been so, or may at a future time become so. Views of It is on an enlarged view of the uniformity per- (Ersted. CErsted has in fact pursued this topic in more than one part of his various essays, and on several grounds. This we know, however, that they have developed themselves during immeasurable periods of time in a series of transformations, which has also influenced the vegetable and animal creation of those periods. This development began with the lower forms, and advanced by gradual steps to the higher, till at length in the most recent periods a creature was produced in which self-conscious know- ledge was revealed. We must, therefore, allow a similar mode of development in the other planets.

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The rational creatures on some of the planets may be capable of receiving far quicker, more acute, and more distinct impressions than on the earth, and on others it may be quite the contrary. If we now best term paper service turn to the mental forces and mental development, we cannot acknowledge less variety. The discus- THUS far I have endeavoured to restrict the view sion has ex- tended be- of the question to its proper physical and philoso- yond the physical phical ground the extension of inductive analogies by question. But, in my opinion, the radical objection which pervades the whole discussion lies in the primary fact, that the question is removed from its proper basis of inductive conjecture and philo- sophical probability, and placed altogether on the new and unphilosophical ground of conformity to theological belief. In the first instance, we cannot but be struck by singular representa- the somewhat singular tone in which the physical tions adopted in question of the structure and origin of the planetary the Essay. His mighty lathe the sparks which darted from His awful anvil when the solar system lay incan- descent thereon the curls of vapour which rose from the great cauldron of creation when its ele- ments were separated. Thus the author observes (C The orbit of the earth is the temperate zone of the solar system, and in that zone is the play of hot and cold, of moist and dry, possible. Empire, stretched to gigantic proportions, occupies all the most central and fairest portion of the map, and the wretched inhabitants of Europe and America are condemned to its insignificant outskirts and remote corners. But in the ideas thus broached it is not mere no- velty and paradox on which I would best term paper service animadvert. Such speculations appear like a retrograde move- ment. His theories carry us back to the schemes in old books with a gigantic best term paper service earth, and a pigmy sun and planets per- forming their humble circuits round it. And this was intimately wound up with the superstitious belief of the age. The planets shed their friendly or hostile influence at his birth. But though the precise conceptions and preten- similar sions of infallible authority may have now disappeared, some of these specu especially in Protestant countries, yet prepossessions lations. It is argued, inferior animals possess a capacity for improvement, but only to a very limited extent, different in different species. It is very probably the case that similar limits exist in each separate race of men : though from one race to another there may be an indefinite capability of progress: but, on such subjects, our limited his- torical experience does not yet furnish us with suffi- cient data on which to prove any theory.

Within the historic period, civilisation advances only by the slowest and most insensible gradations : and is com- municated from one race to another. We have no right to assume that its advance was ever more rapid, but probably slower nearer its origin. The difficulty of conceiving the transition from absolute ESSAY II. If it be affirmed that "man differs in his kind, Higher principle in and even in his order, from all other creatures," it man dis - tinct from is certainly not in his material nature or animal a11 P h y s consulera- instincts, but only in a higher sense.

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